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Kim Jong-un : The Seriousness of The War Child - | Australian News and Analysis Kim Jong-un : The Seriousness of The War Child - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Sunday 24 April 2016

    Kim Jong-un : The Seriousness of The War Child

    Kim Jong-un has stated he will stop the nuclear tests if South Korea stop military games with USA.

    Why not ?

    Kim Jong-un as have stated before is in an inter-militarium responsiveness (an attentiveness) living in third war surrounds, a box of nervity' with perspective of combative that is not on the actual for the situation.

    'we will stop the nuclear test if you stop the military games' - and South Korea's response could be 'why not ?' - Kim living in the combative reflectional at their military comparative (weapons, mass troop ordering, power of reach possibles of military)

    An inter-boxing of reflective combat plausible's of engage. 

    Will the US and South Korea meet the ask ? Maybe not but who knows. They should to stop a nuclear weapon being tested nearby of course. 

    -another move by Kim Jong-un showing an intensity of reflective engage of possibles/possibilities of further military engage (perceptive: inter Korean war, not of Asia/Pacific viewing or international)

    North Korean: resisting/reflictive (to acts by the South and US) - oppressional' perception.
    An child of fear of training the South's military - somewhat off basis on an inter, not of regional define/defiene. 

    Inter-menta aggravation platem(plateau); eventing/actions (recept/precept/perception of interpret - learning/view-able field of objectivity) platformal' sectioning/leveling to; of the actual]

    'Of effecting of nuclear height (of threat in perception; threat aggravate to western oppressor); when the west or in particular public has been of ready for it prior - though yes dangerous anyhow.

    A mental health case by definition ?

    Check back for more on this story.

    North Korea

    Please watch this very short video before reading over post to understand context [no sound]

    Exhilaration of height of confliction/conflict furthering ; Kim Jong-un's movements indicating no restful attribute, an almost psychotic over-amplification of surroundings; raising arm's in an almost over-assertive fashion, an almost excitement as looks through binoculars.

    - perspective from within a war state of seen oppressive against their regime; their want for this existing, 'do not oppose our way of ruling'-

    Trained from a young age in War, a need to be of infliction/confliction/conflict is standing ways and stance - 

    I personally feel it was rude of South Korea to set up a sound system next to their neighbour, how would you feel if the bad neighbour starting playing his 'Indian' music loud ? (a difference to your standing, or learned of norm-)

    Seems a stupid miscalculation on South Korea's part, yes they probably did 'wound' two men, but worth starting elevated furthering to war over ? Of course not.

    Kim Jong-un means well he just has traits of being in a child-like war stance as seen in this video, no, that is not language barriers, its simply child war stance/standing mentality - too many big guns around him to play with [the power of trooping] - a needed 'you respect our ideals, we choose independence, we fight and now have nuke' 

    'We are armed to the brink'

    Elevational inter-border confliction/infliction. Retrospective inner-state viewing angle of opposing.

    How will war proceed if breaks out
    Short term avoiding own country destruction rationality by North Korea will be to simply take out the propaganda speaker devices as a forceful stance.
    A mechanised war of missiles ; most likely North Korea will try damaging trooping defensive positions at front lines and structures through use of range missiles (which they can succeed at, apparent little defenses to our knowledge against tech level of North Korean missile based incursions employed by-) possible use to disarray surrounding where trooping/tank formations will cut through South Korean defensive positions; at same time they may want to reach a further through use of long range missiles (population disarray;disorganisation/deformational - fear/aggravation/impacting of length causes-) [this does not take into account if someone pushes the clause of chemical weapons, which is a much quicker war and death of other at short term speed or a possible of-]
    Once started, they will choose to make it known their stance long term in-case does not go to plans (with obvious disregarding of past experiences, Kim Jong-un is a bit childish and would simply start a war that ends in his own death due to heightened mental state reflections and militarism stance) A war of weakening the others structural organisation to advance, regardless of tanking and trooping formationals being a necessity for furthered advancing, the controlling/controllant reach/span will be missile based overlays- (more dangerous that the actual scenario of war in Iraq; higher capability-) 'If' the war involves US intervention, it may involve Chinese intervention (strategically and possibility of being elevated to world war scale and planet destruction ultimately or poisoning of race long term at minimal of world scale, bio-chemical weaponry destructive capabilities at world use scales among nuclear destructives- possibility of race extinction)

    Unfortunately, South Korea has called out Kim Jong-un's 'Nuclear Bluff', they have decided to play music and the military outposts on North Korean side can hear it in their backyard and they are worried about how it may even effect their children's future.

    I will point out South Korea took a bad turn bringing out the jukebox, off course their troops are angry and they are preparing for war, I personally will say feel the same way when my neighbour plays his music loud.

    Regardless of humor, a highly serious situation which South Korea did not appear to help by placing assault speakers on the border, it has simply aggravated the chain back to the top, an unusual move by South Korea - almost a mockery but not, as it risks regional war even nuclear conflict.

    Lets just hope South Korea is smart enough to not risk regional war over two men wounded. 40,000+ lives are worth more than two wounded lives simply.

    South Korea do the would a favor and turn off your bloody stereo before the deadline, the neighbours are angry.

    Update : I assume its still happening, the speakers going non-sop near border, have not spotted the news to be honest, looking (jokable) ahh they have agreed on a deal, good to see deal to reduce tensions - bit humorous really risking all ours loves/lives/kids etc. - agreed to reduce to the noise lovely- lovely little message in news - regardless of humor again, it is fairly level of factual the war involves us all.

    Analysis Added :

    Nuclear nervousness, to be spatially derivative from ones own governmental standing, when communicants are not of resolute for religious belief  or respression of others movementations standing, the dominance of race, to assert the instinctulite of behaviouralism, our species a history, seen in communicatants with span of from children to teenagers to adults, to assert power over another, psychtro-electric nature - fear/fright reflective - span through governmental diplomacy and hierarchy of structure, where ones war stands, the scared race, fright intensification in momentary of conversationals reflective, nervousness /axniety's with the mass of public, infleuntial children standing of the public in relation to what told and reactive of (to child-like regard) de-personalisation psychotropic-esscentriciti-reflective. A trained in reflective of authoritaranism stance or war footing. Engagement of public in assertfulness during momentary of interactions, dominance reflective right through to sexual oppression/repression and impact of fright reflective on the child' . A prior reflective history of span in our species and animal life, the dead's reflective, Russia now being in a reflective cohesion of prior reflective of the oppression of Germans and other engagements to example premise, reflective of history to span into sanctions against and the height of their dead, the war oppressiveness of death, reflective to creation - cohesion with animals/humans on planet eating each other, oppressive/resistance between - oppression on the female sexual, abuse of the child, terror of the child, death of the child - reflective choesiveness in historical spans - a mirror unto ourselves, children unto God- the psychic child.-reflective reversion psychtro impacting of prior oppression war faced held idealisational state of dreaming -point of war conflictions standing of impact reverberative of; alienating reflective cohesion. -defensive mechaniasm to life revolve, adaptive trans-luscent nature of defensivery of span, evolve resolute.-reflictive unto itself. -the attack nature, defensive progressional mechaniasims, adaptive inter-sightment of self.-reflective servitude race, above servitude overlay.(servitude to governmentals reflective of power -)


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