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Breakthrough in Psycho-Connective-Reflections (The Psychic Race) - | Australian News and Analysis Breakthrough in Psycho-Connective-Reflections (The Psychic Race) - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Sunday 26 July 2015

    Breakthrough in Psycho-Connective-Reflections (The Psychic Race)

    Communication barriers between two communicatants -

    We interpret words between each other and the premise we forget through non-cognitive thought insertion from the other, this is reflective upon a span.

    Communication between two humans is psycho-connetic - why did we understand ? we are gods of psychology ? why did we interpret ?

    We are simply children - psycho-connetic traces - we interpret the other to abnormal extents of understanding of the other, you are not just good with psychology - the understanding was that just grasped the other to UN-natural extents, or simply of abnormal ability of interpretation of the other communicant  -this is more amplified in child-hood - interpretation between one and other and the following actions or resolute taken.

    We are but - Children of God, but unfortunately there is an enemy, the Devil.

    Distance and reflection of interpretations, understanding of the other in communication.

    Communicate: Perceptual dis-engaging - dis-senescence of contact; parted from self-physique, allusiveness seen in adulthood - psychotropic-engaging and aggravation;
     -defensive contact/contractual intervene in communicates ; reverberating psycho-lucidness; a reflection in trace (understanding it was 'this issue' , glorification of oneself and defense of mental to (nerve seen or nerve resolve, fear resolving, an anxiety between communicants) instinctual sensitivity of nerves, to not affiance or impact on other-

    The more individuals in a group, the greater forwarding of collective understanding though of less acuteness ('duetic-nueralplasticity' - two individuals being of greater reflective achieved height) (to reflect of what spoken, to be of a gain of understanding) than a group. [psycho-synthesis] a silencing rationality in a group, a fearful reflective that rationalises being careful or thoughts to be not spoken to higher than the degree of communications between lesser numbers (example : two individual to three, the third multiplying and per reflectivity/receptiveness) two individuals is primary reflection, more than two being a reflective furthering or collective rationality [duo-connetics and multiple-synthesis]

    The Psychic Race.

    [this post made an error with duo-connectics, it stated a group had greater conscious awareness but is actually greater only with being of distanced (both have negatives and positives) , 'acute accuracy' (duo) as opposed to (three or more) 'distanced in-affective accuracies' - 'man and women'


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