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TV and Asnesic-Forptic (Layering step) Learning-concise - | Australian News and Analysis TV and Asnesic-Forptic (Layering step) Learning-concise - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Friday 13 May 2016

    TV and Asnesic-Forptic (Layering step) Learning-concise

    TV and Asnesic-Forptic (Layering step) Learning-concise

    Brainwashable Layering-Mental-Step ALN' sictmi (wctvic) displacement TV /Sertive /in-submuse /in-circvent etc.

    Reflective adhesional (trancement to focal plane) belief (thought insertion.) to incipeint (inception. direction.) of luninatory light transofolgraphical (boxing span) to retrational reflection conscious leveling brainwashing (of manta - reflection of nervity to believe)

    Height Iricipa of belief state interferance (actual thought rational) Direct/current value (believe momentarium, aspectial)

    Directional psychological valuing of basis standardisation.

    Focal deriviati (deviantal platform to conscious thought (ect-nesism reflectional) as to no witness of prium eventing matter in thought fearity of subj.°, believe, subjectorial platoform to sleep

    Assceumanasci to interjectional (focal point target) to TV screen] a sleeping state (static electro) elo-nesic depressism to actuality (direct focal insightment hold)
    (learning typicalities of direction, childhood learning proceeding directionals, Sy-child insertional (concen. Re3ievem) )

    Inter-tallume-viamst (a vibratI informative insert) Reflective amanscement to thought interjectional (siamnst of thought interveieve believe tV (platoformal object°, of minim. biased to learning structual oarmesic leveling) a leveling plaroforming of control

     - to be at interferance when may be of seen not to be leveling manipulative of learning instru.ionabffities into mind conscious insertion.. STIP- TV PROGRISSIONAL LI°ARNING-STRINCT°

    Reflective controllan, heights trance/trancing - to controllasiamnst of believe - Sectional thought to spoken directional, Leveling platem - (luminatiaxial boxing intervept)

    As to not knowing - biophastasic neural distant-V-axis (plastinative) numeral calculative of learning. Strinct to disconnectional adhesion. - direliprate of insertable recognitions (layering) >Forwarding> to directional sytro or deprivance of nervity/recept or perception of another with you or looking at you; communication on subj. matter - rotational resolutem form triainst

    Axis of visional to angular of inter-communicatable furthericip-thought-boxkig to insertional (believe of or believe against, oppressional mental resistan, child emulational on screen (recipient, blanketing, receiptI)
    (polarity, apartic/aparted split distan)
    -subjectiveness point of accurate over another or attribute height of factual to point in inter-combative span elevationals [platem-to grouping forwarding, perceptional, nervity, opunscious reflection to ticem (thought lacing) of standing accurate] a combativeness to debate of being worthy of other the other (resistance /struggle el.o-aparsional)

    Receptinal copy and resistan alleviatory :
    [spanning into argumentatives; further] inter-rotating sy-believability, to intellectinal of one over another and complimentary' to or adherance to humane of an under subject or standing up for; combativeness of thought-insiant-forwarding fractions (medium) of recognitions assigned in key to persons mental adherance or believe and adjustment

    Lieviance to inter-graphical-focal-aspectual-boxing-reactional-sia.manst-thought-strinct-sytromec.

    Disruptional-point-ambient-rognisis (cognition barrial)


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