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    Tuesday, 17 February 2015

    Domesticated Domination

    'Domestic abuses are a real problem, and statistically a common crime

    perceived by authorities to points of plague, perhaps yes to points where it is

    seen as 'general' or a 'generalisation' by courts'

    -To want to input fear and control of a situation, the person's solid ground, arguments

    elevating causing frictions in moment leading to anger and a general heated rage.

    - To assert power over someone, force obedience, or simply arguments overtime

    that form dislikes of certain behaviour or traits in another -compulsive hates or

    thoughts, /memory impacts (that impact for various reasons; experiences and events)

    that can be further actioned or build up till actioned.

    -The assailant feeling insecure (about various things) this can overlay

    [attention to, focus on issues or furthered feelings of oppression]-hence the

    moment becomes [greater than] or overlays a thoughtless reaction/action -

    generally each raised argument spoken weakening perspective as whole through

    fear or [trauma] -verbal impacts.

    - Feeling out of control, which leads to attempting to gain control - The

    assailant sometimes being given 'verbal stabs' or so it appears to them, when in

    fact it may be in normaility; a normal level of interaction (that can further 

    and cloud next verbal interaction) (this can be caused by altered perceptions

    from drugs and various other things;reality state, viewing angle, focus angles,

    point to point perspective, and generally raised conversational and elevation

    of mind states to points where judgment on reactions are clouded)

    -Time normalises all things, your everyday routines if do not have a main task

    like work for example, more active generally things normalise at slower pace.

    This happens in the interactions around us as well, when the persons viewing

    angle narrows,  point-to-point perceptions and perspectives (either consciously or

    somewhat subconscious) become faded through various means. - Awareness exists

    in levels, often these assailants themselves possess a narrowed perspective hence

    forming bad judgements and actions.

    -Your surrounding space normalises over time as well,

    depending on how active you are ; expanding your world, and this works with leveling.

    Normalisation of daily routine can affect how you feel about what you are doing also

    through a 'plain repetitiveness' almost sadness, the person is furthered with thoughts to

    adapt their perceived behaviour to others, alleviation to points of emulating certain

    characteristics in music and TV for example (portray, emulation, aspire, idolize) and

    can form into general reliance's that span. Though staying in house and getting out

    very little can actually benefit with perceiving the world as an 'impressionable - new''

    so normalisation of outside space in this holds less value, though can conflict with

    behaviour or affect the person in other ways as well - in a smaller environment or

    surrounding space the person generally is more focused but excessive time spent in

    smaller spaces can conflict mentally or psychologically in negative ways.

    -People typically live in states or be it paths that disable them from seeing 'a wider

    world' or 'bigger picture', work consumes as significant distraction period in many

    cases and simply voids a different picture be it responsibility to current system of

    work ethics (ect.) , a person lives to large extent unaware of their surroundings when

    'focusing in' on other issues (international holidays only counting for a significantly

    small portion of awareness in this), only till you think or re-think about where you are

    do you gain some small level of understanding but even this is not detailed

    understanding. Fairly normal occurrences like relationship arguments can affect

    how you perceive surrounding space and when conversation escalates focus increases

    on the subject matter, you become further from understanding 'the whole' -

    having to stay attentive on the argument.

    -Generally we exist to large extent in fearful states, nerves are current in even things

    like conversations as much as most will not admit (ability to recognise), how you will

    be perceived to the other person, how can I adapt my speaking to such, some just learn

    to use self-manipulation to overcome their nerves combined with be it drugs or

    medications which displace reality states to an extent (forming needs to 'react' which

    is basically a paranoid trait, various other, even reactive by slight intelligence

    complexes) verbal impacts keep people 'reactive' to most part, even be it on 'edge' ,

    and this is generally typical of normal communication  between people as much as

    a person rises to these moments.(fear adaption to own nerves to some degree)

    -Most maintain a distance from the effective world (their global regions and events)

    the only links people maintain to governing height (be it military, politics, war, etc. -

    the world) are through written text (social media imagery and text etc.), TV, audio

    forms, teaching (schools, eduction, work) etc., the general public is distanced

    from the world as there is no direct source or learning through experience of this.

    -People stretch and weaken especially if they are not fit or eating well and

    various medications and non-natural elements even be it pollutants can affect

    stability in body and mind, (can diminish  physical self or drain energies or

    create certain fatigues that affect whole thought rationality) etc., awareness

    is subject to persons level of thought acuity or thought functionality - plateaus

    exist of awareness, often what is thought to be aware of even 'many things or

    angles' can also be not aware or just one bit of information amongst many

    similar, when may of been thoughts (or actioned) of others being less relevant.

    -These relationship domestics keep themselves alive by often both the victim and

    the assailant sharing a need for hormonal release, and can further into sexual

    domination, to enjoy sexual power or affecting the person to points of sexual

    harm or forcefulness to prey or focus on weakness, reactions or vulnerabilities, often

    once introduced to these traits the victim can form similar sexual traits for

    instance 'being sexually abused or sexual underpowered in comparison'.

    -Sometimes it is thought by assailant that he was the victim in situation for

    certain reasons (usually judgement clouded perhaps, even by typically against

    events etc.) It even goes through courts sometimes with the assailant showing

    they have changed as a natural display towards authority and complying with the

    power of authority seemingly, but in back of mind they were as the mind tends

    to do (reliance's, convincing self) ;that the victim was deserving even be it in

    some narrowed way, even having the thoughts 'they were deserving I just can

    not explain'  or 'I am actually innocent, regret my actions but it was not my fault

    or  there was 'more to it''.

    *like stretching too high for the individual's current capacity to explain in detail, or be it

    under circumstances with law that evolve and impacts on person.

    -Sex has formed into this need for as far to say even a 'mass' of general

    public, it is rarely a 'true love', it is probably closer to saying darkest

    desires based on thoughts in sexual moments - sex magazines being generally

    younger bodies that sell sex, a need to sexually over-power the innocent image

    or fair body, or analyse weakness or reactions, and this is reflected in many

    attitudes even when not expressed verbally.

    -The assailant in court is left speaking of angles, defensive angles that may

    have even have been true based on actions, but may not be the actual thoughts

    that caused the action (for example, you think about things constantly, one

    thought or memory is not the whole situation, one thought is singular in a chain

    of thoughts -calculate | though court is restricting in information you can provide

    any ways, even be it to 'perhaps' many cases ; The System of fairness itself in

    some cases, becomes unfair processing of many, and an individual's awareness

    or knowledge (some events may not know about) can control the persons fate be

    it unjustly)

     (sometimes own minds limitations could cause this, past awareness over

    heightened overlays -memory etc, and medications (various other chemicals

    introduced to system) which affect thought functionality in any' way)


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