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    Tuesday 11 December 2018

    Scared Awareness

    Scared Awareness Psychology

    From an early age, many kids have noticeable scared reactions, it is vital to our functioning at early ages - fear leads to cognitive resolve, |overcoming| fear parallaxes to a/the physique (reverberation-furthering) a strata* to manta (defeanist* species)

    Fear levels conscious height often (tropic) fear drives us, protect's us - fear can be exhilarating (alertness)  fear is an intensification (reversion, retractI*)

    Fear is receptive and can be more easily read than other emotions. (retract/pull - instanti*) fear leads to alleviation -long periods of fear can diminish thought capacity/structure; medication can worsen this receptiveness -verge submussion* (synapsic*-diminish, 'sedate'), leading to non-cognition / (non-cognition recept) this is the case of mental health often; psych aware -psychic awareness for functioning in communications instead of full thought structure [abruptive/disclasic* connesis]

    Perception-nerve-reflict* (persceptive aware of nerve/movement; and retractI*)
    Reversional forwarding.
    Conscious levelling, platformic cognition stepping (awareness height)
    Psychotropic functioning.
    [fear retraction] axial drift to/toward cognition -percept. [ a blank before conscious thought] (crossing, plastinate)
    Reflective uncertainty.
    Distant cry (distiant* destiny/destinating* alien needs, alarm/alarming) the echoes/echume* of the cosmos.
    In-sensory-dialer (mental-non-cognitive-abruption /beep, oculer(eye)-transmitive, [life-line, transjectory, pathways, elector* raised existan*]) the crossing.

    *Fear retraction to tropic sensitivity

    *= descriptional language

    More of this post to come! 


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