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Vexial-Spient (sipence-flow) transectional-discophter (human) - | Australian News and Analysis Vexial-Spient (sipence-flow) transectional-discophter (human) - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Thursday, 14 April 2016

    Vexial-Spient (sipence-flow) transectional-discophter (human)

    Marbles - the planet - rescpective inner.

    Everything on the planet SYO-attributes:

    Circulume-a pin weight of solar rotational - phiasic revolve (sy)

    Some attributing plausible are: sexual-dominance against - refliction oppressive need (sytripe rotate)

    arterial-medium: baby love; want for being loved

    Gas-giant : gas (fumes pliostasic)

    dolphin: signal (EMULATE: learning) simulant: raptor: group aspectual coordination (communication) siprit-furthering-communicatI

    screen: reflective gravitant height (atmospheric: cotton)

    SIMTREMULANNONOPHEN: Simulant Trem: to walk Lan: To land: reversional dolphin, pig (human form) nono-singular genetesis: phen (signal: formant-intellI) phen-psychology -communicate.

    Ballon:earth circulum: inner-gravitiant-depth (phiasic-circulumic-field)

    Cry: to attention (baby) retrosceptive (retrospectual)

    Splash drop - starfish (spacial cornering)

    (many other attributing factors there are: all living things cohesional)


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