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    Friday, 20 March 2015

    The Dr Goebbels Of Economic Policy

    The Dr Goebbels Of Economic Policy
    'The Dr Goebbels Of Economic Policy' said Tony Abbott to Bill Shorten.

    Concentration and focus on what you are saying can be impacted by surrounding events, especially in decision making for the mass, like in Parliament.

    Heated debates can affect ability to think before you speak [from nervous reactions and noticing of, to verbal impacts]

    Focus ability is weak in most people, ability to be able to think before speak is not always accurate grasping or calculating of impact.

    The fact is politicians are on edge; from politicians in Parliament.

    Your spoken verbals, even a slight comment, can be taken negatively by media and public - obviously it stretches far overboard - let those who never make verbal mistakes like this, throw the first stone simply.

    You simply can not always say everything perfectly, focus is certainly nowhere near an 100% attentive level, these slip-ups do happen regardless of position's held.

    As was stated on viewpoint [Sky News] -  Referring to Nazi's or holocaust has been done before by others without being so negatively spread.

    Australian's generally react worse on these things, we want fairness to a higher degree than other countries in some such fashion, being a somewhat well to do country - a comfort that forms this.

    Events leading can impact on 'recollection' - often your sentence appears in mind and is spoken, but the mind often lacks complete awareness of how is perceived and how will further evolve.

    Tony was trying to achieve an impact with this part of speech to be directed, it is simply not possible to cover all receiving perceptions and outcomes, control in this is somewhat limited in moment.

    Holding someone accountable for normal thoughts and behaviour of, is somewhat clouded preaching.

    Too often people are held accountable for 'one stray' thought spoken. No one has a complete thought acquire ability, hence people pause before they speak often, or repeat words or stutter before getting out what they are trying to say.

    Being consciously aware will also stretch and diminish as we further time, industrial age pollutants will not help this, and has probably not helped thought accuracy issues like this.

    The amount of people that have mental health issues will also increase most likely regardless of how green we make our world. [spacial distancing, gravity, earth rotations]

    In all fairness, Tony is certainly nowhere near the first to make a slip-up like this. It may even be furthered with himself and liberals, that admitting or conveying the mistake, can actually impact on their popularity further, hence often they do not respond to criticism in some cases, or standby for next viral spike distraction or major event.

    Update/Correction : Tony Abbott 'did' apologize for stating this.


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