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    Friday, 1 April 2016

    ISIS: The Capture of a Terorrist and Psychology as to Why (Media Arc Relay)

    Well Russia has finished its air campaign in Syria and other.

    I gather Russia simply would of displaced/moved enemy forces but yes a side we are part allied to with USA (Australia,  US heroism/diplomacy) of humane causes.

    IS seems intent of furthering their ability/reach to have an outcast rebel for them; singular app-ital-mordirism.

    Their new tactics include having the offenders of the terrorism have partial discussants/excuses/reasoning or mental or psychological reasons as to why committed the fight - counting on the grievances as to why commuted/committed the crime to relaying furthering discussion of media companies, example it for furthering of their cause proprietary. 

    New tactisms of the spread of rationalisational of the terrorism act in valid anti 'Obama/Bush regimule'/power' oppression ideals - Why they lied to you and as the the reasons/reasoning do not discuss in front of public (a unknowns fear of) - to fear their objectives for allowing interference in public way of life or suggestive of not necessarily looking out for us as to what is needed, as to real protection of innocence among what the individual or group knows and among classification or humane principality.

    Media ARC relay: Discussional originate point to virative' retrosightment' influence   (learning step parellel) reflective-synchron of debated topic and furthering to other 'nets' [network revolving, earth synaptic-point] topic of conversation elevations (to following prescautional influence)

    Media furthering - field of aspectual' discussion as to why supportive or not ; inter-discussion-point (supportive or against) alleviation probability; to known combative points. (learning-basic projection parallel)

    Examples: fantropic-thought-acumency

    Examples: Terrorism Ethic

    Examples: Terrorism Brainwashing

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