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Why Its In North Korea's Best Interest To Denuclearise Now - | Australian News and Analysis Why Its In North Korea's Best Interest To Denuclearise Now - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Monday 30 April 2018

    Why Its In North Korea's Best Interest To Denuclearise Now

    Kim Jong-Un has heightened the situation perfectly for max benefit -

    First: Risk of war - Trump arc's up, the world is concerned with his nuclear ambitions and missile testing. Public perceives a real threat of a country that is quite dominant in its position and position over its people.

    Second: He changes, but does he..Kim seems now to back track. 

    We are cautious, now It will be relayed in media his attempts for peace, every little stepping stone is announced - so he crosses into South Korea in a big attempt to at least show he is strong of re-unification - this works to his benefit, aside for the cautious negativity still in media or announced even this benefits his position for his next peaceful move, every negative is changed with acts of peacefulness, he has ridden a wave of media supporting him in his efforts - after all he is the first person from North Korea to negotiate/involve in about 50 years with the South Korean neighbours, a strong sign of effort at minimum - no matter how is reported on.

    Now: Kim Jong-Un takes it step by step, elevating the conscious of peace in steps - with his goals of obviously more 'linking' with South Korea, perhaps this will benefit him with such heavy taxing from sanctions - perhaps this was even in his calculation periodically. 

    Now Moon Jae-in reflects on the fact there may be coalescence with his neighbour, a big first step seen as 'light at the end of a tunnel' so to speak, the next steps of peace and even cohesion with South Korea will be displayed in media as well - meanwhile, he has the US at a distance from this - the reporting is now seen as at minimal effort, not a ploy.

    Now we see how the meeting with Trump will go - will Trump walk out ? Will Kim Jong-Un try hard to create a friendly atmosphere from seeing how Trump will be firm on goals of denuclearisation, perhaps even negotiation towards the sanctions - but does it really matter ? We are probably certain that coalition with South Korea can open up trade itself.

    Is this a madman ?, or someone who calculated nuclear arms and nuclear denuclearisation as a means to grow - attention, then seeming to be coexisting by reducing these arms at minimum - meanwhile 'the world through media', be it media having to report on the good acts by North Korea - a mission to growth/advancement maybe ?

    Trump's attitude has changed - he seems to believe the vision that is presented; or at least wants to believe it or shows the situation currently to encourage further obedience/peace, to support, to encourage or engage the further necessity for Kim to be peaceful by leaving little options open by public media height of steps by Kim towards peace (seen at some extent by his people and support of their ideals)  - though not many seem to mention the fact North Korea has perhaps 3-6 at most deploy-able nuclear weapons and the US has (about) 4,000 - Personally I do not think its that bad Kim has taken this path, its a position that defends really, a stalemate at world level where its seen that the other will think twice as to the fact they can launch the great nuclear weapon - a more defensive posture than attack or is calculated at defence among many generals. (no-one is really silly enough to launch a nuclear weapon at another)

    Trump is convinced or at least needs to show he is happy with the efforts of North Korea - which is relayed to a mass so its very likely Kim may have influenced or calculated this to happen (perhaps..)

     What comes next, how will the meeting between Donald and Kim go ? (we await...) Kim seems committed now to steps towards denuclearisation - though will he only settle for no tests and peace based at the end of a possibility to launch a missile ? Maintain the gained defensive posture, a long process to stem at the hearts of all ? or will he be committed to full denuclearisation ? Did China really assist Trump to achieve this, or was the whole thing calculated possibilities in media by North Korea ?

    We will see. For better or for worse ?

    Update 1/05/2018: 
    Moon Jae-in South Korean's president states Trump should win the Nobel peace prize, is this jumping the gun ? None the less a massive display in world news again that may 'lead' Kim Jong-Un to need to denuclearise, it seems they believe Kim is definitely going to cease the weapons program completely.
    Is this all a ploy to lessen the impact of not 'complete denuclearisation' - or is it in Kim's best interest to surprise us and go ahead with complete denuclearisation ? (an elevation to better economic standing when sanctions cost so much)

    Kim apparently stated that they will completely denuclearise if America promises not to attack, is Trumps threats of attack weighing in Kim's mind ?


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