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    Thought Analysis

    Bridging The Gap On Thought Analysis, Behaviour and furthered Receptibility.

    Video Analysis That Covers/Analyses Media Stories.


    Kim and Trump Border Wall crossing - analysis.

    Trump's head positioning reveals Trump knows the media is trivial and going to lengths to posture himself as Kim's friend - cautioning of steps to show respectful posturing 'careful with steps' - struggles on with thought perceptions against Trump and his mindfulness of recording (media)

    Head down to show thoughtfulness in posture (reversion, tropic of importance)
    Smiles looking up at media/path to make himself seem humane and vulnerable.

    Basic steps - starting from just walking into each others territory - somewhere to start from.

    Kim as approaches: smiling very much to show respectfulness towards Trump, 'good to see you' as if he is enjoying their time - then thoughts dwell on the larger picture and he remembers the position - looking down and rationalising the extremity most likely.

    Trump stands firm position shaking Kim's hand as we are obscured from behavioural.

    Kim looks at Trump as Kim postures - 'your welcome' on a grand scale. Looks once with nervity' then -
    Handshake firm;

    As Kim walks back from the border he feels the power, the display greatness of gesture  - walks with tough posture, to portray a gentle giant. Kim looks down at the ground to show himself as being of human /perception displayed as Gentle. Looks up and smiles for media forwarding posturing and rationalisation after when stops smiling; of awareness of conflict state of operations. [seems to be both are troubled but do not express the extents, almost comedic value]

    Kim unleashes a stare of being solid on stances - a strictness of momentary; a bit of a downfall from pleasantries (Kim in a serious state of reflecting his perception); stern look and posture most likely caused by thinking about being nervous and postures to portray otherwise. (judgement reactive)

    Kim takes the precedence that he is being better than the past North Korean presidents [strength/stance - putting in his two cents]

    Trump pats Kim on back as a sign of Trump's nerves being heightened walking into the territory but feels his relationship is good enough to endure this -re-assurance of Korea opposition. [tropic between is the standing then overcoming] A bit of fear thought from Trump then alleviation from the closeness of the two at the moment.

    Kim feels a position of power which he feels that is his bargaining chip in the meeting, he sees Trump will notice he wants respect, the trivial matter being of confidant/ce a spring in his step -trivial alleviation.

    • Heightened resolve.


    ***Kim and Trump meet up in Vietnam.

    Video Analysis:

    Trump is sturdy, Kim is focused on being seen as a villain which possesses him to be comforting in presentation forwarding.

    Kim moves forward with relieving his nerves next to Trump, Trump out-stretches his hand to the shoulder of Kim noticing his nervity.

    Trump 'thank you all very much' - Kim looks around in a childlike portrayal of having something to do. Slight nod with a bit of ignorance from Kim (strong stance still applies) Kim gives a smile of being highlighted.

    Both turn around with feeling the pressure 'alertness of nerves' -looking at flags then realising 'nothing to see here' - Kim out-puts his hand towards Trump (first waving hands out 'what do we do' - then signalling comfort towards Trump) [Comfort and relive of being the 'opposing' ] Kim focuses eyes directly on Trump for a moment of attention formed.

    Kim moves his head in fashion, looking down towards the ground to show respect; to portray that of being normality, towards the end of the video, looking away then looking towards Trump a slight bump of nod in the nod to a portrayal of respecting- to show he is receptive of Trump.

    Summed up: It seems both are going into this meeting respectful of each other, but Kim shows opposition somewhat. 
    Kim: 'I listen but we have issues'  Kim: It suits me to be 'distant' friends.

    Principals you should be aware of: Fear-strata (tropic height of fear 'exstasic recept') Fear-retraction, Alleviation; /suppressive of (not showing of alleviation, in part non-portrayal of alleviate moment, for public perception), Public/media-recept [axial-reversion]

    This video belongs to SkyNews and has just been used as a reference.


    ***Malcolm Turnbull faces the public in his first appearance since being ousted as Prime Minister | Q&A

    First 6 seconds covered
    Nervic* moving hands - to firm positioning standing.
    (realises hands were out struck too much, displays vulnerability, comfort for watchers)
    Reflection on how judged perceptive - moves hands in slowly step by step to not arouse perception, each step of hands reflects thought instant of how perceived - 'Tropic; retraction'
    [perhaps/can-be prium' of fear and instanti reflection of;]
    15 seconds onward:
    Attempts to maintain posture with a bit of thought confliction (fearity*)
    Looks to host in composure....slight head movement back to host to show moving, and swallows and then moves mouth again as a reflection of first swallow (posturing perceptive reflection)

     ....More to come 


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