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    Sunday 1 March 2015

    Twitch : An Individual Gone Public

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    Repeating self or re-affirming because of how current channel/users perception may be on what you have spoken, fear about reactions of viewers, fear of viewer misunderstanding, these are just some of the common problems faced by casting to public.

    Your nerves are amplified when you have people watching typically, this is also seen to a certain extent by viewers to some degree.

    Talking to self for own feeling of insecurities about various things spoken or ways acted on camera,  often mistaken for speaking directly to viewers when often thoughts of caster pass off of viewers, so awareness of viewers and their listening and perceptions, becomes vague or faded in parts, and as the mind tends to do, the caster wanders apart from viewers from time to time, the caster often becoming 'awake/aware' again and using self control to join the stream again so to speak with avoiding trying to show it in some cases. Nerves provide a need to explain self often in details, often correcting oneself or verbally lowering self images or perceptions (in this it is noticeable to some viewers)

    -the differences between how much a caster thinks their viewer will understand, and how much a viewer may perceive the caster or room to interpret themselves operate on different levels. The users specifically as a whole interpret generally far more about the caster than the caster perceives to be understood (a whole room covering more thoughts than the single caster and generally beyond casters complete comprehension of what may be understood or perceived)

    You can achieve on Twitch, your weaknesses and mistakes even becoming someone else's understanding or perceptive of understanding (commonality) from nerves reacting keeping your own speaking continuing, an almost childlike fear reaction to what users may have thought about your last statement or verbal spoken.

    Some casters will use different types of alleviations from this, to alleviate themselves to their own thoughts of what may be the current thoughts of those watching, camera fright and reactions, often playing with hair, to drinks while on air even be it water , though alcohol or other things are often used with thoughts they calm or help with stream, but perhaps in some cases may be causing bad vibes in-fact, each individuals coping mechanisms and coping mechanisms to amount of perceived users being different. Generally it takes longer to associate or feel commonalities with caster to some extent when the caster is drinking alcohol or perhaps on drugs (a hidden under-culture of using drugs on Twitch without showing it exist to help the caster themselves with their own nerves or their perception is helps to some extent or calms, or delusions that form into things being better or greater than may actually be as drugs can form)

    Most casters exercise cautiousness, as calm as casters remain even once maintain higher viewers counts, what is said will always be very important to the caster, it generally expands importance of what was said in to viewers according to the casters knowledge of their own reach - the thoughts of how important something being spoken can also be perceived to certain extents by majority of viewers. What is said maintains a level of understanding, an understanding of the casters current thoughts, even if the individual or viewer may not be able to directly recognise this, or in themselves.

    Most maintain some level of uncomfortability while holding attention of viewers to some extent, this can also be seen in needs to speak, or needs to be modest on what spoken, this vulnerability furthers into needs to joke around in some cases or be playful, to assign comedic value on oneself.

    How the caster perceives 'more than one' thing spoken, example: a few sentences or more spoken, can awake the caster to do better in themselves, or improve or change or action behaviour, or in some cases point out what they were thinking exactly to form closeness to viewers, this varies with individual caster.

    Twitch fulfills a need for attention on some level for many, to be known or perhaps even based from their life or events or even schooling or inattention on them, use it to fulfill their need formed from this for attention, or be known to some extent, many forming into their actual reach being exaggerated or judgement of clouded for various reasons, like the Twitch community, reach and viewers has little affect for most casters in general public realistically. -this is mainly due to gaming circles and followers being seen as typically niche to some regard from those not associated or with knowledge of the parts to gaming in general.

    Differentiating thought plateau between chat room and caster  - room being of submissive to caster, a need to show appreciating and in many cases of female casters love towards without 'specifying' - a constant of avoiding being of forwarding or truthful/bluntness - example : to sample the caster, to show to extents they mean something - (unless out proving a point or do not like something)

    Things to remember when casting:


    Avoid glorifying oneself: 

    It is not the majority attitude on twitch, the chats forming needs to be intelligent and knowing (games played hold some value for this this and current game being played)

    Avoid correcting yourself all the time:

    It will not gain trust.

    As much as you need to be there for your viewers:

    At same time separate yourself, direct interaction on everything will often lead to problems, maintain a professional but respectable distance or you will become tangled in negative chat problems faced.

    Do not directly attack viewers when casting even if they misbehave in some way:

    This will in general form negative perceptions instead of friendly, let mods handle it,  some may like this side of you but generally there is no need to put weak arguments to air and directly pin-pointing someone is a closeness and downing of a person you should not risk or risk airing to public as can further problems for the user as well in some cases.


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