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Ferguson: Awaiting the Heavy Hand - | Australian News and Analysis Ferguson: Awaiting the Heavy Hand - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Friday, 13 March 2015

    Ferguson: Awaiting the Heavy Hand

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    This situation is continuous, unless they lock up all the protesters what else is there to do, the situation gains its own viral ground, appealing to the 'mistreated' or those that find unfair justice for various reasons.

    Recently it was said that a few police have stood down, increased level of threat to them when dealing with a situation with a base that is be it against them, often thinking about their risk to their families, they are directly in this instance seen as the problem, highlighting specific officers when they are focused on doing their job. - public and media height in this situation is focused directly on them in such ways, when normal crimes in media are somewhat disconnected from this level of impact and awareness on them.

    On the other hand you have videos spreading that seemingly show police with the very attitude that these protesters an advocates are standing up against, even police killing seemingly with almost excessive force, though this is actually the typical situation for reaching for a gun for example 
    (providing reaching for a gun was actually true, video angle and clarity was not so easy to tell) though this situation has amplified as a direct result, the protesters know they 'hold stance', pin-pointing even specific officers - 'attrition', using even the media as a tool for efforts.

    A heightened support for change of ways of dealing with criminal type behaviour, no wonder why as well, locking up and forgetting about the individual while the person often once jailed spending beyond considered human ethical time in captive tiny environments that are so restrictive that the person is left simply closer to torture rather than rehabilitation like suggested, often for a very common life of drugs etc., which is simply a need to alleviate to some extent, relief for a persons particular troubles in such ways.

    Sometimes law do go far in particular with 'force-discipline' attitudes and may even be reason going back even 60 years or even 100 for this over-heavy handed response to discipline for bad actions, adding one law on top of another with little adaptions on the base of law itself even ghosting laws which were just outright unethical at a time long ago

    Do not doubt prisons are inhumane and psychologically damaging to a person especially over time regardless of crime committed, the person having to adapt directly to limitations and excessively designed restrictions in an environment formed from every possible angle used of those that go wrong under such conditions (close every avenue on every prisoner for the few that take advantage), a stone-cold environment that goes beyond what is humane treatment of prisoners in this day and age, often creating further crimes from captive abuses itself as a person has to accept and adapt to animal like environments, amplified reliance's and appreciations are just a couple of mental adaptions of individuals to such captivity  - realistically animals in zoo's have more space and are treated far better obviously with some level of care instead of often these 'assailant-type' prison officer attitudes.

    People fighting for a better system is not a bad thing obviously, though when talking about cops being killed, 'humans' being killed, it is obviously going too far.

    For every person that goes too far and ends up in jail over protesting too far and is then 'streamed' in media to a 'mass' public, another supporter is gained somewhere as something appeals to them and the chance of hitting a supporter when spreads this far in world or western news, another mistreated demands their form of change in system applying to the person based on own event/s that connects with them, it can span reach obviously outside of US to some extent as well. - a need for change for better.

    It will have to be stopped somehow, unlikely people are going to cease on this need for better departmental justices.

    Some Stray Thoughts: Perhaps Obama's campaign did not help situation, this 'change' was 'mass' perceived and many other formations of needs to change, even in places like India fighting to prevent rape, gay rights in Russia, reporters held in Egypt, to combating terrorist ideals - a mass need to be more than the sum of your parts has formed, 'fairness'.

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