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    Saturday, 12 January 2019
    Saturday, 6 October 2018
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    Latest Analysis

    X-Cross, crossing (Inter-conflict global stance)

    XI- Xi Jinping (elector) crossing ping, cross, 'life designate/stated of currant. (Reverberation, and/of species) Differential/anti of 'XI' [xiet, anxiety] conflict, PSY, Russia VS USA differential anti of China.

    ALIENATING reflection/state of mental health-[a crossing dilemma (protected /life)]

    - effective-inter-point (attack clausality) parallex of target form (life-form conscise of interject)

    Inter-conflict and/of male and female relations, outward tropic. (inner-focal forwarding outer SY)

    Opposing geometry, influenced light, dark, balance.

    Pathing to inter (homes and buildings, cars, the 'alienating' to Jail or hospitals /mental health tropic height, submussional elevate, non-cognitive reach 'actuality) [ghosting reflective, stand point forwarding, picture]




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