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'Bad Daddy' Killed (ISIS Leader) Trumps Responsive - | Australian News and Analysis 'Bad Daddy' Killed (ISIS Leader) Trumps Responsive - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Monday 28 October 2019

    'Bad Daddy' Killed (ISIS Leader) Trumps Responsive

    Well, we had a great speech from Trump - it was probably nice for everyone to have a fresh look at something so dangerous, I am sure this raised alert with people.

    The closeness and natural authority of this speech resonated with the masses I gather.

    This was the first event of majority since Bin Laden.

    People seem to fascinate with the ordeal/drama of this.

    His reasoning was comforting, many parts of his speech were relaxed - he spoke for quite a long time.

    It was good to see Trump referencing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as a coward, this should as he wishes relay with the many following in his footsteps or at least de-value the crime of this war-lord. (possibly addressing the martyr factor)

    It was nice he also mentioned countries allowing this to happen (crossing territory) Diplomacy is really about making allowances.

    It was heartfelt to hear these children perished with Baghdadi - they did not deserve it. Hopefully, the other children will be looked after, Trump mentioned they have been taken into care.

    More to come. Check back on this post.

    Source Video: Sky News (short version)


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