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Sexual attack on two-year-old Northern Territory girl - The Child - | Australian News and Analysis Sexual attack on two-year-old Northern Territory girl - The Child - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Thursday 22 February 2018

    Sexual attack on two-year-old Northern Territory girl - The Child

    This post provides some detail that no one else will even try to go in depth with - we apoligise if its offensive it is in part 'speculation' - we hope to cover some detail others will not.

    Tropic point weakening - 'circulus' (rounded) - verge distan to child (length of distan, time lapse) [off spacic' balance]

    Weakness is attracted to weakness often - Confliction of mental height (friction) Sadly abuse often leads to abuse, mental and/or physical confliction (friction) - erratic cognition (virate, strictness of physical/mental form) (often suppressants like sedatives found in mental health drugs, tropic weakening...evatic (sparsic offput) pathways) suppression of a verge is not perfectly accurate and leads to neuroleptic breakdowns at points like the brain's pathways itself. (medication is still very primitive.) abuse is often common in mental health due to restriction (imprisonment, mistreatment, over-medicating, etc.)

    - flesh (no idea where the flesh attraction comes from...) (the Devil perhaps...) See below.
     (some forms: softness, roundness, fair skin, [circulume]) distance of mental/physical vergant.

    Some terms that bring awareness: Folix attacti, thought targeting, tiloping, nutemcy, asscem (sleep of thought, inability of tropic point)

    Abuse terminem:
    Reactionary Abuse (resist, fear, scared, innocence) - Vulnerability Attract -(DE-inferiority) - ('Mulitplicite', re-growth form to multiplicity, the birth, connection - distant of cognition)

    'Siln' (filme, silk) a layer of skin that is 'trans-electic' (luminous, receptive for lack of better understanding)

    Last word: We have to wonder if media will not report on details for certain reasons of a minority that will almost prey on the detail or commit acts as a result - perhaps its too sickening to even mention, or too controversial and will cause outrage, or nervity' from a commons ...(sad to mention but this problem is large enough to be widespread with the amounts in court, with different levels to how a persons attraction works) 

    Even eighteen is too young for porn to be honest (sitting around beating flesh over flesh) 
    Perhaps skin conditions make you safer...and believe it or not vulnerability or fair skin attraction happen in adult sex in many cases as well do you know your partners thoughts ?

    We hope you like this post - and if you like it and the details we try to provide, 
    please care to share it ! 
    We apologize for extended vocabulary use to convey a meaning! @LatestNewsAU (Twitter)


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