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Baby Found Dead in Newcastle with Throat Slit - | Australian News and Analysis Baby Found Dead in Newcastle with Throat Slit - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Friday 24 July 2015

    Baby Found Dead in Newcastle with Throat Slit

    Mental Health System Kills a Baby



    Medication causes abusive oppressions, forceful restrictive sedations/tranquilisations.

    A baby's crying, constant attention needs, becomes an abusive/impactful pain. -medication aggravating frustrations. (a sedated inability to see a whole perspective, including appreciations, a lack of clarity, thought accuracy/acuity)

    Mental health are subject to being forced into a plateau of sleep of mind, this causes uncomfortabilities to extremes, a forced restriction causes anxieties - they form this plateau into submission of thought itself - seemingly the long term, the patient has improved - simply because lack awareness/calculations of memory span and happiness from memory span calculations itself.

    A standard of mental health is simply failure of calculations of learning spans, medication forces a submission plateau (in hospital long term treatment forces this mental submission, oppression till acceptances are gained, -and a patient becomes compliant, accepting of being slowed to escape the hospital)

    -the very mental health issues, are furthered with entrapment memories in hospitals - mental health simply causes mental health issues. -Formed plateau of anguish, learning instability /friction of mind.

    These inabilities can be seen in formed needs to eat (patients forming an addiction to hot meals to relieve this instability-) a draining effect of mind - mind nutritional - medication of course drains the very physicality of mind, as the medication 'apparently treats' it weakens and damages the minds structure -in-fact these medications at present are simply treating by removing recognitions.

    Vitalities of mind physics - psychology of body physics itself.

    -The outcome for this mental health victim:


    After 3 years on injections - it will be seen the thoughtless of non-learning state, is an improvement -

    Psychiatrists are as capable in this as the flintstones, they always have a manipulative answer - but fail to understand the premise - long term patients left talking to self to self-instruct themselves - before you know it a patient is walking down street talking to themselves - long term patients are socially UN-viable, they are perceived as a weakness/danger/incapable itself - they become the further mistreated, Psychiatrists will rationalise this as 'a rational improvement' with failure to calculate the mental health entirety, that long term patients have major learning issues and fail with cohesion of positive memories of their own lives. (calculation and calculate cohesion of life eventing, memory span)

    -Instead of increasing thought connectivity - these medications have abusive forceful sedative agents - patients are slowed down till simply snag on issues - there is no improvement on this, only formed needs to show 'you are not snagging on issues' through appointments, the issues are still under-lying they just form into a 'blankness of mind' - the sub-lying awareness's become much worse in actuality, regardless of Psychiatrists instigating needs to not care (positive, let it go)

    -Medication DE-sensatises reality - awareness of surrounds, impacting on a persons rational judgements, cognitive distance to spatial surrounds and understanding and comprehension of, often going from a restricted and forced restriction hospital environment on forcefully sedating medications and re-aligning this distance in-affective in home environment - mental health creates abuse. [they at current rationalise this as acceptable treatment, even though is obviously seriously inhumane]

    Further notations :

     -reflective memory instinctuals of future system negatives - how treated in past and future ahead  - an under-lying rational awareness of future - [dying early, impairment seen in other patients, possibility of further incarcerations in hospital and negative 'resolve' as constant in Psychiatrists 'dealt with in past']

    -all long term mental health given anti-psychotics are sexually abusive, they often have kids to relieve noticing their own change into this darkness, a point to prove which obviously goes wrong often. [common manipulative friction /abuse, psycho-instinctuals targeting (thought targeting) , the weakened being attracted to the weak 'vulnerability'-] those who know they are weak, even trained in this in patient recovery ('I am vulnerable') become knowledgeable of self, formed love for self from system (positive re-enforcement) perceived knowledge of own vulnerabilities simply forwards into being perceived as vulnerable by others and reflects back in own recognition of how perceived, forming in many cases further abusive traits (a self hate, etc.) the abused, are subject to being abusive -

    -actuality of long-term anti-psychotic treatment shows there is simply no recovery, you can become ignorant and ignore your own flaws the system developed [brainwashed by Psychiatrists into thinking your own serious impairment caused by medication is illness and acceptable resolvent] but rationally these long term cases are highly instinctual with lack of memory eventing calculations- most of us who are with it that are not fooled by system, know long-term cases are not seen as acceptable socially, are not even regarded in the slightest perceived degree as an intelligent individual -

    -a standard of prolonged anti-psychotic use is learning impairment. [they simply treat it as illness of mind (cognitive impairment) , negating the very learning issues at every step of way- in this they fail to take into account patient psychological recognitions from re-arrangement pretensifications of the sicknesses and plateau of medication forms- (stopping medications, causes extreme sickness withdrawal's that are further seen as a pretense of illness of mind itself wrongfully- ]


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