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    Thought Analysis

    Bridging The Gap On Thought Analysis, Behaviour and furthered Receptibility.

    Thought/Behaviour Analysis

    Video Analysis That Covers/Analyzes Media Stories.


    ***Malcolm Turnbull faces the public in his first appearance since being ousted as Prime Minister | Q&A

    First 6 seconds covered
    Nervic* moving hands - to firm positioning standing.
    (realises hands were out struck too much, displays vulnerability, comfort for watchers)
    Reflection on how judged perceptive - moves hands in slowly step by step to not arouse perception, each step of hands reflects thought instant of how perceived - 'Tropic; retraction'
    [perhaps/can-be prium' of fear and instanti reflection of;]
    15 seconds onward:
    Attempts to maintain posture with a bit of thought confliction (fearity*)
    Looks to host in composure....slight head movement back to host to show moving, and swallows and then moves mouth again as a reflection of first swallow (posturing perceptive reflection)

     ....More to come 

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