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Quick over-obedient and the lives of ruins. Assaulted Teens. - | Australian News and Analysis Quick over-obedient and the lives of ruins. Assaulted Teens. - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Friday 13 May 2016

    Quick over-obedient and the lives of ruins. Assaulted Teens.

    Quick over-obedient strike and the lives of ruins
    A teenage girl is in hospital after being stabbed in the back during a mugging at Blacktown in western Sydney last night.

    A thieve of calculation the victims would back down; of oppressive of minimal - (reflective to sensitivity in momentarium to furthering SY-actual of the victims) 
    The attacking momentary against (to achievement height of non-defense by the teens, calculate) of noticing of own resisting in-able.
    Infliction upon- resisting momentary-furthering. (triaxing-re-current) [intensification/pointification to re-evolving ; defienist to triax of existen -point of shock' to reflective-elevational /alleviatory minimizing (acceptance-resolve)]

    How life may proceed:

    The subject of lessening (to obediant) retractional/restiveness echum to thought structure. -Virational-disrupt (thought infliction, torment of lesser/weaker) repetitive trauma in mind - alleviational-platem

    Critical age of learning.
    So resistiveness adaption (perceptive of incident occuring to her, restrospective witnessing) others knowing of the incident to her; some of ridicule possiblity - others of caring at media height - adaptional manipulative barrier (to face the incident in communication between) nervity (reflective as to) frictional virative barriel  (traumatisational elevation to not being able to act among attitude of toughness) receptive weakening (to known of weakening and adaption mediate to conversational) an adaption of oneself to being of the incident (to not able to defend - vulnerability acceptance)

    Increases in sensitivity towards various incidents of others -

    Receptive-awarity-height (standing of incident in communicational) reciptive-entrosighting (to conveyal of outer perceptionary surrounding)

    The Teen Male : 

    Was not of strength to intervent of friend; an acceptance of; SY  (extasic-height of incident) ;of vulnerable (was not of needed defensiveness; excuscant-furthering conveyal to stance of toughness; youth extasic believe of strength)

    Not able to defend; the child perceptional in communications of was not able; resistive of defeine to; formational of how and why questionative; to reactional of conversation as accepting of could not resist attack (to others perceptional) reflective of how others negatively perceive the defense of;


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