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    Showing posts with label Truth. Show all posts
    Monday, 11 June 2018
    Friday, 13 May 2016
    Friday, 30 October 2015
    Friday, 23 October 2015
    Monday, 14 September 2015
    Sunday, 23 August 2015
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    Latest Analysis

    X-Cross, crossing (Inter-conflict global stance)

    XI- Xi Jinping (elector) crossing ping, cross, 'life designate/stated of currant. (Reverberation, and/of species) Differential/anti of 'XI' [xiet, anxiety] conflict, PSY, Russia VS USA differential anti of China.

    ALIENATING reflection/state of mental health-[a crossing dilemma (protected /life)]

    - effective-inter-point (attack clausality) parallex of target form (life-form conscise of interject)

    Inter-conflict and/of male and female relations, outward tropic. (inner-focal forwarding outer SY)

    Opposing geometry, influenced light, dark, balance.

    Pathing to inter (homes and buildings, cars, the 'alienating' to Jail or hospitals /mental health tropic height, submussional elevate, non-cognitive reach 'actuality) [ghosting reflective, stand point forwarding, picture]




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