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Times Square Crash - Vocal Technologies And Manipulation - | Australian News and Analysis Times Square Crash - Vocal Technologies And Manipulation - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Saturday 20 May 2017

    Times Square Crash - Vocal Technologies And Manipulation

    Another case of voices (technological playform) the people behind the voices brainwash the client into committing crime (manipulative playform) observable reaction toying -

    While the culprits get away with it because the Government does not want public knowing about this type of crime (classification)

    Distress play-toying - the user knowing something is wrong and plans these kind of criminal acts as a basis for being persecuted - a way of getting even for voices they hear - and the people behind the voices manipulate the person into an act as view-able murder porn (observational manipulations)

    Feeling persecuted and committing these deadly acts for it.

    Knowing you have been bugged/tapped and planning a revenge because mental health do not help but they prescribe heavy mind altering drugs for the crime. (lack of truth, information) knowing mental health will medicate falsely for the truth of bugging/tapping - mental health not knowing the truth about this form of technological crime.

    Manipulative levels - distraction abuse - (heightened awareness from fear incitement, enchantment)
    Observational overlayng viewing -

    Claim 'God told him to do so' is just the vocal speaker gaining delusional like trust  - a form of heavy manipulation in order to get the client to act - sickening level of manipulations usually (manipulative layering, observational over-view - leveling)

    Previous notes:

    'a play thing' - mental health experimentation's ; Depressive past. Encasement of mental span boxing, fear confrontational, thought confrontation faced /alleviation's to spanning learning from menacing 'antrapment, alleviancy' resolve states uncertainty reflective of fear faced in effecting of mental state : amongst submuserion of sedative used agents, concentrate (null) of faced thought aggravating submussion - a half complexant complex at resolve. Differentiating of mental norm and subjection of. (directive psychology)

    Overlaying span of characterizations of mental spans, dellusionary height of belief against, an example of this is War state, fantasiac' child toying of human LEAPFROG experimentation overlaying spans, Jesus, Religion example: to think one is Christ, observational reactive element of toying with at a level of human experimentation factor, end ability of a non -care toying with behaviour. TECHNOLOGY BASED ASSAULTING - Combination audio manipulations : Devil noises, 'Your in military' -etc. -overhead perceptional control.

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