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Dr Dre's Past Reflects Back To Haunt Him Into Death-like Fear - A Music Brainwashable Standard - | Australian News and Analysis Dr Dre's Past Reflects Back To Haunt Him Into Death-like Fear - A Music Brainwashable Standard - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Sunday 23 August 2015

    Dr Dre's Past Reflects Back To Haunt Him Into Death-like Fear - A Music Brainwashable Standard

    We all knew it, its just a fact women abuse has come to life as being wrong, does not matter your standing - its a battle you can not win not matter how many excuses even your rap entails -

    Most of these old rappers designed their music as brain-washable excusant points for their life-living traits, it's just not going to 'hold up'-

    What were these rappers up to that we already knew ?

    Sodomising women abusively and murdering the opposing enemies gang-state - which simply reflects on themselves like an elevational mirror, furthering their own abusive state of living.

    How hard are these Kings of Rap ? - Depends if you believe sexually power abusive over a women's vulnerable sexual repression in sexual momentary is something you want to believe is an acceptable standard, if you believe being attracted to vulnerable infliction of a women or sexual pain is acceptable, most likely you would be in tendanncies to rationalise your own life abusive reflective structure.

    The Brainwashing Standard of Rap : Memory of music 'making you aspire, delusive brainwashing height rap of the nature actually helps you circumference getting by or did, or you simply aspire to deathly naturalism's of living in un-recognising stupidity of own traits and it helps you excel in some way, to be hard of body, to be the tough-guy (child-like movie portrayals of toughness or roughness of nature, dreaming state/belief state of weakness or drug like delusive of mental clarity; to hit back at your persecution-)
    Premise: Learning construction/constructive of thought on learning connecting; designed re-attributing and re-attributing to the persons pains and cinematic/theatrical examplification at a fantasia descriptive' language' height. To inflict and relieve the infliction, creating a premise of greater than and in span of learning construct-ability on listener, to impact in cinematic/kinetics on the minds belief and dream state.

    Many children suffer this fate even in this current day and age, which the power' delusive' of the music reflects and impacts right through to adulthood behavioural' and attributing of behavioural's.

    The known gangster like movements ; sidewards smiling, attributing movementations into styling of how perceived, hat on backwards, horror blackening clothing, styling of movements into effectiveness/reflectiveness/restrictiveness of surrounding perspective and deprivate of; are furthered formed traiting behavioural adaptiveness in defensive to experienced/memorability reflective/self-reflection [traumatisation frictive span leveling] adaptiveness/deceptiveness- to; and to adapt to perceived or how perceived in others eyes and control of in length/life of how perceived and going to be perceived, also defensiveness to how treated in law in regarding- behavioural adaptiveness/deceptionary- [pretense: fear reflectiveness] Perceived behavioural tribulation, styling of movementary, to assert/insert of a rougher nature (traumatic elevates, manipulative cohesive on thought formatory) dressing styling (child standardisations : dressing up for others) perceived of rough/tough clothing or hair appearances [appeal/obedience to women /attraction of sex) -sly/distractive/deceptive of perceived appearances, to control another's vision/visionary resolve - nerve/fear incitement of the weaker than the subject, movie/music imagery portrayal of behaviourals (re-assertive naturism, sensory deprivate)-

    -Reflective of own fear /to re-attribute to perceived nerve /public surrounding persceptive -alleviate uses - reflective behvaiourals to attributive of others perceptives for self-alleviate - revolvement of fear insightment  (instinctualite span of recognition)

    These rappers were all the same and little has changed for them; elongated' spanning learning' constructions' or excusive alleviates to naturism's of living - to impacting on a span to stay covered with law ethnicity or persecutive against, to examplification of the premise that there is much more to their story and the law is keeping certain factors away from the rationality of the standard officer engagement and to not told of classificationary height, how to adapt to and how to sing to be vocal in their music to not be at trouble or faulting or fault within what they example.

    Simply of course it related to you; it is all about you- yes, sadly you are abusive as well.


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