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Submussion Alleviancy Standards of Nerve-Sensitive and Awareness - Mental Health - | Australian News and Analysis Submussion Alleviancy Standards of Nerve-Sensitive and Awareness - Mental Health - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Friday 23 October 2015

    Submussion Alleviancy Standards of Nerve-Sensitive and Awareness - Mental Health

    Mental Health's standard mistreatment/miscaluclation of intellect due to thinking they are at above of patient- (psychological of thought of being of mind readability of above patient)

    Falsely diagnose the intellect level - nothing may be wrong with you, awareness can be treated as illness and here is why:
    These medications will destroy/damage nerve-sensitive and nerve-sensitive-instrinctment, false attributes for every element (psycho-factoring of thought processes in narrowed attribute form, dissect of thought process being of narrowed interview formatory) -of thought process and behaviourals -expected of to be sub-dued/submussion to nothingness (impairing your very intellectual capability /awareness)
    Of fear resonate' ; intensifies the nerve instrinctment focal point of objectivity/awareness - 'Nerve-sensitive-reactive' simply.

    Psychiatry is often wrong of course, 'awareness'.
    To be on point with nerve awareness's - until these miscalculating of unawareness of vital factoring of psycho-connectics 'agents of darkness' treat your intellect as attributing illness.
    Mental health medication/submussives/sedatives will destroy the thought awareness to nerve-sensitive level - 'awareness of another's nerves' and the patients fear/nerve reactive/adaption to;
    (connectivity between nerves in opposing of communicants in interviewing)

    Many factors exist among luminescence/diluscency of thinking of oneself as greater for self-ensnarement/assurance (a common standard of impaired learning; common of self-manipulations among cognitive distance created through submussion and restrainment's in hospitaisation's itself and the forced acceptance of; learning impairment standards of thought actuality) among how treated and knowledge/known's of how mental has progressed of be it be incapacitated/impaired (awareness of submussion/tiredness/energy level itself and inability of;) -on or as attempts to be treated or of fairness under system oppression or systematic attributes of endless/continuous form of justifications//judgement/assignments (psycho factoring of thought with often emotionless/UN-empathatic perspectives and actioned by Psychiatrists resulting in psycho-factoring of narrowed attribute form) -and hopeless of patient /trauma of the actual of how treated and adaptive's '/memory of captives' resulting of patient stance/standing.

    Mistreatment standards.
    A standard of mistreating those seemingly with anxiety/paranoia - when the factual is these very fearful/nerve-reacting's are of an awareness level - an intellect level. (it adds to mis-diagnosis among illusive behaviourals often formed from treatment and restraints/restrictions employed against; and of nerve /dillusive of these sedative/submussion agents prescribed  /luscency commons of subduing the person or persons mental clarity. [a common place and assigned placement of sleeplessness]

    In-accurateness /luscent of aggravate - the standard of fear for future through thought height of delusive of mental and stability 
    (submussion causing anxieties /instabilities /frustrate - 'forceful' sedative submussion) 
    Acceptance point of oppression sedation/tranquillisation forced upon in hospitalisation's treatment standards in non-recognises (acceptance/submussion point reached seen as improvement in patient though is in actual lack of awareness/memory/calculation ability itself)

    A standard of patients are given these anti-psychotics 'sedative/submussive' agents till the oppression/submussion is forced upon and they appear to be improved due to removing awareness/calculation/memory itself - the standard is simply 'of ill of learning itself - instinctual standards of mental health (they falsely see as improvement) long term the submussion becomes a required, a need to de-elevate mental conscious height as a continued need to conscious submussion itself and psychological need/distinctiveness/addictive to be of the perceived need/standard in patients eyes, a common need to submuse oneself [normalisation of point itself of the need as an alleviancy, an addictive to the point of mental /mentality (conscious exist) created at the level of normality that becomes furthered into being of the norm itself ] -

    Social impairment in conversations standards; to the other in communication often resolving in the attributed medication weakness/in-functionality seen and behaviourals of luscent implications of perceptive's of another [to continuously often attribute to being of lesser or not of trustful or truthfulness's] Socially degrading furthering are the common standards of mental health and revolving back onto interviewing reflective of seen attributed mental health diagnosis. [continuous re-attributing focus in interviewing momentarium resolute/revolving always back on mental flaw aspectual's and furthering treat-ability itself and through nerve-engagement of psychiatrist analysis]

    Psychological-layering standards of mental health and medium of submussion/submission as mental collapse' centred through the individual among this; (tranquilisation of forcefulness /abusive-of-thought [inter-confliction of conscious/aware height] amongst the anti-psychotics elemental of electro-intensification, electrificution of transmission/transmit)  [electrificution/traumatisational-frictive (transmussional) among submussion of sedative agents used in anti-psychotics]
    (psychology revolve)

    This is sickening mistreatment by Psychiatrists of intellect levels - 'nerve-sensitive-awareness' - common mistreatment because of their lack of knowledge in the field of psycho-connections - [to treat reflective-nerve-awareness]

    Psychological attributing plausible - psychological voiding - psychological; directional psychology/directive psychology.

    A system where its common for awareness of nerves of another and height of intellectual readability of nerves - to be held account as a reflective resolving/resolute standard; reading into nerve/fright-reflective/sensitive of fear awareness's, in momentarium of psycho-analysis is aggravated then forwardly treated as illness.


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