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Darrell Brooks Jr. Car Rampage - | Australian News and Analysis Darrell Brooks Jr. Car Rampage - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Tuesday 23 November 2021

    Darrell Brooks Jr. Car Rampage

    "Darrell Brooks Jr. has been charged after allegedly driving his vehicle into the Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Police say that Brooks intentionally drove into the crowd, also injuring more than 40 people."

    Escapism from a threat perceived (elevating/alerting-psychology) better off with serious criminal extents - distractive-throw (distraction from known/done crime)

    End of extents limiting - judgement. Exstasic-threatening, to be known. Jail is seen as a way to control self (perhaps underlying issues he is battling; children or whatnot) [he is a convicted paedophile, and/or sex offender -]

    Inter-stasic-being of thought - self-reflection spent and how people focus/perceive on his child crimes - revolting/disobey -need for revenge.  

    Abusive Nature of offender (imprisonment narrowing living, 'thoughts on prison surroundings'; fixtured living, inter-confliction-focal)

    Perhaps also seen as better off in jail - or 'not fussed about it.

    This appears to be reactive to time jailed perhaps as well - multiple thought angles.

    Syntaxi: Refliction-SY, Child-SY-Reflective/reflections [inter-outwarding-ghosting, fear/fright-point-transferance; non-cognition-impacting] displacement/Ghost of fear strata.

    Darrell Brooks Jr


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