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    Friday, 20 March 2015

    Sia, A Darker Advantage

    Maddie Ziegler
    [Image snapshot taken from 'Sia - Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler' on YouTube]

    Maddie Ziegler. Stated as the most famous 12 year old in world, perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

    An example above of thoughts current standings on 'Sia - Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video)' 

    How exactly is a 12 year old in a rather revealing bodysuit, being somewhat flirtatious or acted out romance, or attachment of kinds to a rather old male that is half naked not a bit off  ?

      Nothing wrong with that ?

    This commenter was far off the mark obviously and I will explain why.

    This song was produced to display the body of someone so young in revealing poses, that is not in dispute, both 'Chandelier' and its apparent sequel have gone to great lengths to display the body in such a way regardless of it being a dancing form, they were certainly aware of the reach when produced this desired affect, knowing it would be somewhat controversial. (which helps songs go viral to some extent and that is certainly calculated as such)

    I will state I love the art form of this dancing, it brings back memories of 'over-energetic' mental health patients dancing around in wards...No seriously, I will admit this eccentric energetic style of dancing is new to me and I found her to be very talented and intriguing to watch.

    So has there been any calculation of using a child in a body suit dancing to 'attract' viewers ?

    Maddie Ziegler Image
    Maddie Ziegler

    Comments seem to be basically saying something along the lines of it being a play, the child being older Sia or something or rather (metaphoric representation) Regardless it is a 12 year old girl dancing with a much older male, of course that is somewhat inappropriate, a normal dance club would generally not put such difference in ages together for obvious reasons that number.

    An example of comments on both videos :

    Above comment has a bit of underlying nature to it obviously, observations of dancing a little bit too focused in context of comment - inability and questioning own feelings probably formed from some form of guilt, hence questionable of themselves.

    Very direct, but many comments are similar. Many express this kind of bluntness to 'distract' or form needs to be perceived as being somewhat normal, when many comments are simply almost dark nature. This particular comment actually expresses that to him this may be seen as child porn, which is a strange need to assert self when apparently hated song but decided needed to comment, a user with a darker life most likely.

    Use of distractions are very common, stating the focus point, to distract from the point itself. 'SkyDemon' ... Simply alleviation mind trick. Most likely own thoughts strayed somewhat if not entirely on to body of the young girl, and this may have been his 'correction' - furthered guilt formations or needs to state against to possibly distract or alleviate oneself in certain regard.

    Use of uncertainty, thought out follow on reactions or comments of other users "idk like 30 year old man' - Questioning if this is right to herself, somewhat underlying tones. Over-expressed use of referring to self 'I would find this uncomfortable' - seems whole comment was planned to some extent or thought about previously. Use of full-stops after 'uncomfortable' is a text mind trick, to avoid negative responses that follow, also may have been used to insight 'her self being the dancer, or the perception she wants to achieve' [language barriers can be difficult to interpret though, and obviously I am picking apart text - to give somewhat examples, I am not suggesting any of these people's comments are dangerous in any way, this is very common behaviour online]

    An obviously over-zealous fan, the music and dancing to fit being somewhat impacting and formed his need to defend, hopefully not for wrong reasons (appeal, sexuality, body - a formed compulsion perhaps to defend the young girl out of 'appeal' in somewhat overly defensive manner, misguided protection) 'listen with your heart' : somewhat clouded by the songs affect itself, be it designed to form that very appreciation, needs through feeling of sadness and power and elevations and decreases of - emotional height, predicted thought outcomes through wordplay)


    These songs have formed an outcry of particularly seeming to sexualise a child in some light regard.

    Obviously this somewhat unknown to general public use of dancing, an over-energetic child in body suit, would form attractions from wrong crowd's, these very needs to passionately defend the song, may even be furthered adaption to the individuals own thoughts.

    The fact is many comments are suggestive in ways of unusual needs to comment in specific ways. 

    This song mainly targets teen girls naturally who want to be just like her, an image of somewhat passionate dancing reflective of emotional states and power that appeals, obviously a link is formed in thoughts of a sexual desire to these needs of - over-expression.

    But the fact is the underlying perception is somewhat simply a 'Child's butt' or body; regardless of how clean your thoughts are, the body suit stands out as obviously looking somewhat naked, which obviously should not really be allowed to be used in such a fashion, especially when it was probably thought out by producers to have these reactions and height for a darker viral ability. (it would of obviously been considered simply with a 12 year old in body suit looking somewhat naked)

    Love the song, hate what it may breed or create. 
    (those that say it is just dancing, a child in a bodysuit moving in that regard is, or was not really that common knowledge unless you have dealt with dancing in some regard before. (general populous unaware)

    Considering most of the planet gets off with their sexual partners with somewhat attraction to vulnerabilities, these songs are great, but possibly intentions during production were somewhat disturbing.

    Note: The comment images displayed in this post and comments relating to, are Examples Only, and may not be accurate reflection on the users behind comments shown.


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