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    Saturday, 6 October 2018

    Laquan McDonald Analysis of Behaviour

    Jason Van Dyke trial: Chicago cop found guilty of second-degree murder of Laquan McDonald.

    Laquan McDonald Analysis of Behaviour.

    Reflective-perception; uncertainty state -- drugs alleviating fear (parallel fear /resistant furthering)

    Walks with a bop - wanted to make a scene from start - exhilaration 'attention seeking' - perhaps past events had him wanting to be displayed as tough in media -thought out priors' - to reach a height because how feel about something. [heightened dissolutionary, driven-]

    He walks a distancing path around the officers, but not too distanced (in thought, cautious, avoiding in actuality, 'linear' lines judging - 'thoughts of avoiding') perception-reactional-judgment - reflective of stance. [not seeming to back away, but not seeming too distant as well] confrontation-separate.

    Hand out slightly shows he was nervous slightly - running on fear (as opposed to completely hand out) probably thought about not putting a hand out 'completely' for fear of how may be seen.

    Other syntaxes: Reverberation, Scared Awareness [memory-prior instancing/impacting in thought, reasoning/rationalising] receptive-cautioning

    10 years is a lengthy sentence - and with public outcry was probably needed, but 10 years in a small box is a long time do not think it is not -
    10 years: 87,600 Hours = 87600 Hours; 5256000 Minutes (momentary lapse)
    Undoubtedly a long time for a servant of the peace to spend thinking in confinement in a dangerous situation.


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