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The Cognitive Range, From Anxiety and Voices to Mental Submussion - | Australian News and Analysis The Cognitive Range, From Anxiety and Voices to Mental Submussion - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Monday 11 June 2018

    The Cognitive Range, From Anxiety and Voices to Mental Submussion

    Mental Health and Terror
    Mental Health Subjected To Terror

    'Synaptic-suppression' causes an anti targeting to mental conscious, this can appear the person is more on point than they really are — a focal drift to thought exacting (an accurateness) 'thought-targeting' using mental submussion forms means the person is actually becoming stupid basically, but SY-recognition — mental submission — and yet people wonder what cognitive impairment is so common.

    Exstasic shock — a levelling to mental conscious caused often by 'distraction abuses' by voice (psychotropic-edge) the person becomes in a friction-like state, mental conscious is drifting off concentration plane; in-exacting, target form, non-cognition-gaping; receptibility; nerve-reflex-reactive-furthering, impact-ghosting —span, reversional-retract (cower) further exampling: reversional-manta, linear-comfortability, time-life; conscientious/concise in stepping stones spanning life, furthering attributing, distan [stretch(cognition gaping and furthering), reversion, snaptic-reversion, inversion] —and learning/learning-repeat. Fear/alleviation mental state

    Not one of you psychiatrists and I am talking forensic as well is even close to the factual — voices are a form of technological hacking of this day and age, so those animals you are keeping that are weakened into a baby form (cognitive submussion, verge/synaptic suppression) these animals are being mistreated greatly.

    A great plot that obviously the police are not going to tell you — yet I seem to be the only person on point on this, not one of these psychiatrists has pointed it out in 50 years of voices being commons or 'the taken as commons' — widespread technological hacking — a plot that leaves a person simply after medication (sedative agents, submussion) with thought processes a mess —

    I feel sorry for these animals that you keep that state they hear loud voices and are kept in cages — in friction like states even abused children — so fucking what, they could have been influenced in each and every way of their bio-selves — I bet a judge would care to know that there is a third person responsible in their cases that probably damaged the conscious state on purpose, literally planned from start to take the animal on a mission of hospitalisations and even raised the mental alertness levels in the person and more. [heightened a crime and much more by reach]
    I write about this technological hack in the hope that no it will not be revealed — it could cause mass panic, you know shit and not one of you is even close to the point on this — yes technological hacking 'dummies'  — widespread abuses. Real Smart.

    Fantropic manipulation is a commonplace, the person ends up so delusional they can even think they are in a war and Russia is supporting them because they are Jesus, and psychiatriX's do nothing to rectify this but medication, the person often forced into acceptances and distanced from the actual (left to own devices) - 'SICK'  - been through it even with my awareness I suffered badly.

    This should be called 'when the aliens come' —

    It's only a wonder how far this reaches, I remember first hearing voices when I was a kid and I was diagnosed with concentration issues as a child — was this your technological reach? Children being 'molipted' by a stalker?

    'sick, just fucking sick' — I hope one-day perhaps there is widespread concern.

    "Those who fail to learn history
    are doomed to repeat it;
    Those who fail to learn history correctly --
    why they are simply doomed."


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