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    Thursday, 14 April 2016

    Russian fighter jets get close to U.S. destroyer (outcome psychologies)

    To not act; psychological form of responding; to know the opposing will not respond at war elevational engagement calculation.

    Resolute: to allow; psychological of not-interfering - calculation response.

    Of leveled calculate; to non-engagement - respondant' to levels of departmental of engage (communicational furthering to administrative engage fearity') ; not firing as first calculation to standing and further abnosic' test; testing warplay known's (psychological mental resolute)

    Calculation of will respond or warn; as not of likely (plausible) to defend; as not of act to defiene' the level of engage needed.

    Leveling calculate outcome; to pass administration of height (should we respond, they did not fire and its test taiting') to knowledge would resolve of knowing they were testing the waters; as to respectful of western of keeping the peace.

    Outcomes psychology at its furthering.


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