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    Saturday 12 January 2019

    The Border Wall Receptive

    Trump is in an autonomous mode for his decision on the wall, his way or the highway.

    A relayed strictness on the border wall - its unlikely to change now that portrayed.

    He has submitted the 'border wall necessity' to the perceptives of those following in the masses well enough and his awareness of; would be key, but... is his stance/stand-point strong enough to be worth no change on the wall.

    -He must be feeling quite concerned that they are/or placing the shutdown on him. [an edge to nerves, thought of perceptions in conscious and how to speak to this in media interviewing]

    Does he feel confident enough the emergency orders/executive orders will stand? -with the recent parliamentary backlash showing even with executive orders, they may question him still. [oppose him]

    This is where we are at, but its well known that paychecks are vital, services are needed, will they hound him on this idea publically in media 'as simply people suffer' as to hope he changes his mind.

    Its a wall, 8 billion is not really a lot considering trillion +plus economy. Is this idea really that bad? both sides are holding the US to the siege, but currently, the bad news is that of rotation, that Trump is the one holding the US to siege over the wall which he does not want to stray from.

    He is the president after all and perhaps should be allowed some concession on his plans.

    It appears we are starting to see movement and that there is an effort to get people paid and services resuming, perhaps this being done will take some of the intensity off Trump.

    We will keep you updated!

    Update: He is not going to declare a national emergency to fund his border wall.

    Update: 19/02/2019: Trump has declared a national emergency to fund his border wall.


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