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Refugee's Restivenessness/restrictiveness/IRATI (sensitivity) - | Australian News and Analysis Refugee's Restivenessness/restrictiveness/IRATI (sensitivity) - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Saturday 11 November 2017

    Refugee's Restivenessness/restrictiveness/IRATI (sensitivity)

    Refugees in traumatic oppression/repressive phase after years of encasement in spatial bounds -how much you hear in news being refugee tactics for -incarceration acceptance/oppression--highly emotional-instigation-over-caring/cautious fleeting state/precautionary-linear restrictiveness due to spatial bounds -reach distan

    Normalisation is a killer - time spent normalises the encasement, if they liked it for a certain time this dissipates -
    Trust from oppressors/resistant /captors - part media insightful behavior self pity forwarding /formantal platform  (to behave in emotional states) restrictiveness /resist

    Viewing angle: to security -troops - viewing of oppression against (to media amplification on trauma)

    A fence is still a fence - and probably what we are left with now is refugee's in highly erratic/satiric states -time spent in camps is years and living in captivity -perhaps even treatments (inaccuracy/frightfulness) -perspective is a district 9 encasement of people for years -close quarters living and by force. Long term incarceration can cause serious mental issues later as we know.

    I guess now we know we owe a people that we incarcerated basic living costs - even from a view of them being of illegal for trying to come here we still are going to pay for their living costs. Not like we are going to let them rott slowly -and yes we do owe them after years of camp life really.
    We took ownership of their lives -now we have to see to their needs and of course because its all followed by media. Governmental height decisions -now we watch them earn lives -was this what the government really expected ?


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