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Gay Marriage : Hormonally Defencient/Deficient Race - | Australian News and Analysis Gay Marriage : Hormonally Defencient/Deficient Race - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Saturday 11 July 2015

    Gay Marriage : Hormonally Defencient/Deficient Race

    Ever thought clearly about your thought in sexual moment ?

    Ever thought 'Am I just telling her I am making love to her, but I really just want to get into bed and fuck like rabbits'

    The fact is this is common - Its not just pedophiles and rapists that have issues; pedophiles and rapists appear in court in numbers in nearly every country on a daily basis - the span of is to such an extent, that everyone conveys similar traits.

    Do you ever consider 'I am small and cute and I do not like sexually abusive people so picked a hard, big boyfriend to protect me' - you just conveyed similar traits - a pedophile preys on vulnerable - but if you are small and pick a big boyfriend - you just conveyed a formed need to be of sexual repression - to be abused yourself. [being small, and wanting to feel power against yourself in this]

    In this world no one conveys innocence of thought - the standard of sexual desire is 'of unkind nature' - to oppress - to force restriction and often 'most people' will attract to this weakness in the other in sexual moment - this is normal.

    To 'thought target' - to observe the others weaknesses and vulnerabilities in sexual moments - a standard of sex is to put it simply 'thumping out your issue' -

    Some will be abused to such extent in life - they convey a weakness resulting - they observe this weakness in themselves - hence forming an attraction to vulnerability - to DE-insensate/DE-sesnatate; weakness itself - to oppress the vulnerable (historical influencing spans are in this, war - infliction - oppression and oppression of female sexualities - hormonal infliction against female hormones, actuality of momentary hormonal 'creations' - hormonal multiplicity; the female and the male)

    Recently our Government in Australia is considering in-sighting abuse with allowing gay marriage (I am sorry to state this I believe you should be allowed to marry who you want I will state - but 'facts' regardless) often traits in sexual moment of gay and bi-sexual relations are formed from a need to either abuse (to oppress - oppress the vulnerable) or be abused (to be of subjection sexually - to be over-powered) the resulting long term consequences of this (regardless) will be forming the spans of this further - a further span (reach) of sexually debutant desire - the length of these needs to oppress or -be repressed in sexual moment length - forming in the persons mind 'length of these desires' - 'thoughts covered at length'.

    There is one thing I disagree with with gay marriage - and that is influence of children - to acceptance the child into thinking these traits of sexual over-power- or under-powering - even sodomising are natural and ok - giving the child the thought over-span of childhood learning with factors as, as such a child thinks 'child belief system' and this is seen in their schooling as simply to a child 'poo' - the thoughts become covered over-period and the child is then formed into acceptance of simply 'dirty behavioural's' (thought faced at length) the child will then effect other children - this has already happened - with many children being of accepting nature to being sexually repressive or being the subject of abuse - this can be seen in formations of vocals in school children;

    - that formation of vocals in actually being oppressed in schoolyard environments for their decision (bullied) hence they form an act to deal with this constant perceptions against them- in effect influencing more - and more into sexual power desires- 'child actuality -consistence of belief'.
    Often these traits are formed in subjection to being desired, a need to be recognised or a formed need to conflict desire itself (either for sexual attention, or on self formed self-hate or dislikes by others /events of certain impact - trauma) to accept this is a better way to make it through future eventing (calculation of;) to gain a recognition (factor) that was not provided in need, also can be related to nutrition (stability of) and hormonal deficiencies.

    Being gay can also be seemed' knowledge of ones own thought' unnatural desire towards youthfulness or children and is formed as a self-manipulation to distract or control these desires and in future, providing a subject of abuse to self. - a need to sodomize can be formed in such ways as well.

    The reason behind some of these issues is simply poisons of sorts but there is many other factors; 'inadequate' medications (mental health are subject to sexual problems to a stronger degree; abusive anguish 'forced sedative agents' forsive oppression/acceptance 'trauma' caused by rough medications;) but even the slightest form of medications can impact, even paracetamol (altering reality state - DE-sense-atising, dis-connectivity to sexual sensitivity) other factors include air pollutants; and lack of oxygenation's to body and mind - simply deterioration's of your hormones and speeds of productions and (stability of of sperm/estrogen) ; [many other factors will not mention them all]

    DE-feriority complex/complexes [span between sexual instinctuates (instinctual) to oppress or be of oppressed, sexually repressive] hormonally instigating (psycho-hormonal-instinctive-connectivity, hormonal-reach-extenuates, hormonal-reach-eventuates, 'further eventing spans', psycho-translucency)-  

    There is two factors that should be considered before you vote on this; the span of entrancing/tracing weaknesses - and the second being of acceptance of weakness and these issues needing to be accepted itself [regardless of factors being at current a furthered progressive]

    Gay marriage passing will regardless cause acceptance or an acceptance point for being of sexual distinctiveness for a span of public, points where it is accepted it is ok to have traits of sexual power or sexual attitudes - to give an acceptance of traits like being anally abusive to children at young ages, formational acceptances of its ok to be of a sexualised nature ; formations of its fine in young girls to love another girl (a span of sexual acceptance in the individuals at a youthful age where is not faced at current to to extent, a re-exampling span in-affect creating more of being of gay naturism)  to be of traits and formations in actuality of the child's mind it is acceptable to be of sexual intuitiveness in sexual behaviourals and portray it and inadvertently influence the span further; the resulting is sexualised oppressiveness/restrictiveness in sexual behaviourals and influencing spans into sexualised deviance. One child being gay, faces the thoughts of in another.[childhood trans-luscency dreaming state /belief] at present there is a distinctiveness block in acceptance that gay marriage is not of a legal, with this block removed it will inadvertently reflect a span of acceptance influencing the spanning of being of gay naturisms into further extent, long term outcome of this is creatives of sexualised instinctuativenesses and focus on these naturisms being of a legalised acceptability further increasing outcomes of sexual abusiveness creatives like pedophilia long term [to be of abusive, repressiveness in sexual intuitiveness] formationals of more into trying to get under mental health to hide or not be jailed, impacting further with heavy psycho-tropic agents/sedative plateau existances into being abusive itelf (cognitive impairments and sexual distancing /altered reality states etc., sedative based submussion of mind will work as a non-resolvant 'thought/acuity - thought accuracy /calculation of life eventing' and memory recollect and resolve' - physical weakness/vulnerability and vulnerability/thought targeting /compulsion /restrictiveness - spatial distance and learning impairment)

    Weakened restrictiveness - displacement  - those who were made weakened are usually reflective with child abuse, those of distan-edge targeting - SY-Vibrato (parallax: the person vibrates in displacement, which can lead to psychic connections - axiety) impacting, lucim-edge - (under mental health the person is given sedatives, so thought receptability becomes enhanced - where they believe they treat for this weakness - is just turning them instinctual, the patients actually read thoughts half the time  - half of mental health got learning problems - a thoughtless state-

    Some Common Traits :

    -Children at beginning of hormonal growth become sexually intensive towards each other - instinctual predatory behaviorals- to form behaviour/movements of not showing actual sexual intents;  'existing in momentary' - 'children are the future - progressions to adult-hood span; effective of'
    -speech has formed amongst adults when speaking to better looking subjects of 'perceived' either to 'hide/sub-due' sexual attractive's' or 'over-praise'- to 'over-come'.

    -children are future - children to adult 'a child's learning progressive effective' -psycho-connectethesis span between 'in-affect' progression to adults/-adultry itself- this child of abused 'fright-[fear - 'devil']' damage the futures choreography [effective flow - subjection of self/ourselves] 

    -children exist in -in-affective nature - interpretations/understanding 'are an over-lay' of eventing - we narrow into form as we grow- children in this are of higher calculation ability and adults are of specific momentary-

    Note : this does not apply to all women gay relationships, as many women are attracted to sensitivities in the encounter as opposed to a mainly standard of male homosexual relationships being about vulnerabilities or power, female hormones are different - but women can still form sexual power abuse traits, women being of hormonal sensitivity and awareness of this sensitivity and interactions between in sexual momentary ('sipe) - be aware that constant sexual engagements can distance cognitive recognition 'distance' of thought to hormonal sensitivity and lead to abusive issues in both female and male, medications and drugs of many kinds can also effect cognitive processes in this as well on sexual intuitiveness or sexual gratifications. [distance to sexual distinction or intuitiveness/gratification - forming abusive issues;]

    -Be aware of increases of parental acceptance of their child's sexuality traits and needs of; and this will be faced to a length more than is currently increasing child sexual abuse (I am realistic sorry) ; children also being trained in gay naturalism's by parents who think their child should be of gay' will be a further standing issue as well. At a base level of be it a minority, of in-sighting/instructing the child to follow instead of positive of allowance of free choice, gay parents children will as an average simply be formed into being gay at young ages reflective/idealisation of their parents (child aspire /love their parents) - the minority will also train their children to follow in footsteps to extents of not allowing freedom of choice of sexuality. [most young children will follow in their gay parents footsteps regardless as an average]

    Unfortunately, its not just a case of positive acceptance of humane's of marriage equality.

    [Note: this author in this is undecided as a whole, but regardless recognises the long term thoughts faced in sexual desiring moments and effect of on others long term - for those in denial of these factors, Governments regardless do ban this for a reason;]


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