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    Thought Analysis

    Bridging The Gap On Thought Analysis, Behaviour and furthered Receptibility.

    Video Analysis That Covers/Analyses Media Stories.


    ***Kim and Trump meet up in Vietnam.

    Video Analysis:

    Trump is sturdy, Kim is focused on being seen as a villain which possesses him to be comforting in presentation forwarding.

    Kim moves forward with relieving his nerves next to Trump, Trump out-stretches his hand to the shoulder of Kim noticing his nervity.

    Trump 'thank you all very much' - Kim looks around in a childlike portrayal of having something to do. Slight nod with a bit of ignorance from Kim (strong stance still applies) Kim gives a smile of being highlighted.

    Both turn around with feeling the pressure 'alertness of nerves' -looking at flags then realising 'nothing to see here' - Kim out-puts his hand towards Trump (first waving hands out 'what do we do' - then signalling comfort towards Trump) [Comfort and relive of being the 'opposing' ] Kim focuses eyes directly on Trump for a moment of attention formed.

    Kim moves his head in fashion, looking down towards the ground to show respect; to portray that of being normality, towards the end of the video, looking away then looking towards Trump a slight bump of nod in the nod to a portrayal of respecting- to show he is receptive of Trump.

    Summed up: It seems both are going into this meeting respectful of each other, but Kim shows opposition somewhat. 
    Kim: 'I listen but we have issues'  Kim: It suits me to be 'distant' friends.

    Principals you should be aware of: Fear-strata (tropic height of fear 'exstasic recept') Fear-retraction, Alleviation; /suppressive of (not showing of alleviation, in part non-portrayal of alleviate moment, for public perception), Public/media-recept [axial-reversion]

    This video belongs to SkyNews and has just been used as a reference.


    ***Malcolm Turnbull faces the public in his first appearance since being ousted as Prime Minister | Q&A

    First 6 seconds covered
    Nervic* moving hands - to firm positioning standing.
    (realises hands were out struck too much, displays vulnerability, comfort for watchers)
    Reflection on how judged perceptive - moves hands in slowly step by step to not arouse perception, each step of hands reflects thought instant of how perceived - 'Tropic; retraction'
    [perhaps/can-be prium' of fear and instanti reflection of;]
    15 seconds onward:
    Attempts to maintain posture with a bit of thought confliction (fearity*)
    Looks to host in composure....slight head movement back to host to show moving, and swallows and then moves mouth again as a reflection of first swallow (posturing perceptive reflection)

     ....More to come 

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