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Education - A directing' Failure of The Child's Mind Abilities. - | Australian News and Analysis Education - A directing' Failure of The Child's Mind Abilities. - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Monday 10 August 2015

    Education - A directing' Failure of The Child's Mind Abilities.

    Usually, puberty starts between ages 8 and 13 in girls and ages 9 and 15 in boys. This wide range in ages may help explain why some of your friends still look like young kids whereas others look more like adults.

    Schooling is designed to train those of learning, teaching methods are a learning instruct-able.

    Everything faced in schooling impacts on your life in reflectivity - the girl's you were attracted to will be faced over your years in mind regardless of is a formed rebelling against them not liking you and jealous re-inhibitions (confronting of thought' about them being with another) or you later either associate with them or separate, there are many forms to this.

    Hormonal instinction/distinctiveness reflects psychtro-trancement of attributing and what the mind attributes to and can inflict or deprivate a surrounding. (author is realistic, there is nothing positive about children having sex with children in actuality) 

    The childhood to adult common love drama
    1:) You form hate because they did not like you in schooling, and it stays with you with no acceptance later that this is just the way the cookie crumbles

    2:) You later associate with them 1:) goes wrong 2:) you gain their love 3:) you end up in jail 4:) it goes wrong and you move on 5:) it works at first and later goes wrong leading to emotional heartbreak and often crime 6:) you associate under pain of them not liking you and 1:) either accept 2:) it goes wrong.

    3:)  You live your life under pain and leads to formations of thought of abusive naturisms, two forms to this 1:) You resolve your issues with subject 2:) You stay mentally traumatised (confliction of thought on self)

    4:) This is the correct method - you be of acceptance, you like, but will not pressure the issue, you know its an issue but you accept its their decision and try to help if needed, to accept it is one way perhaps and you just accept that is the way the cookie crumbles, to know you are not the only subject of this - it happens all the time heartbreak. You accept its ok to be passionate towards them even live your life accordingly.

    -Schooling environmentals

    In school children target each other in thought, the form usually ways to attract the other to various degree's, these days it is usually who is of harder nature (who is cool, who is tough, who is a tough cool) - kids learn to manipulate amongst this, to show the other you are of state of not-caring when really are passionate towards the other, usually this is just hormonal lusting - to want sexual contact. There are different angles to how to ploy the other, will not mention them all as I feel its not helpful.

    Children are at guilt of their hormones, they are controlled by their hormones, they want to intersect another in this, this can also be formed from early childhood dramatisations against (in girls, adorability, babying, the doll) (in boys often rough toy natures, cars, fire engines and often war) a female child learns to love oneself, to love another girl, where as a boy will at early ages be discusted with another boy - females have stronger awareness to a high degree in this - to be of sensitivity. How you are treated in childhood both girls and boys, effects the span of schooling and reflects further - a learning subjection, to reverberate on the mind, to self-inflict of own thought processing in length (the minds greatness) 

    Children are a reflective subjection on society - realistically they are subjected by many adults (seen in adult magazines being of a formatory towards cuteness, (barley legal type magazines) children realistically are those of subjection to a span, this can be seen in constant of crimes committed against them (often even love for them forms against themselves, in strict obeisances/obedience and punishment protocol - abuse) I am not going to tell you your children are not safe, but realistically in actual subjection against them, they are not safe in slightest - 'learning instructionals' - everything around a child impacts on their learning, with kids subjecting kids around them to further subject themselves - a reflective psychtro-entrancement span exists in this.

    The most targeted children are those who are of beauty or a reflective beauty to others - to be of accomplishment in 'cool' or be of good looking naturisms or behavioural's itself. Those kids who attract the most, are usually those who engage in sexual misconduct the most in schooling, its rarely the perceived ugly that find a girlfriend, its rarely the shy that find a girlfriend or those of being scared - this works in leveling, those of appearances of a finest perception (good looking) reflect into this subjection on oneself from this impact (psychtro-engagement-furthering) this further learning instructs them into being of compliance to the formed wishes, treated as such forms to be of in learning instrumental span over lengths in schooling.

    Usually the most targeted are blondes that are good looking by other children, in this blondes have the most awareness regardless of either represses the subjection into themselves (either traumatisations impact against, or manipulations against inflicting self-respression) a blonde child of appeal in behaviourals or formed into being of a coolness, are subject to psychtro-manipulative-elevatives, being targeted of perceived as a constant and are the subject of attraction and this reflects in their thought and amongst a span with furthering 'psychtro-manipulative-enhancibilities'. Blondes are also the most capable at war in this.

    [the note: the author has a history with these recognitions in schooling, but it was use against him through technological manipulations]

    The education system itself reflects these hormonal changes to an almost sickening degree, a lot of kids are more of concernment with sexual attractives and sexual instinctual connections from hormonal changes [production and constant changes to hormones effecting behaviours] the victimised or those of not appealing nature, further decline into subjection from others, the weak are attacked in this by the supposed strong natured, though factual reality is those of furthered not-appeal or those of a extent of furthering decline [weakness, victmised persceptive traumatisation] are those most likely to be of helping nature, usually these kids become the excelling to achieve well in life (if not of certain recognitions any ways, depends of the victimised grasping and learned of information base-) kids are attracted to war and fighting - they are brainwashed by a coolness of this in TV and movies, the movies and music we are not allowed or is seen by parenting to be not allowed or accepting, becomes a fascinite, this reflects right through to adults (with some adults never snapping out of childhood problems, a need to dress up of persceptive hardness/toughness or engage in crime also formed from learning span in childhood) how one is treated in learning inflictions surrounding and against, forms adulthood behavioural's. A needed stance, a need to be of intellect, a need to mock, and various other traits (countless degree's of)

    -health and nutritional vitalities also play a huge part in learning processing ability as we all already know- 

    -child fear/fright instructionals on self reflection is common in schooling, seems a bit of misguidance on this issue realistically, instead of teaching or training the impacting itself, to further or lift learning in furthering resolves.

    Conclusion of aparted educational direction failure :
    The one thing this author does not agree with with education, is the directional learning, to exact the necessary is to inflict often the opposite of relief into opposing, it fails to give any psychological actuality in learning all together, a direct learning without educating on the premise of why they are learning - there is simply massive failure in this directional learning in this. The children simply would excel to higher degree's if grasped the behaviour and why they learn in first place, it would teach and further learning to a higher reflective degree and sexually abusive characterism would simply not be so common place among with many other negative traits seen in children. A failure to understand at premise the childhood belief system in teachers, to understand that children are more intelligent in learning than adults themselves, babying is a negative common directional education placement, this is known as 'directive psychology or psychologies' - learning educational psychologies that revolve into submission on mind and ability of mind to grasp or understand to higher degree's or recognitions/recognites/re-cognitions of furthering adaptives [an impacting barrier of learning ability in the child] the current system instructs, without recognition of instructing and grasping of - prevents an adaption to furtherance. Reflective re-engagement in own belief system is probably the strongest self-flictive learning method that can be and is simply not demonstrated in schooling, furthermore re-attributing negative resolve span through positive enlightenment re-enforcement in this and instructionals of; is probably the strongest factoring of learning we can provide. 

    Direct instructing -  reverbation between actually and outer viewing angles. To teach directly, perspective viewing angle. A reflective flow of spatial distancing between actually in most even at early ages - focus acuity level.

    Preferable Training Methodism :
    Psychotropic-reflective-positive-engaging /engagement ; Psycho-reflective-re-engagement-attributing ; Sensitiviti-refracturement-engagement-inextractment-instrumentalisation ; sensitivity-engagment-refractive-alleivati ; sensitivity-refractive-occurrence-instrumentalisations ; renationalisation-occuring-resolute-re-engagement ; sensationalist-occuring-resolute-re-engagement ; sensationalistic-occuring-resolute-re-engagement  ; refractive-illuminating-lumini ; ( re-occurring-fear-alleviations - non-concurrance-alleviati ) etc.- science standard : 'non-cognition-learning-refractive-alleviate ; non-cognition-learning-refractive-alleviation - alienating premise: non-cognitive-reactivate-alleviati -etc.

    Simplification : levitating-re-engagement, alleviating re-engagement ; -etc.

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