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Smoking - 'A Child of Belief' - | Australian News and Analysis Smoking - 'A Child of Belief' - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Wednesday 22 July 2015

    Smoking - 'A Child of Belief'


    How and what do you think of when you smoke ?

    I am not with it - to alter yourself - to provide a lift.

    Toxic in thoughts - to relieve - hand movements, to give yourself an activity - feeling of strength of differentiating from a norm (perceived wrong) - to inflict yourself - perception of 'I enjoy this' - a feeling of completeness, comfort for nerves/nervous reactions - to provide alleviations and alleviations for how perceived (mediate confliction)

    Momentary addressment to self negatives - momentary plateau (per smoke) of relief - a need to comfort self - Subjective alertness- an impacting for momentary time- to afflict a plateau of nerves experienced in communicative's over-span of-

    Addictive's/adjectives-  to height of mental plateau -over-span- to increase thought activity (perceived waking up, a lift to ; experiences/eventing) furthers with addiction into needing the 'incremental' in plateau over day - an interjection lift use-

    Self-negative - chemicals in thoughts - to poison self into 'perceived being of more' - perceived chemical infliction - alleviations over span of-

    Confrontation of perceived to individual self-image - formations shown in this in style (smoking hand movements - to slowly take a drag for perception of others 'cool/strength/'I am of poison'/ 'I do this accept it, its a need for me';

    An inflicting confrontation design - 'alleviation' - a status normality of 'exists as poison' to subject a negative, - 'this is my relief and accept it' - to help others feel comfortable in surrounding communicatives/perceptions - 'I am but silly smoking this', 'accept it is my issue and my issue alone' - to comfort others - 'I am but of norm of the smoker' - I am of but the many', but the many accept this -

    Alleviation to a standard of nerves around children - to confrontation of 'this is not of children' - 'I will and must  smoke myself stupid and enjoy it'-

    To have a break from life - to focus in moment - the time of smoke, being an interjection, comfort in the time period - 'I am just going outside' - a break from reality - meditation/mediation and formed -

    Those with perceived 'weight' (obese) - comforting for how perceived, 'the big smoker' - interjective use - 'the chemicals will perhaps make me feel better in momentary span' - 'will is lose weight from or control the increase of weight from' ?

    'I am but death' - 'curse you' - I smoke because I have to 'this is of death' - to exhale the negative vibe felt - an almost spiritual define, exhale the relief - formations of spiritual based reliefs - exhalation of power, to afflict -

    "I am irritable' it is now needed to relieve this irritability to others - 'I have no choice' - it relaxes me so be it-  (without thoughts of long term effects) ; smoking impatience and span of caused, nerve reverberations, to inflict own nerves to alleviate for issues faced, 'it helps with my memory' (perception to self) - to raise awareness - 'I subject myself into furtherance's, to forward oneself- ' -self affliction on momentary 'thought negative resolve' - to jump the line - a cooling off period for communicatives faced- nervous infliction by others, and relief for -

    Child-like formatory: of religious belief - or wanting to belief 'a/the devil act'
    [your 'thought processes actuality' being of child-state, span of thoughts including link between thoughts - in-accuracy, delusional/gradual/self-gratifications/aspirations/of ab-norm/greatness/grandiose thoughts-etc. -to not want it known/shown your thoughts are of child or lesser than others-  beliefs ;]

    { author advises to make own decision ; it may help you smoking, but regardless not long term (disease/s caused) }


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