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Disappearance of toddler from Heidelberg West park in Melbourne - | Australian News and Analysis Disappearance of toddler from Heidelberg West park in Melbourne - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Saturday 9 April 2016

    Disappearance of toddler from Heidelberg West park in Melbourne


    Update: The mother Ms Nikat made a full confesion to the murder of the 14 month old daughter. 

    The pram was caught by CCTV going to the lake the child was found in and viewed/observed it returned empty.

    Shocking crime and as to why we do not know as yet - check back for updates.

    Update: The child was found in a lake - was this a method for covering up sexual crime ?
    A method of dispersing the signs of sexual activity - 

    A horrible outcome, sickening attack on right to life and growing up - the family will be in pain for a long time to come. 

    The disappearance of a 15-month-old baby girl from a park in north Melbourne earlier today is "suspicious", police have said.
    A search is underway for the toddler and police have set up a command post at Olympic Park in Heidelberg West, where she was last seen about 10am.
    She was wearing a short-sleeved white top with pink and yellow hearts, koala print pants, socks, and a black necklace with an oval locket.


    The incident is highly suspicious as stated by police.

    The toddler was wearing pink'ed girly top. A cuted' look that may have been the target of someone attracting to the vulnerability/girl. (dressy' baby picturing, cute hearts)

    A snatch and grab of a flower -

    The park suggests the snatch would be premeditated (suspected) looking for a victim or prior- a thought not of detail perhaps - stalking earlier - the one left alone for long enough.

    An open spatial calculate; of known of area prior (plausibility) not of the first time targeting the park or casing for a child (as to left alone distance of parenting, not of focal watch extents, distractional plying)

    Is this an act of pedophilia ?

    Pinkish appearances of clothing and babyish' yellow hearts (amplificate of cute or small awkwardness of vulnerability; attraction) - a milk' of smoothness (vulnerability, resistan' [siln] vuln) attraction of babying (pinked, bright, smooth, cutesy', milk - fair-body, re-amplification)

    A usual attraction to weakness; resistant' abuse - of obedient forcefulness in targeting at this age of the resisting/struggle to. Abusive/restriction ampathasy', frictional/virative -anguish, perhaps of trauma prior or on medications of luscim'(thought acuity) /drag/lag of thought.

    (hardship prior to justification of commuting/committing the act) 

    Rationalisation in thought as to the act (time combative to adjustable/justification of sexual need; to extremity of)

    A perhaps seriousness of act or plausibility of; time spent rationalistic of the need, the deviancy need to be of worth stealing a child for the suggestive of intensifal hormonal sexual desire, abusive (resistan/barrier)

    Medication of submission-abusive (frictional /intrim' - forceful tranquilisation or other alteration of reality drugs) distant to compassionate; distant to empathic/cares for the child. [reality, cognitional distancing, strinct]

    Perhaps justification as to acts against of not being of well treated or perceived - a mental health justification of classification case or not ?  

    Second Version of Story. - Australian News and Analysis

    Posted: 08 Apr 2016 10:03 PM PDT
    Police are searching for a 15-month-old toddler that was last seen at Olympic Park by family this morning.


    A worst case scenario ?

    Exemplification of worse case only. Speculation.

    Was this a snatch and take ? (use of bad scenario for realisation furthering)

    White top with pink and yellow hearts - dressed of cuteness - light/bright embulance' of skin textuals (clothing) light vuln (vulnerabilities) Smooth implicate - 'siln' - fairness and clothing amplificate' (lightness, girly pink) smooth (entilighting', icit' -descriptors)

    Was this a pedophilia snatch case ? (not to alarm..hope of child well being)

    Olympic Park a location-able' target zone of suggestive - to set out for a known child play area, busy and mains open for distraction-able (mains open) busy enough to distractional open spacial (to grab cry- calculate; restraint of actions;) re-tracing steps.

    An open spatial (surround space) appeal. To identify the main as harder or longer to trace (time of report) spatial area (to a flurry of witness, the many - crowding calculates of identifiable )

    To calculate this spot as open and as this be of appeal to;

    An offender attempting to fit in - blend in or be of normality of activity - walking with slow pace then sped up on outward with child trying to disguise the take as normal child rebelling, agitation of obedient forcing.

    Suggestive of owning a car for travel - a jump spot - targeted.

    Will they check cameras for cars the child could of been taken in if this is plausible -

    Will update on story as proceeds.


    Prior Explanation of sexual attraction to preformat:
    Further Notations:

    Attraction to fair skin, roundedness of body physique, curvature- innocence in movementation, nervous/fearful/scared friction of reactions and vulnerabilities in;  resistan' from self-focus, forwarding-psychtrim - self-adaptive behavioural of persecution - time spent in notice of own negating outcomes of future or hardship against in self-focal) witnessing traumatic or abusive (shock/friction) to traumatic-abusive (overlaying, inter-parallelum aggravate)

     Hormonal aggravate repression (forced upon and attempts to not to reach orgasm and self-thought awareness of inability to prevent often under the rape; being further forced to reach ejaculation/orgasm and inferiority in acceptance of; ) furthering sexual inferiority and oppressive/respressive self infliction (abusive creation) long term distancing sexuality and sexual awareness/cognition -thought inter-confliction (repressive re-elevate instigation) (instinctual targetting of vulnerabilties - frictive/shock reverberation spanning re-elevacement/psychtro-tracement - focal-targeting-instrinctment (alienatiancitement)) repressive counter-adaption/infliction (animal instinctulite citational /-insightment) The femanale psychtro-reversion - fear reversion elevate /resolve/alleviate - acceptance point of a hopeless/hopelessness  resolve - time confrontation focus (aggravative of momentarium span) - forced obediance subjection, conflictional/inter-thought-aggravate/infliction of; to willingness or obediance to adapt to (to obey for shortening of time span of assault; hopelessness of and thoughts of obediance or repell/fight against, to not aggravate the act further and for harm reasons; rationality of acceptances and rationality of no resolve in this infliction mediate; a distance of scream of mental instabilities in thought confliction/aggravate; inter-thought confrontationals elevate (traumatisational awareness - perspectual sensitive) sensatisational sensory elevational awareness - psychtro-abusive-targeting (psychic attatchment to surrounding; animals, living things- revolving abusive creatives at point of centrification and continued furthering - a point reached of psychtro /defensivery/weakened/reverberative attatchmentations) [psychtro-connectivity and span/spanning of; alienating]

    -as a medium of restricted /oppressive impact and acceptance of '/submission' this causes a frictive elevation long term, a forced upon mental subjection in time span; which impacts as a traumatic re-emergence often in an adatpive/manipulative resolute from this span of fear/subjection and self-analysis of self and impacting and in long term self-analysis thought/thought covered (focal self-transmutations ('study of the incident/identifying') ) - 


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