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Mental Health Experimented On With Technology Like Animals - The Walking Dead - | Australian News and Analysis Mental Health Experimented On With Technology Like Animals - The Walking Dead - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Friday 30 October 2015

    Mental Health Experimented On With Technology Like Animals - The Walking Dead

    The Standard of anti-psychotic long term use is inability of mental functioning height - submussion oppression till de-recognitions of the actual are formed (memory, recollect, learning, calculation)
                                                                                  The Walking Dead.

    An overlay of mental health technological abuses, to play Big Brother with mental health patients, experimentation's with humans.
    Some of these assailantry standards of play are : Aliens, War, Jesus, Military, Religion - etc.
    These mental health stigma's are a common standard of Mental Health  - thinking one is for example; a war god, or thinking one is Jesus Christ - this is a sickening level of technological interference playing observe reactions of the health patient - a sickening level of experimentation of human behavioural's.
    There is a common psychiatry failure among this that dissects thought processing into a narrowed attribute of thought processing which DE-recognises in the momentary of these manipulations to regard the overlay, flow of mental health with common similar stigma's.
    Am I right or am I wrong ? Of course I am right here at we do proper analysis not standardisations labels of disregard.
    100,000's of patients developing the same issue of voices is factual of this experimentation, 100,000's around Australia all stating hearing voices of people talking to them and why should we take this as serious threat ? - because simply patients are forced into sickening level of hopeless/acceptance is nothing that can be done about it - living under mock/intimidation characteristic, under simply accusations.
    The extent may simply be sexual mis-use of children from early ages and these assailants use mental health as an asset to discredit reporting getting anywhere -literally control of system/law outcomes.
    -The playing with is seen in defensive attributing height/commons overlay, fantasiatic type missions assigned dream culling. Damage to mentality periods.

    Speaking to people, experimentation at its further advance -


    Uncertainty states, a reflective obedience formed in acceptance in hospital treating of patient time instancing, a submussion forced oppression of sedative agents which at current factual their is an standing issues of DE-recognising the factual of this and frictive anxiety /fear /anguish* height of in dellusivery/dillusive/illusive of the patient in reflective states of being of lacking of sleep, a common luscency - the actual premise of this state of interference is a child-like reflective mentality of impairment as an almost overlaying of mental health treatment/doctory'/environmental/interviewing base form, an almost reflective uncertainty of the luscent cohesive reflective on spans of dis-nonoperative seen on psychiatry parts to recognition this frictive/traumatic abusive standard itself - a common fear of own naturism's itself in the ethical of experimenting with a persons mind; to re-state the factual 'aliens, 'war' to think one is fighting a war, being supported by war is a fairly common adaption in this' Jesus Christ mentalities - a sickening level of experimentation; persecuted for do not think 'its pretty' -Simply being subjected to so much and falsification and instructment of false psychiatry standards and manipulation to held account for law itself - attributes that number to almost designing negate the premise , the premise of technological assailancy - a standing of forced into belief and psychiatric failure to recognise these frictive paths of assaults or 'playing with, screwing with' a person to teach a lesson almost at level of almost robotics-  this standing 'fact' - possibility of course at assailancy level of inter-privatization  into a persons very life.

    A dissolution state as standing reflective of actual patient interview, this dissolution or dis-belief standing commons, this uncertainty/fear reflective in the patients minds of acceptance of seen dissolutionary of the fact of what I am mentioning, a forced acceptance through assigning, oppression and acts and treatment against the person when the factual is the persons standing mentality and physicality can be manipulated onto the very standing premise of perceived by psychiatrist an illness of thought attributed standing when the assaulting of mental or even physicality /weakness exist - a standing of weakening a voice patient standing in dilusively or dissolute or fandomisation /religious theorem and sorry to state standing classification height by the policing clarrification/classification obedience and standings against-  confliction at base among submussion using sedative agents in concentrate in-accurateness itself causing a sparse of concentrate/focus among submussion [impairment]

    The factual standing of mental health is submussion of mind against abusivery conflictions of mentality/plastique/physique against the individual among frictive causing a mentality submussion of mental height itself and the attributed of inabilities to recall life/eventing (memory damage) and positiveness of recall/calculation of positive moments, a detailed extent - brainwashing being a standard of mental impacting against the patient; war games are seen in this factual.  Jesus Christ toying with a human ethicals - a fun-falsifiable playtime of human robotics -

    The psychiatrists as a whole span overlay are for not being of recognition of this angle itself - quite not 'of intellect' -acts against of intenting and with financials and manipulation of justice standards to point of perceived standing by police in controlling of of course their classificationals treatment of declines under falsifications and manipulation of innocence or law ethics or standings; To make a difference or intepretants of, but in-sinerity reversible in need to combat for this factual of experimentation by the patient knowing of ill-form against seen in re-attributing/alleviational to delusive's like Jesus or War itself with foul angulars of dissectionary uses in controlling and inability within this, or under the spanning influence of this technological assailantry in an inability commons to defend against among psychiatry attributes and attributed to the very designatory of influential intenting itself, playing with a persons physics and perceived morality of decisions seen attributes at base level of mental directional factoring;

    Distractive infliction upon human attachment of luscency furthered through this brainwashing - psychtro-intacting-influential of fantasy, brainwashing used against as a common standing - the standing of mental health being the psychiatrists are enabled in 'weaponised dissolutionary' [to oppose the persons belief of seen commons of not as treated for] and I wonder for the level of attributes formed in defense to them - an almost of once use by Governmental height of controlling of fact for classification reasoning to public - the standing of mental health being asleep in mental height and this is reflected/seen through their inability reflictive states of frictive/uncertainty/obedience of treatment standing of; in child-like mentality of dissolution as common level standing for this act of technological assaultry against these individuals, and once again the patients defensive naturism stating the factual commons of a need to convince the psychiatrist among this perceived seen attributing standards off ill function to the individual (acceptance can not change extents) - fantasia type missions of actioning /working for War acts seen in just one attributed systematic standardisation of treating itself; to medicate at foul point of being the very intent of influential onto the person and the fear in wards attribute to in acceptance of wrong; simply dissolutionary actioning of fact itself and of course  they are not happy as have recognised this factual and trying to convey it to show their intellectual standing of recognition as opposed to be it the other patients under an falsification instructed upon acceptance of; Distractive abuse among mental sub-during using fact a commons for voice intervenes of controlling, a submussive/submission of self confident or self-motivational ability and energetic height of mental and to action or control behaviourals;

    Fear antagonism standards, observation of reaction and viewable/watchable experimentation on behaviourals.

    Pretenses: extensions/extend-abilities manipulations used against to point of inhibiting defense or legality or be it standings under health itself to torture means through justifications of assailancy Methodism. 



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