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Synaptic-Verge (Reflections, Momentary-Existem) - | Australian News and Analysis Synaptic-Verge (Reflections, Momentary-Existem) - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Tuesday 18 December 2018

    Synaptic-Verge (Reflections, Momentary-Existem)

    Synaptic-verge leads to fantasic* information - Synaptic-verge (informationist) ICenetric (time latching - the past and surrounding) patients seem to come up with fantasic* stories, this is related to prior alien life/living (or surrounding) Long instrinctment* (spacial/spasic/spatial momentary) (elect-o/elector*) spacial-revolve. REFLECTIONS.

    The truth behind mental health delusions, aggravated into conspirital* reality (classified) by voice intentions (technological classificate*) 'the living space'  - sentience height - classification at high levels is existant*/existing (the existing reality of truth) to verge-synapsic* in patients (disgusting abuse of power) cognitive reach (distan*/distant*)

    SyntaxI: Estasic* reality (fandemic-tropic*) ;exstasic-ilumminiad* (prios-existem*)
    [Non-cognitive reversion (resistant /recept)] following-illist* (linear-tripect*) TRi-I (two connection to a three vergant*, recept; reflective of mother, father and child; triax-point)
    Istasic-formant-submussion*; 'cognitive-shock', disruption/disruptor (elector*;height of election/electives)

    Resulting; Linear-comfortability. (edge-tropic)
    Oppression-break, accepting. SY
    *=descriptional language


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