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    Tuesday 29 March 2022

    Will Smith -Life of Knowns

    Will smith punch/slap (whichever you wish) - settled into distant eventing, getting a tad older not so well. He had been so de-personalised both are uncertain states, what taught and had to slight act for 'in-x-amount-front-of-people'. 

     A Distancing of psychotropic state - maybe well, but yeh slightly emotive - impressionism and had to act for 'being of sickness and bald' - Will Smith is my childhood hero to be honest.

    Amazing actor but the height and saying she is of sickness or personal issues - Well the 'life of in display' - displacement tropic.
    Unusual learning/training.

    I would actually guess, he is regretting - but taken as an insult.

    A pretty normal day in Hollywood. 'I was out of line' said Will- some comparatives of Kardashians, Beiber with the hot as money car police incident. Many events, but yeh Will Smith is big. 

    Sort it out long term. 


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