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Sydney's Dumbest Teen (not) Found - | Australian News and Analysis Sydney's Dumbest Teen (not) Found - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Sunday, 15 March 2015

    Sydney's Dumbest Teen (not) Found

    Sydney's Dumbest Teen Depiction Image


    Really ? Sydney's dumbest teen ? Or Sydney's most easy to manipulate victim ?

    Probably should of been seen to as an act against the teen, not spreading the media tentacles to assign a teen as being 'dumb' , here is why.

    Well this is going to make them a lot better obviously, spreading dumb' as their new stand point, 'the dumbest teen'.

    Not to mention if this teen is simply dumb which is obviously blind avoidance of all subject factors necessary - hormones raging, growing, drugs or alcohol on early minds, to schools being down right quite image based environments influenced heavily by pop idols and heavier attitude influences etc. (rap music, movies to killing games) -susceptibility to influences.

    I also wonder about the specific convincing methods used obviously, and ability of the teen set on fire to be able to make up own mind, there was obviously many other factors in play, setting yourself on fire in this way is not an individual decision, its a furthered 'acting-out' with friends and 'needs to highlight self', be it even from how the person perceives themselves, attention seeking really, though most likely re-enforced convincing methods were used, or even be it distraction points used, perhaps even going as far as this individual 'was already the mock of the party' with people noticing someone vulnerable while drinking and took advantage of them, or played on vulnerabilities noticed, to even make themselves stand out (..not uncommon)

    Imagine the after affects on the teen, not only realises how stupid was when drunk, but is now labelled with obviously a somewhat socially impacting negative perception when is obviously stated is - 'a teen'. These things can form in unusual ways, even be it this teen being somewhat responsible even actioned on him after by various groups, when in-fact - the situation was probably manipulative enticement into committing the action while impaired to some extent.

    It's just a matter of perspective really, how you address or perceive these incidents and your grasp of events surrounding - through another's eyes.

    If this teen encouraged it on himself is not the point, burning ones own flesh is simply not a rational decision, blatant disregard for many other factors and events leading obviously, including being a party, possible impairments of all kinds, social encouragement's can play a huge part in these things.


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