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Pokies Are A Form Of Direct Brainwashing - | Australian News and Analysis Pokies Are A Form Of Direct Brainwashing - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Saturday 3 March 2018

    Pokies Are A Form Of Direct Brainwashing

    Pokies - Brainwashing

    The pokies are a form of brainwashing, 'your going to win' ; over and over - 'if i can just get the free spins' then.. it pays nothing!

    The lights, the sounds, the pictures - all designed to keep you playing - right down to timing', there is word' these gambling machines were designed at first by a psychologist - none the less designed to make money as many well know.

    The rolling screens, 'chance' - Anticipation is a killer. Rhythmic leveling on the mental. Instrumentation. 
    A form of reversion, the mind reads the downwards screen and thinks progression (forwarding, mental span of time) Progressive awarding leveling, trance-alerting

    Are these machines humane is the question - and the answer is no - they are designed to take advantage, yes, just advantage - they make more money than they give out by far - most will loose out overall - and they do it in a way that brainwashes a person - directly influencing your beliefs -

    Should they get rid of them ? 'Don't know' - they say only a small fraction suffer from the compulsiveness that keeps you risking money that they should be spending on other things.

    I noticed Paul Murray thinks they should not ban these gambling machines - none the less they are a form of brainwashing - if you play them you should just do it in moderation or be fully aware of yourself when playing and what 'makes you tick'.

    I personally have played them many times - the biggest wins I have had are a few hundred at a time; about 3 or four times winning 300+ - but i obviously have spent a lot more than that.

    Personally, I do not believe in the pokies, I have poor friends and seen how they loose money - but they also have won, nowhere near the amounts they spend though.

    I play lotto and I should be more open to the pokies, its all gambling. Be it most I have won in lotto is about 60 dollars a few times and that is playing for 10+ years off and on. I have won more on pokies than lotto.

    Lotto does not directly use sounds and lighting to brainwash you though - in the future the pokies will probably not exist or will be at least limited -  the methods they use to keep you playing, it is, a form of direct influence that can at minimum be hard to control 'for a many'.


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