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    Thought Analysis

    Bridging The Gap On Thought Analysis, Behaviour and furthered Receptibility.

    Video Analysis That Covers/Analyses Media Stories.


    Kim and Trump Border Wall crossing - analysis.

    Trump's head positioning reveals Trump knows the media is trivial and going to lengths to posture himself as Kim's friend - cautioning of steps to show respectful posturing 'careful with steps' - struggles on with thought perceptions against Trump and his mindfulness of recording (media)

    Head down to show thoughtfulness in posture (reversion, tropic of importance)
    Smiles looking up at media/path to make himself seem humane and vulnerable.

    Basic steps - starting from just walking into each others territory - somewhere to start from.

    Kim as approaches: smiling very much to show respectfulness towards Trump, 'good to see you' as if he is enjoying their time - then thoughts dwell on the larger picture and he remembers the position - looking down and rationalising the extremity most likely.

    Trump stands firm position shaking Kim's hand as we are obscured from behavioural.

    Kim looks at Trump as Kim postures - 'your welcome' on a grand scale. Looks once with nervity' then -
    Handshake firm;

    As Kim walks back from the border he feels the power, the display greatness of gesture  - walks with tough posture, to portray a gentle giant. Kim looks down at the ground to show himself as being of human /perception displayed as Gentle. Looks up and smiles for media forwarding posturing and rationalisation after when stops smiling; of awareness of conflict state of operations. [seems to be both are troubled but do not express the extents, almost comedic value]

    Kim unleashes a stare of being solid on stances - a strictness of momentary; a bit of a downfall from pleasantries (Kim in a serious state of reflecting his perception); stern look and posture most likely caused by thinking about being nervous and postures to portray otherwise. (judgement reactive)

    Kim takes the precedence that he is being better than the past North Korean presidents [strength/stance - putting in his two cents]

    Trump pats Kim on back as a sign of Trump's nerves being heightened walking into the territory but feels his relationship is good enough to endure this -re-assurance of Korea opposition. [tropic between is the standing then overcoming] A bit of fear thought from Trump then alleviation from the closeness of the two at the moment.

    Kim feels a position of power which he feels that is his bargaining chip in the meeting, he sees Trump will notice he wants respect, the trivial matter being of confidant/ce a spring in his step -trivial alleviation.

    • Heightened resolve.


    ***Kim and Trump meet up in Vietnam.

    Video Analysis:

    Trump is sturdy, Kim is focused on being seen as a villain which possesses him to be comforting in presentation forwarding.

    Kim moves forward with relieving his nerves next to Trump, Trump out-stretches his hand to the shoulder of Kim noticing his nervity.

    Trump 'thank you all very much' - Kim looks around in a childlike portrayal of having something to do. Slight nod with a bit of ignorance from Kim (strong stance still applies) Kim gives a smile of being highlighted.

    Both turn around with feeling the pressure 'alertness of nerves' -looking at flags then realising 'nothing to see here' - Kim out-puts his hand towards Trump (first waving hands out 'what do we do' - then signalling comfort towards Trump) [Comfort and relive of being the 'opposing' ] Kim focuses eyes directly on Trump for a moment of attention formed.

    Kim moves his head in fashion, looking down towards the ground to show respect; to portray that of being normality, towards the end of the video, looking away then looking towards Trump a slight bump of nod in the nod to a portrayal of respecting- to show he is receptive of Trump.

    Summed up: It seems both are going into this meeting respectful of each other, but Kim shows opposition somewhat. 
    Kim: 'I listen but we have issues'  Kim: It suits me to be 'distant' friends.

    Principals you should be aware of: Fear-strata (tropic height of fear 'exstasic recept') Fear-retraction, Alleviation; /suppressive of (not showing of alleviation, in part non-portrayal of alleviate moment, for public perception), Public/media-recept [axial-reversion]

    This video belongs to SkyNews and has just been used as a reference.


    ***Malcolm Turnbull faces the public in his first appearance since being ousted as Prime Minister | Q&A

    First 6 seconds covered
    Nervic* moving hands - to firm positioning standing.
    (realises hands were out struck too much, displays vulnerability, comfort for watchers)
    Reflection on how judged perceptive - moves hands in slowly step by step to not arouse perception, each step of hands reflects thought instant of how perceived - 'Tropic; retraction'
    [perhaps/can-be prium' of fear and instanti reflection of;]
    15 seconds onward:
    Attempts to maintain posture with a bit of thought confliction (fearity*)
    Looks to host in composure....slight head movement back to host to show moving, and swallows and then moves mouth again as a reflection of first swallow (posturing perceptive reflection)

     ....More to come 

    Outdated Psychological Referencing 

    Alienating - be aware of negative resolve when read these points and further think about-

    Inter-connectivity - your negative resolve; is someone's defense (primary) and reflects furthermore between (mirror unto itself)

    1:) Russia/Syria [outdated]
    2:) Gun-Law [outdated] 
    3:) Russia Bans Bacon [outdated]
    4:) Plebiscite (public child interpretive exampling thought process) [outdated]
    5:) Adam Goodes [outdated]
    6:) Nazi Salute Video (Queen) [outdated]
    7:) Mental Health [outdated]
    8:) Mrs Bishop [outdated]
    9:) Iran American Hostages [outdated]
    10:) James Holmes [outdated]
    11:) Veterans [outdated]
    12:) Greece [outdated]
    13:) Abbott [outdated]
    14:) Jail (removal of cigarettes) [outdated]
    15:) Trump [outdated]
    16:) Ukraine [outdated]
    17:) IS/ISIS [outdated]
    18:) Shorten [outdated]
    19:) Thought Actuality [outdated]
    20:) Exactory warning 

    1:) Russia/Syria:
    Has Russia got information on opposition forces and a link to ISIS or cohesion to ISIS advancements ? Perhaps the enemy just hides within certain area's in this ? - or do we just assume Russia is playing the field into a dominate for their Assad goals in region and they have played the decisions to form an outcome of being allowed to achieve Assad's goals including death of innocents, should we take this as stepping stones for war in interpretation against western and opposing western humane's of life ? - Will or should we intervene in Russian decision to so named use Assad as a base or so we should believe apparent base/foundation to fight ISIS ?

    Is elevating Assad only way to achieve a humane Governmental process or is Russia pulling the wool over the eyes and has been feeding their communicants for western media interpretative Misinformation ? 

    Was there an outlaying directive like many assume to knowingly permit a Government that soldiered against the humane and treatment of the technical opposition to his Government or as they perceive opposing the oppression to Assad's ruling in first instancing. 

    2:) Gun-law and Mental Health :
    Gun law - do we go through with it; resulting questionative to self; 'i can also help with restricting gun laws and prevent further'; laws eyes; Christ/God menatall' reasonable; service to path of life; martyrismal mininilist mentality rationality, dellusive of more to it; attributed rationalism, defensive means against mental health forseful restraining incacerative atmophere and enviroment; 'drugging or slowing life out of me persceptive awareness or rational of treatment'; inability knowledge of self in behavioral re-tribulations, self-trialtcy; awareness of self-fading on medications retributives/attributives; being of persecuted [inability to speak or discuss in typically trained to focus patient on positives when legitimacy is of struggle, seen mentality problem at all mental attributing psychological factoring, base-] uncertainty-thought-fear-reactive-fading; self-neural/numeral defensive self-manipulates; self-psychotropic-behaviorism-triangulating-deceptiveness, self-psychotropic-behavioral-adaptiveness ;- religious-re-trialment-attrubulating ; religious-re-detrimental-attributing-defensive-cognitive-calculative ;furthering being against law, furthering into self-captured of persecutive re-assertiveness furtherance;

    3:) Russia Bans Bacon:
    Pretense for IS infliction or Islamic religious assignment thenceforth; use against westernisations; to eat bacon is to be subject to the devil, child furherance influentials use impacting by IS, assignment worldwide of religious pretensification impacting; to be subject to devil (you can not use the devil will state, you are just subject to devil in current standing, worse off) - to eat bacon is to strike (pretense) judging by their reaction its calculation of being worse off; [subject to the devil] outer-laying effectivites; against 'the bible' (westernised bibles, Jesus the savior) pretense for IS playing monopoly' with other religions and beliefs (holding value against bacon or meat to such extents) - exacting uses; calculation by Russian Governing to be of a resolute or minimal resolve.

    4:) Plebiscite : 
    Child interpretative ; pleb, plebian - sight - reflectivity of sightment, 'englishten', enlishment, linguistics, in-sighting, sight (eye sight) targeting - submussive interpretative complex, thought faced 'plebian-pleb', cite, sight - the mediators spotted you pretensificationaries, citation faced, in-sighting, (slight,* in some) site (workable, working complex faced-) sight - en-sighting submissive, subversive; plebiants, plebians- 

    5:) Adam Goodes:
    Perceived intellectual inability, furthering of 'the ape' subject matter in public thought - Adam Goodes. -Homer Simpson ? as child pretensificationaries. Nervous movements reactive of crowd furthering, targeting causes nervous reactions which are attacked as intellectually incapability - their issue, everyone has different learning grasps - 'reverberation-reactionary-furthering' ; Goodes defensives from offense, become offending perceptives furthering - rationally he should not of targeted a teenager in a crowd of many drunken mis-fits (a miscalculation as stated, he did not see age barrier till too late) - in-for calling him an ape, an adult yes, but not someone of learning (child, education) this is also public persceptives - a war stance 'how dare you front us', and after teenager 'thought plateau, subjection' - a common aboriginal perceived primal/primatal/premarital-perceptive-accentuates look which is exacerbated by war stance and infliction of teenager - perceived not of deservance, 'your smart with sport' - 'but you lack the ethics in attacking a teenager when crowd is so sparse'  -embarrassment of child -perceived weaknesses of character or perceived intellectual ability be of lesser 'qualities' than others in game- forwarding perceptive; defensively his movements are of 'public reflection against him itself' (camera/screen reflectives/re-electives of attitudes/persceptives against) - furthering and gained furthering, alcoholic/drug obedience/obeisances  use by crowd aggravants (or as starting aggravations against, over-protectionism shown against child, guilt alleviants)- vocally attributing - a needed now by Goodes as 'shrug it off'- though/thought depressants/depressives in Goodes are a furthering of public attitude 'formation as to-date plateau of thought/reactionaries' leveling of issues standardisations - perceived calculated use by child and seen silenced 'submussive//subversive/submissive' respect of public for this, a childs outcry persceptives ( as sub-conscious layering) - mass combined alleviates of sporting in-equalities (refractive to selfness) (rowdy behaviour as feeling of closeness in crowd or to game, hiss and hum) cuteness of child targeted by Adam (nondisclosure of child, not having a presence of imagery, even though necessary, a cloak shown in media of 'vulnerable should not be attacked' pre-cautionaries) public pre-cautionairies 'who is at fault uncertainty in shown media uses or perceived' psychotropic-reflectives (refracting of psychotropic-eccentriates-reverbiration, psychotropic-licentiates//iscentriates//liscentriates-reverberation/s) language inabilities 'in-dialect-abilities'

    6:) Nazi Salute Video Release:
     In this period of 1933, was an under-lying need to put faith in German system, to be supportive of their political standings to help them further themselves, an under-lying appraisal of power existed, an accepted reversal, to be at or perceived as 'next or under them' - formed need to praise 'English strictness's' - formed power over-tonal, a common at period of reclusive fear of, formed needs to be of supportive and many found comfort in progression power heights known to. 'Over-exampling instructional's to kids' - with kids 'always'/almost not so compliant/accepting of, regardless unusual degree- adult facial expressions suggest not so serious, behavioural movements suggest not so serious in older women, almost under-lying seriousness in father but could be 'use of resistance' though curious about helping youngest child prior 'raising her hands acceptance of she is not so capable of understanding' which suggests over-tone is seriousness in the King (father) - could also be forced to accept German height progressions - the elder daughter is expected to comply - Mother has 'insincerity' shown - (political power height perceptions /progression) [exampling: those who enjoy a horror movie] - A media icon stated could of been resistance, too true. A private family moment none the less. Author has personally decided not even 'really' worth going further - even the father (male adult) seems for the time a gentleman regardless - 'personal family history' nothing worth taking further. [what is the under-lying any ways, Nazi's are pretty much non-existent, not like a 6 year old child is guilty of having ties with Nazi Germany, oh yeh, the Royals have links with working for Neo-Nazism ? come off it - I can see them sitting around in palace with battle maps preparing to invade Poland..]

    7:) Mental Health and a Standard of Pedophilia: 
    Accountability for pedophilia in mental health and the Governmental cover up - the fact, when these so called animals masterbate there is interjective thought interference furthering a need to abuse (abusive formation interfliction) it stops 'the animal targetting' during (distance to sexual intuitiveness, to maintain sexual standards, cognitive sexual intuitiveness- to effect of; how dark natured is the relief need) it creates a friction interjective as well that furthers in fright and fear reactive forwarding - this so called animal, sleep interferences (designatory design against covering many angles, distancing, spatial surrounds-) (furthering of abuse attractive to vulnerable, weakness inflicted on themselves, fear, fright - the devil forwarding) Policing will try to put bullshit as standardisationaries on mental health in this-  [all mental health are under thought insertion and highly sexually abusive, there is just different lengths to how well they can cover and adapt to this through manipulative behavioural forwarding] -  medication creates interjective abusive plateau formations (sedative frustrative overlay inabilities in thought acuity height of ability to calculate a whole, when simply the factual state is no learning at all) over this intermediate plateau of thought interferences - or physical manipulations; designed for - Accountability for ; being this animal even slaughtering the individual for unjustly is, and is why policing are not of justice (torture span of a public pretenses and furthering abuse) - the standard - frictive abusive creatives- Sedative based submussion of mind - a manipulative element (devil uses against) brainwashing at root level of physicality - People can be targeted by a common public information policing do not hold accountability for; of mental health being pedophiles as a known, knowledge to assault; to throw under mental health- *use of distancing effectrates (technological manipulations, hearing in-cognitives, TV thought insertion creatives, distance of cognitive effectuate) the psychic, aliens, war, uses against - etc. - sickening level of manipulatives and control of the 'child' - actuality is a psychic child - use of sexual instinctualite targetting of sexual combativeness, attractive to vulnerability in electrical technology uses- psychtro-trancement pretensifications- fantasia' level brainwashing against, manipulative instinctualite attractabilities, subjection of child pretenses - psychotropic-targetting, physiological alterations (self-targeting, genitalia manipulations to shrinking genitalia physical sizes) sickening extentagries of needs to replenish oneself from awareness in the individual of own physical deteriants - as instinct only in majority (child) those subject to own learning and re-arrangements of, sleep deprivates ( extreme designable level against) - ;  'Jesus' Christ' pretensificationaires 'children of god' - design level uses against - 'the devil' (fear aggravant pretenses through manipulative form) self-engagement for furthering abuses- oppressive/repressive affliction, interfliction/interjectional and interjectional manipulations of motivatants/motivatancies and control of) behavioral-self-neural-plasticity-learning-effectrates -technological instrinctment over life based span, exacting monopolies against- psychtro-child-reflectivity (gay pretensificationaries relief adaptive) female/male ejaculative reflective on flow rate of sperm/estrolites impacting plateau of sperm/estrogen production/declination submussion reverberation of self-inflictory (control pretenses plateau of; subjectivity effectrate) Simplified : technological thought insertion forming manipulative frictive and in spanning; manipulative reverberate impacting on psychotropic-thought-targetting; reversion into not being able to mention factors in law, submussions used against to accepting hopelessness degree's- sexual-intervective-distancing- spatial unawareness creations (child pretenses) 

    - fear-self-reverberation-infliction, fear-self-iterative-infliction  etc.   etc.-
    -self-thought-analysis - perceptual self-interpretative (spanning controlling elementics) - self thought analysis becomes self-revolve persecutes - knowing ones perceptive weakness, abilities to rectify and faced struggle (self-aggravants progressionals) cohesive flowing self-instructmentals against (technological thought exacting) oppressive in alleviate -defense itself is a witness of being of the behavioral of naturism  - Self-behavioural analyses (revolvement to attributing)
    (even though author has no love in slightest for those who commit sexual abuse on a child, just stating the facts-) 
    Technological path interference outcomes- [re-attributed behaviourals exactness of living, mentality interferences, persecutes by technological assaultry of mind] (no defense reality-) adaptiveness flow seen in gay attributing, self-manipulate and controlling of - [neural-plasticity of instrinctmental technological uses] horror-graphic life eventing abusive impacting of self-reflection, self-exacting procedural, instrumentation and controlling of law responses/respondent/responsiveness (use against) children used as overlaying xensensual/sexual cander 
    Technological span from childhood assignment of naming, defamation of character, religious protective forced upon social degrative, controllant designatory of naming as a perceived wording of pedophile : 'a animal' like its a birthing defect when is simply technological controls, to insight and protect technological overlaying path by technological assaultry, a guaranteed resolve for combatance of individual - exacting weakness of individual, memory impacting into formatory of life eventing (impaction of and traumatic recollect of priors and span of) [technological controllant pathing of life itself, control of] Social-psychtro-interupt deprivate/decline with a medium of torment/assaulting manipulatives/aggravates against (inability at extended length of explanations or thought recollect/acquisition of defense and due to sly/covering attacking against- extreme of manipulative against as first premise was technological controllant assaultry, and intent of path itself by others- ) self-control of behaviour/actions being impaired is the standard -
    (formed into sexuality uses, weakness, vulnerability, cuteness in an inability, uncertainty effectuate -)

    8:) New: MRS BISHOP
     Strictness entrailed in moment of thought over-span, to be in control, the leader of positionary in parliamentary structure (sitting above) being of a snap-frustration (older age inability of) acceptances formed in self-control in situational elements of higher rise elevation platform - to be of control - inability of age 'clouded formations of mental height plateau' - a weakened frictive/friction state caused that impacts on age 'impacting of self mental ability /physicality of weakened elderly age' - actuality state is one of alleviating self frustrations; physically inable - parliamentary frustrations impaction, to control debate - Constance of interjections/inter-projections, reflective thought to self - 'how am I perceived inflicting of/to self'- [level of facial make up displayed]- inadequacies- thought-perception-resolvent- nerve-perceptive-resolution, nerve-reflective-resolute, nerve-receptive-resolution - receptivity-reflective-span; acuity-thought-impaction 

    - differentiating subject - between doing her job as norm, to becoming publicly known 'seen to' and of being of negative with subject of media, furthering of her defensive aspects - a subject directly of public/media as opposed to being only portrayed in a firm hold in parliamentary situation (plateau of actuality that 'became different', subjective directly against her, instead of seen perception of in control in the parliamentary control structure (her seen control), height of - weaknesses seen directly by a public standing, altering of public/media entrancement [weakness perceptive, instead of firm grasp over-looking or being of decisions] off of a control plateau onto subjection;

    9:) US Iran hostages :
    Enemy state - once an enemy state - the media over-lay forwards this into actuality - to over-lay forward the 'so seen' - this often negates any chance of resolving issues 'the enemy' - foreseen enemy - instead of 'mediate use' - to ignore and move on and try re-acquittance; spatial/spacial (revolving) distance formed between countries - a barrier of sectioning between 'thought actuality' of people in opposing countries - 'a monopoly' - thought level plateau /faced acceptances/accepting - differentiating between borders; 'the thought of enemy state, the enemy state media against, our better state rules, our better way of life' - instead of moving on premise to avoid future issues; furthering distance between - instead of halting the distance and attempts to try to resolve; Governmental height 'thoughts /psychologies' in momentary of thought decisionary ; 'alienate and anti-alienate' reflections between till media forwards a subjection itself 'in both countries'; instead of; agreed exchanges between for a one event exchange to start to interact with western and -anti-western barriers - a chain reaction that can be used to gain better world diplomacy standards even with the enemy; thought actuality faced; height of this thought achievement level 'acceptance of the issues faced' - 'the great divide' - adding hostages to nuclear deal is seen as an issue 'conflict' of interests 'disruption' to achievable US goals [chance of impacting negatively on deal/negotiations - chance of altering Iranian received perceptions/perceptive; influential span of negative outcome/s, 'Iranian Governmental structure standards]

    10:) US : James Holmes 
    - pacing back and fourth in cell after event 'going over eventing/event' to substantially impacting degree 'psychotic behaviourals' - 'the dark knight rises' specific targeting of this movie for following effecting of public thoughts 'hopelessness' - thought about span (psychotic-extent-recognitions) prior knowledge trans-luminescence-effective-span, translucency - 'psycho-tracing' memory eventing impacting, slightness/avoidance of smiling - delusional hope of court case (thinks 'may' stand a chance to irrational degree) some sort of narrowed perspectives caused by medicational abuses, state of memory infliction 'psycho-memory-entrancement' ; found guilty - as simply must be any ways, a slight relief shown about height achieved (agreed actually, guilty regardless of fact was highly psychotic-) a slightness of smile 'calm' shown, idiotic that 'things have proceeded my way' -'not knowing of actual circumstances once detained/restrained' - 'I must be of perceptive nature' [a standard of mental health systematics] revenge for treatment; but it was simply a major missed sim-calculation, as had judgement to simply think 'could get away with it' a grave miscalculation of batman 'eh' - use of child furthering pretenses (thoughts faced in-directly by public, threat to public, miscalculation, as they take that very seriously) caused by treatment memory-inabilities 'leveling of thoughtless-memory' a span of memory-luminescence/luscency thoughtlessness, awareness of-) state of thoughtless in-cognition regardless (though this is of course a standard seen of mental health, mid-calculation of) - and the dark knight falls. (some factors may not be real on this post - but regardless overall span is true- calculated misuse of is kind of hoping superman wins in up-coming movie as event in US public will be and pretense for, is now sub-conscious.) Monopoly with a mental health alien pretenses - 'they never stood a chance' they have to recluse the psychic nature- and the exact length of being held - is the needed- 'murder the aware psychics'. Not guilty on ground of insanity - formed through complesive of dream - 'attack the kids that hate me' - 'dark knight rises' - fact is was in cell packing back and fourth from memory impacting - irritable/frustrated - restrictive enclosure, then when appeared in court, showed exacerbated relief 'to be out of enclosure' - plateau subjection of mind 'confinement' - the fact speaks for self - was irritable pacing back and fourth in cell shown in video, realisation of what committed and actuality of  'unable prior' - false hope shown - relief in court - note the orange hair to draw attention for courting - pre-design impaction, instinctual awareness (possibly subject to mental health medications prior) to him deservant, 'the child's' do not hold me in regards, 'slay their movie' - pretenses for 'a pedophile' - how treated, how perceived and calculation of self-hatred infliction - to reverberate on self - 'a false idealisation of escaping the crime chance' - simply a mental health case in all factors -inflictive upon self, knowledge of so called self-abusive reflective's to plausible in his mind escape - under medication in court 'going on nod' - incremental of forsive sedative agents showing height of mental state, 'unawareness' in court - a sly relief shown 'medicational delusives effectives' (tranquilisation)- Good, did not get death penalty -true at relief for victims- though realistically 'surreal engagement shown in movements' -uncertainty relief shown at deep root - will be masterbating in that cell like the dark knight falls [to joke around with law enforcement here, you will see-] look at his appearance, obvious plausibility - to strike at a child's movie 'batman' - I do not know what to think - feel sorry for effective span in a cell against him - and at same time, hate he attacked batman for that reason - hopefully police learn from it in future before gets that far, what these medications simply do to people, self-focus on causes-

    11:) Veterans :  
    fear aggravation in events faced, shock from this fear (plateau of; amount of events faced span) trauma caused, property of manipulative element, psychological restrictiveness in training (effective of directionals) pathways of military movements (span of, thought processing of and in span time/s faced) learning/learned input of training (incrementals of learning) then sent to a 'far' and instructed this away from feeling of secure/security (fear levels faced/ incrementations of fear on prior training/far reach learning input in actioning use of military mobilisations (mental instructionals in war scenes faced) to obey; instrumentations of learning in mobilisation in war (fear aggravates in / confrontationals of fear/height of scared awareness (aware of ones own fear and facing - learning instrumentations in) comfort with a weapon, faced thoughts of defense; ones own comfort alleviation - faced rotational in this (fear rotations - weakness/inabilities caused and further over-comes 'to adapt' further height of attitudes/acting/behaviour formed - behvaioural adaptiveness formed)
    [summed : span of fear aggravations /manipulatives/manipulations and impact of 'an element of physical inability/innaccurateness (behavioural adaption to cover/hide this inability formed in the person -training impact further of needs to overcome how perceived 'impact of' learning instrumentations to;)' ] defensive attributions in momentary/individualism and formations of - furthering of on learning (predictable outcomes learned); 'xanti-expedictacting' - momentary of war idealisation [aspirations/aspire - formed comfort of - thoughts span of alleviates -counter-inflictions of (behavioural adaptions to) ] perspective of focus through a lens/aiming (point-to-point focusing perspectives - learning of/thought impacting 'level/s' span - to train to aim visual acuity 'narrowing of perception') light insensitivity/sensitivites [flash point of shots fired /explosions faced - hearing in-balances of - effectives of span; epileptic confrontations (over-comes of)]
    [summed: traumatations/traumatic incidenting (momentary reactive - awareness subjection/sub-muting 'plateau of'] vulnerabilities at a distance of 'far reach/away from home/comfort - military training group/social comfort of closeness of military training /ethics' - behavioural adaption to 'to train ones mind to overcome' - awareness of military morals (long term 'thought rationality of 'not being of justified' - justifications/acceptances of long term - plateau of acceptance /formations)
    [code of conduct - coding oneself - learning instrumentationals - in-affect of] raised pre-cautionaries - alertness subjection (constant of awareness, needs/ plateau's of over-exerting ones mind) [light sensitiveness/vulnerabilities of; impact/infliction (explosions/flashpoint weaponry use of/against) plateau of traumatics/ dramatisations of] subjectivity/objectivity in-affectives; conditioning 'in-affect - group individualisations - instagatory - reverberations of - effective span' -non-cognition/cognitives (impact of and awareness of; furthering -re-occurrence/re-occurrences faced) selflessness; reflective cohesions on group individualisations (team/group conduct/conductivity - conduction/ in-connectives); [psychotropic-reflectiveness; psychotropic-reflective-enhancabilities; psychotropic-reflective-instabilities; psychotropic-reflective-capabilities ]; psychotropic-instencitivities - insensibility -
    [summed - a distant cry - acceptance plateau of in-recognitions/momentary awareness of]

    12:) Greece :
     'calm' - friction/manipulatives height nerves raising span of public; greed; electronic exacting' towards financial issue itself; - use of closing banks to form a forced acceptance/oppression 'calm' - 'calm children use as necessity' - in-exactory sciences; subjective of top perceived governmental height; [reflective use] knowledge of public/media thought/learning 'heights' plateau; Financial in-securities 'fear of future' - fear of future of own country; fear of future of 'singular'; fear itself span reflections (over-thought focus 'narrowing on issue') |we are only the struggle/inaccurate/not of independence| ;with money' - 'how can we survive ?' - negative resolves focus intensification's (and in momentary); perceptive of another; in moment perceptions of another's pain/hardship; - starting pretense: 'we can make a profit off them greatly to help ourselves gain to 'slight' degree'
    25 billion plan - though to suggest this is going to help is just being silly - its a debit of 25 billion at Europe inter-country economy scale - economic inter-connectivity between countries; perceived debit - no matter how spent I do not see this making an impact no matter the incremental gains paid upon to improve - pretenses 'inter-country-scale for further decline' - perceived hardship, to accept help, 'needy of non-debit' - a debit is a debit (at economic European country scale) 25 billion for size of their country is regardless - not verified credit in any sense; an 'economic debit help over-lay at European borders scale' as primary is not really capable of perceived improvement or action of improving no matter how spent on increasing financial gain area's - which over-lay is negating itself regardless - to put money on current decline itself- within Greece scale improvements of area's (to put increases in a narrow, spent inside Greece; debiting spends inside borders to improve the outer regions or perceived on;) inter-economic connectivity between Europe; is a decline within regardless Greece (spend from debit on factors of needed increasing- subjecting itself and outer);

    13:) Abbott : 
     'Death Cult' - Learning span of public reflections; confrontational acceptance - Need to simplify instead of 'over-dramatising' - Example : 'IS kicking the bucket' for thoughts; faced progression; instead of direct over-expressionism for impact - [public with foreseen - perceived by military grades learning - children - reflective upon itself] Religious based exacting psychologies [children of God - medium of textual/bible knowledge's] -Subjective : 'public/media thought process height plateau - inabilities' (Mental health reflectives exacting' span) TV thought insertion exactory' reflections; 'Re-arrangement plateau subjective' - exacting' re-alignment; Child sanctimony of thought; children 'actuality' (acceptance spans medium; slight of only oppression against traumatics)-
    IS using children's thought;abuse [fear aggravations, acceptances 'children of God pretensifications'] to forward their military ethics [resolve fear/ combatance to their fighters - acceptance leveling] (chances of winning) [Osama bases of knowledge] thought connectivity of children [long term outcomes] against 'design of life' ;alien technology over-head use by Governmentals; Governments at point where can not put down this 'weaponry' due to negative impacts; (control of race) (monopoly in school); children at 'religious' points in school is a sign of this; self-alleviation point (acceptance of 'furthermores' - greater than; 'equations' defensive medium between; inter-connectivity healing (subject to less problems by far) oppression against by parents (acceptance plateau with religious exacerbates)

    14:) Australia Moves In on Jail:
     Unusual height/actions of by police - over-non-caring thoughts in police officers attending scene - robotics pretensifications ; accuracy of movements; accuracy of thought directions toward principal of controlling; blindness in 'actually' helping the issue with compassion's (complete in-accuracy pretenses) soldiery shown to unusually high extents - pretensifications for robotic control; prior decisions to 'force' at usually narrowed extents in solutions to problem - blindness factors - blindness in furthermore accepting to 'force' the issue after covering these issues; manipulation leveling of policing thought plateau's [height of reached;]- pretenses for inability to accurately calculate a solution - considered entrapment furthering factors; blindness in ability to resolve properly (regardless of need to take away smoking) overall span pretenses are robotics- the point of calculations inability of; point of calculations being altered/influenced upon; a single thought influence directional changes use of ; aparting of thought instance in decisionary/rationality; the aliens move in 'overlay' pretensifications of robotics; effective use of public/media interpretations spans; 'blindness factors in' - over-laying thought control on being necessary; blindness in ability to see rationality of actions; effective media to public over-laying span of thoughts use (at/tribulations) understanding in-affect reach; use leveling for public interpretationsments; [re-states Murray - let them die on their cigarettes - spatial alleviation use by entrapment pretenses - formed plateau of oppressives; a found need - a need to alleviate oneself - this can be seen in extents of drug use inside; formed acceptance (smoking aid to help with entrapment/incarcerations - police interviews aggravations prior - inability to defend oneself; knowing is more to it and accepting is not more to it ; spatial limitations against 'acceptance of'; forced acceptances in spatial limitations - outside time finding peace to further extents than being in cell - re-states Murray again - let them 'die' on their cigarettes ] plateau on mind between in cell and going outside of cell- need for cigarettes - 'obvious' over-laying plateau pretensifcations between 'in cell/box' and outside of 'box/cell' - minds acceptance in jail - a need to over-act outside; (formed) - restrictive design elementics; 'over-lay' - prisoners being 'of hard nature about getting outside to new arrivals that are scared to go outside' (pretensifications) intensifications of 'we go outside' * a need for light- a need for 'full light' - inability of provided 'illuminetics' - 'noise' in cell ('air sounds'/conditioning ) acceptance plateau in disregard for this noise - effective use against prisoners in 'sub-thought-sub-conscious' - re-states Murray again - let them bloody die on their cigarettes; enough factors gone over do not have any appreciation for them because simply know the factors and how dangerous can make someone- ; distant/accepted cry pretensifications; alien dentistries; inability of police - obvious acceptance into going outside formed - sub-platform thought alleviations - to expand outside; there is no need to get out of cell of course; there is no premise for torture; of course; controlling use against at governmental height - of course; there is simply no outside acceptance plateau of mind. Give the bloody animals your created their cigarettes or at fucking least 'smoking quitting aids' and when you 'may' provide the smoking aids provide needed 'vitality' vitamins *nutritional lack severity in - to counter-act the effective of mentioned problems and problems resulting from agitations in cells with smoking aids -vitality re-inbursements/incrementation with smoking aids*** -abuse runs rampant in all countries, prior calculations 'no hope for self' calculations, use of distractives to precises input of law perceptions to distract from self-issues (abuse/pedophilia) learning self-inputs (drug effectives/in-affection/affective, psychotic self manipulations /learning input and spanning control of, hopelessness, vulnerability attractions, a common bestiality, rationalised/formed acceptance of sexual desire/desirable - heavy music/movies insertive spans, TV/music brainwashing of child (life plateau) mentality standard- non-cognitive thought insertion) conditioning; length of acceptance of restrainment/minimalisation of needs/wants faced - oppression against over-length of thought plateau, subjection to self 'inner-reclusion' acceptance of spatial surrounding restriction [distance perceived, length of] formation of glorification/over-exacerbation of provisions, coffee provided glorification/jail workers naming of 'boss' ; shown acceptance manipulations against sexual state and known effect in some cases on self - formations of non-sexuality spans, to negate sexual desires or needs and in communicatives/vocal adaptions to; over-exacerbation standards of mockery/insult of hospital area's of jail (held pedophiles) - existing predatory internal behaviours (to abuse/mock the newcomers - those of youthful looks or acting as distractive- formed being against this -'we will not allow it, protectionism' standardisations of behaviourals) cognitive impairment - self mind adaption/plasticity, reclusion to self-thought-actuality, defensive/-reflective contradistinctions/manipulations to captors.

    -Thought impact in momentary amplification of; through incarcerated spatial distance/surrounds - amplification of traumatics /alleviation's, adaptive naturism and defensive's shown (attitude attributing) seen traumatic adaptiveness in obsessive traits for items held and appreciation for the minimal to sadistic resolve-) 
    [control/order placed against and adaptive alleviates to enforced order, shown needs to alleviate the surrounding deprivations with formationals like 'boss' -thought impacting self-impact abusive alleviation, a manipulative deceptiveness/adhesiveness/tentativeness/attentiveness -varied impacting self-reliance/acceptances oppressed upon; spatial acceptances - oppression/hopelessness into 'acceptance' submissive/submussive -] a social decline being the actual of jailing interactions, portrayal characterisations - formations of needs to communicate with other prisoners for self-alleviation to situational elements and defensive against prison mentalities - an inept standard of impact of the individuals ability to conversate normally thereafter in social communicatants and acceptance/blankness in ability to maintain humane/empathetic nature /nerve in-sightment to communication norms. Memory impact trauma about prior living/eventing and self-pity/hopelessness about situational elements in jailing environments in amplification to, self-memory emotional attributing and instability of and in fear of time facing periods /future of uncertain and surrounding environmental, time to be faced with these elements.

    15:) US [Trump] :
    Understanding : 'to trump'
    (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led.
    (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) play a trump on (a card of another suit), having no cards of the suit led.

    -Use of infliction to cause debate - first pretense [primary] is he has issues with other countries/cultures [This is known, just the debate has furthered - controlling use*]

    [this Trump section above is now outdated]

    Furthering ; public thoughts /media against - Trump is now defensively attributing; attacks on others 'thought manipulations using' - telling the public what to think/believe by mentioning points - 'if anyone believes strongly in this country* 'boycott Macy's''

    Taking advantage of those of hate - to reach all - calculation of reach effectiveness's - those staying out of politics to impact on all  - those who may not be responsive - to reach a submussive number- to reach those of racism character [a fair majority] calculation of controversial reach and furthering of- 'rallying a silent majority'

    -a personalised associate with money, a need plateau of retainment/detainment of own money, strength/firmness in vocalisation representation of own height and of funds 'i succeed', greed itself, you are but of lesser to trump. Associated with own decisions be of the better, rationalised associating of succeed of financials with being of intellect or a greater.

    16:) Ukraine:
    A war started that can not be stopped - positioning indicates both sides are trying to prevent it - 'western/eastern European destruction principality' - reflective trajectories between - positioning of NATO 'just in-cases' - Russia not taking more ground (when easily could) human race destruction principality- 'Armageddon' - the warning - the comet near miss mentioned in previous posts- Author says furthermore take heed-

    -testing purposes - distance structurals of influential of technology, testing the water, flying a plane near UK, boat parked in waters in Baltic I believe, a sparatic jet incident near bordering of US/Russia etc - Calculated testing of how reactive the structural Government's of others are; 'a distant barrier /border' - at same premise retribute of financial depravity assigned (blocked resources, Western containment, oppressive of blockading) to make the opposition spend money (calculated reach interjection, impressionable of assignment of reactive of Russia is 'moving, making movements -) resolve in they are just testing the water, the second resolve being of we better start protecting ourselves just in-case.

    17:) ISIS : 
    Connection to Osama Bin Laden - advantage of US confrontations; towers - 'level outcome of compassion/helping' (acceptances points - exactory sciences - alienation reverberations in communications*) - 'gay marriage' faced; US awareness of this as non-preventable [public incrementals/instrumental of thought /learning]; actuality point height (acceptance point/s of thought; a non-negative resolve point of height - medium mediation) ;children to God military knowledge span (awareness incrementals)' - acceptance of this faced by Obama; 'Death Cult' - Learning span of public reflections; confrontational acceptance - Need to simplify instead of 'over-dramatising' - Example : 'IS kicking the bucket' for thoughts; faced progression; instead of direct over-expressionism for impact - [public with foreseen - perceived by military grades learning - children - reflective upon itself] Religious based exacting psychologies [children of God - medium of textual/bible knowledge's] -Subjective : 'public/media thought process height plateau - inabilities' (Mental health reflectives exacting' span) TV thought insertion exactory' reflections; 'Re-arrangement plateau subjective' - exacting' re-alignment;Child sanctimony of thought; children 'actuality' (acceptance spans medium; slight of only oppression against traumatics)- IS using childrens thought;abuse [fear aggravations, acceptances 'children of God pretensifications'] to forward their military ethics [resolve fear/ combatance to their fighters - acceptance leveling] (chances of winning) [Osama bases of knowledge] medium mental health infliction (use of for war advantage - receptivity/selectivity/)
    A monopoly - leveling height of IS - robotics pretensifications; US is aware of this robotics (over-head design pretensifications) Non-pretenables - IS believing they are 'following' robotics (taking advantage of over-head clauses) but are victims of robotics of over-head design (everyone is under alien tech) There is no-one above besides the 'controlling' - extremities of religious extents beyond 'any' normality - IS robot-ism of thought actualities (extents) - Furthermore over-head prestisifications in this* [over-head control -'robot-ism in robot-ism'] US thinking they have somewhat control in this- though are subject of dual-layering robotics; race on strings pretenables/pretensifications;

    -calculation of exacting random targets, increases in intelligence gathering, outcry of public for effect to prevent privacy invasion pretenses (public up-roar to limit privacy breaching capabilities)

    Re-iterates FoxNews - crucifying children [-advancement pretensifications-]

    War plans from IS, with a noted on top after message 'do it'
    Pretensifications for child infliction 'do it' ; branding, advertising, Nike, Nike 'air' - walking ; to lift, to forwarding -  using child dreaming pretenses-

    18:) Shorten : 
     'Leave the children coming back up to experts' - the standard - the outcome is simply 'sacrifice' of these children to protect public, knowledge, height of children when return in media, etc. - a standard of letting it go for public protections; authoritarianism principalities; medium plateau of protectionism principals, 'how can we help ?' 'we can not' - [IS motives span of awareness/disregard on these children outcomes] incitement of fear in 'the children' - possible aggravation into quick death itself; IS motivationaries; revolving complexities of IS motivations; [perceived by Government Authoritarians Strategists-] (thought plateau use leveling.) [Bin Laden at his knowledge - use of receptivity, distancing to subjectory war - compassion/helping plateau faced after trauma scenes awareness of public] Pscycho-connectethesis span as standard of public (thought targeting - instinctual species - alienating reverberations in communicates) - Nerves in moment (nerve infliction and awareness of, repellents/self-protections against) - reactions forwarding - scared awareness - alienating psychtro-connectics principal; fear of devil uses (span continuance to IS); Bin Laden perceptions (and IS - information holding span in eyes of public)

    19:) Thought Actuality: 
    Height of thought actual, of belief state of resolute height of, to exist - conscious height of the actual being of a resolute of existence, to be of the actuality state of exist itself. A form of presentation on future, to imply/apply the existing. A high form of controlling; the attentiveness/adhesiveness/adaptive of controlling through manipulative element of furtherance. Structural cohesive height of mental conscious state. [point of effective reach, distinct/distance/instance effective, the instantaneous momentary/momentarium -a lapse of time, outer-consciousness, the instance of;]

    Exactory Warning :)
     [ignorance is bliss] - public span mental height 'learning height' span declines - (use of Author for confrontation of) Anti-humanalisation use to humanise 'children span' - 'negates continuances' [revolving - further decline, now 'no decline'] Subject to this text - revolving decline - 'non-exactory-inaccuracy' - *Void/voiding use of this topic 'Exactory'*

    Note : do not feel uncomfortable when accidentally repeat words on site - you can not avoid them all and looks like uncomfortability- feel free* the author does not care- re-use information too by all means trying to get points across helps author (me) -

    1:) Trump/Russia:
    2:) Trevor Ruthenberg
    3:) Uncertainty Tropic Reflective (Parliament, PM change topic)
    4:) Brett Kavanaugh (probable senate outcome)
    5:) Kim and Trump

    1:) Trump/Russia:

    Diplomacy Is about making leeway to maintain a relationship if you put issues to the side for acceptance you will form a better relationship and in the long run. Communication is key to solving problems or understanding another view. You can still discuss issues, but Russia is not at a level of killing their citizens, they are not in civil war, there is a need to maintain ties regardless of Crimea and other actions. Being cordial when you do not believe or accept the circumstances of perhaps a seen enemy is'; to have a base to build on. Surely being friendly is better than accusations flying back and forth elevating an already tense situation. Putin is humane enough really in his stature/morals (yes, still humane and rationalizes) There are much worse leaders out there where negotiation should not be so.

    2:) Trevor Ruthenberg sorry for wrongly claiming war service medal
    Was this really a mistake?

    In public thoughts: he perhaps back '6' years ago had a plan to heighten his situation for some reason, so purposefully stated the wrong medal, to recur back on itself 'he served his time in military' — a perceptional view on him secondly that he still served — why would you do this? perhaps be it, sins had committed that he wanted to 'distract' from; by reaching a public height - a calculation that the media would reflect/ on itself into his apology and furthering being made a mistake, though this was years ago.

    Perhaps he knew about this 6 years ago and decided to keep it quiet because knew it was wrong and did not want to land in the dumps so to speak, something that flew to back of mind why natural with composure on this speaking.
    He seems sincere in his apology though — overly outspoken, though — and moves back and forth often. But he seems legit, perhaps an honest mistake. How you could mix up medals that you receive like this, you would think amongst the military listings' it would be common knowledge. 

    Not sure on this one - he holds his stance too well to be lying really, but it could be years of innocent of formation in play and speaking forwardly on purpose.

    Seems legit from the video so on this story we are giving the benefit of doubt - 

    Watch the video here and speculate for yourself:

    3:) Parliament
    Each dream parallax - uncertainty [tripic-nervity] (fear of, non-cognitive reversion) tropic reflective/reflective opposing dual phasics - forwarding -  everything becomes expressed with height. Insightfulness repeat amplificant, mindset on a new leader (media height, globic-sensitivity) expectant - cognition bio-steps, dualascy/duality/multiplicity, sleep-platoformic-vibrancy[echtome]

    4:) Brett Kavanaugh (probable senate outcome)

    Voting towards Brett Kavanaugh; plausibility is to not judge based on sexual crime, as a result, this tends to land on voting for - to not judge lands on the parallel on voting for. (end position, alleviating [amplificate/extend] from guilt to not found guilty so far, legality perspective) 

    Some of the minority is 'complete of against' based on the fact they think he is guilty (very few would be left against; based on a perception of sexual guilt being minimised from the outcome of proceedings-)

    A majority tends to vote based on justice/senate principals of him not being 'totally' convicted or guilty, so they vote for him as a result(standing) because they think perhaps not innocent, 'but not proven guilty' ('to be parliamentary fair'; 'in thoughts, legitamacy) end result.

    5:) Kim and Trump 
    Update: After all the pleasantries and niceties Kim perhaps thought the relationship was on a level where he could barter for release of sanctions, now it seems all the spoken words with Trump raising Kim may have gone backwards, but Trump did right thing putting aside differences and showing respect regardless of how North Korea is. 

    Kim thought he would stand a chance at relieving all sanctions perhaps not helped by these exact niceties, and Kim probably when denied complete lifting of sanctions reversed his decision (anger/resolve) on summit diplomacy (the US power, opposing) 

    For Kim, An impacting thought reversion when realised was not going to get rid of the sanctions and seen little meaning to the summit continuing. 

    'Trump stated it was a friendly walk away'


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