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Pychtro-Effective Children (The Psychic Child) - | Australian News and Analysis Pychtro-Effective Children (The Psychic Child) - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Wednesday 8 July 2015

    Pychtro-Effective Children (The Psychic Child)

    The Psychic Children

    Psychic completion pretenses; accuracy of thought - 'scared awareness'; aware of sensitivities ; reactive to adults not common with (complete interpretations of) use of movement to help with ones own nervousness (being of scared naturism - knowledge of complete span of )

    Self-behavioral manipulations - complete focused form of psychtro-interpretations ; instinctual completeness; reactive to further span of eventing calculations /understanding of (as opposing to adults) higher-level calculation ability (awareness of prior calculations) subject to parental manipulations (learning incrementation against) parental babying /emulation form /obedience formations (further control of - subjectiveness/objectiveness)

    Reach of memory span greater than adults (calculations of and of span) instinctive-reactivation/ instinctual-reactivities - psychotropic influencing - self-exclusions/self-reclusions/self-exclusiveness/self-elusiveness/self-seclusion/self-conclusion/self-preclusion/self-recursion -against oneself (awareness spans) - parental-enlightenment/insightmentals - higher adaptivity (calculations span of) xanti-instinctuating; -xanti-instantiating ; forced reclusions against (to lower- to form an obedience plateau of lessening /effectiveness's/defectiveness of) schooling mis-calculations of intellect based of narrowed learning constructional/instructionals

    - Psychological education formations against -constructional/learning incrementation use against; learning progressives against (subject to) ;x/anti-interpretational narrowing forms; educationate activations; ability to de-crypt or learn -(calculations higher than adult form) ; oppression against (formationary) inflationary; over-exacerbates against; religious-dilutes (greater than schooling formations); over-obedience-portrayals; reflectivity on oneself higher 'selfless awareness' - greater interpretations of religion - plasticity of and against - eventuate-calculations (span of calculating-reactionaries, counter-revitalization/counter-reverberation/counter-reflectivity/counter-revolutionaries, ;counter-secretiveness; anti-inspirations against, anti-exacting; sensibilities of and against; anti-expediences use of -

    - Control of own repressiveness and against rotational; parental aggravations to form outcomes (outcome in-slightness's use of)  rotations of parental sub-missives against (awareness of and pain caused /traumatic indemaratories/indentations - 'interrogations against' ) predictiveness calculations (plateau of lesser against - subjection against) sub-muting 'shh' submission use against -oppression - reactive height formed; accurateness formations; inarticulateness; sympathetic formalities/formaratories/formulations  - informational/formational obedience/instructional training against - controlling subjection and span of and of recognition of;

    Nerve-re-activeness; nerve-attractiveness; subjection of oneself - praylor-cosignatories/configuratories (pretension) ability to enhancements of behaviorals/acting - randomness-instigation; adorable-instigation's; long term subjection - prone to disobedience/dispositions' ; un-comfortability with timing/positioning subjection's (parental trauma against); disregarding incrementationals knowledge of on own learning and future effectiveness's against; inexorability-furtherance-eventing, inexorability-forbearance-eventing; eventing-misdiagnosis/diagnosis; milk reliance's (needs to replenish)  cordial use of  feeling drained or weak (substitution replenishment calculations) needs for vitality-reimbursements [subjection against]

     Movie portrayal subjection's (awareness of higher learning) ; dreaming state - belief system enhanced sensibilities/extensibility 'to be in belief state of existing/exorbitance/existences' - submission cohesion [sub-conscious awareness's actives] sub-muting extensibility;formed sensibilities -psychotropic-reactive-enhancements; psychotropic-in-affection-affection; psychotropic-affection-affection ; exacerbating controls-controlling use of; psychotropic-intensiveness; psychotropic-insensate; psychotropic-intransigence; psychotropic-insentience, psycho-tropic-insensate ; psychotropic-insenscentraites - knowledge of own learning-incrementation; psycho-effective (use of and against) ;

    Sexual ambiguity/equivocation; oppression against;electron/electro-static-restistiveness furthering eventing 're-occurrences of'(dispensationals) elec-static eventation furtherance occurrence (to oppress and later gain height - resistance) preclusion's* resistive in-affective-occurrences; appitancy revolutions re-occurrence height; awareness of height of technological levels against (subjective/oppression against to control the child) aware of nullification against (fright caused) prestible level grasp of over-lord tech -

    [top to bottom : 0=child , 50= women 100=men - before this sites existence, awareness level still regarding Pretense*]

    -Electrical-re-reimbursement/electrical-re-disbursement (parental restriction of - anguish in child, reflective of cry) -in-accuracy awareness furthering of parentals subjection and oppression and formed in-recognitions -plateau's of blank awareness - inabilities caused furthering (till of seen knowledgeable respected age, or perceived) educational learning in-construction/in-fracturement (creation of gaps/spans with learning processing, effective reverberations' on future outcomes)

    -Inferiority complexes subjected on children spanning to a plateau of living on adulthood-

    Baby milk powder : replenishment; addiction of; after a while the baby refuses firmly (sparatic leg movements - uncomfortability)  numbness/involuntary movements of legs - attempts to try to fix problem of feeling reverberation-numbing of legs (inadequate chemicals used) crying resulting/anguish state - after first drinking drug like effect (placebo) addictive formations; under-lying pain of knowing only feed-

    Subvisory: plateau of mind sleep/inability formations - psychotropic-sensitiveness's - higher awareness than man and women - those of essence - children of God - the crucified - the saviour - the all - those closer to God actuality

    This day and age: Psychtro- furthering/furtherance capabilities [level/subjection with over-head design] (as seen in this day and age (wrongfully) with /IS/ISIS) the most oppressiveness= the most knowledge/acuity of actuality- psychotropic-abusive-in-affective-furthering;

    Learning progressions effective life revolvements/revolmentations - 'steps to walk up' pretension; engagement on future and progression span effectuates furthering (revolutions) -instinctual-progressionativations; [activationary-reactive, reactionary-activates] re-occurrence; nonoccurrence; concurrence; [events happen again; simplification - cohesion - event reacting off events itself-simplified events inter-mixing in eventing/events 'furthering']

    Punishment (hitting a child) : fright refractive reflection, fear-reclusive/reclining-reclusing/reclusion-refraction (span reflective impacting, re-occurrence fear aggravation -memory-subjective-impacting/inflictive/s) , subjective disobedience furtherance, reflective fright furthering leveling reverberations, child awareness learned avoidance of impacting (reverberations of impact eventing, memory-inflictive-occurrences-leveling / memory-inflictive-occurrences-fear-proprietary-elevations, shock/self-assurances level subjection, impacting-thought-fear-trans-luminescence-leveling, [simplified, trans-connective-ghosting] fear-insertion-interfliction , fear-insensitive-interjectional. etc.   ) subject a mental plateau of impacting declination leveling [fear/fright reactive declination span] effective span inflictions, subjection over-lay of 'awareness-instinctual-re-actives '- forceful-obedience-subjection ; resulting acceptance formed needs to please, to obey- formation of sub-conscious proprietary and further disobedience's, need to stand up or rebelling ;[wrong to hit of told to, movie/cartoon stances/traits - positiveness's formed, etc.]

    -thought -in-actuality/non-concurrences;
    -psychology of physique ; inter-plex rotations from point effectives/DE-fectuates of earth design (north and south) electro-static revolutions/evolution - spacial revolutionary - atmoshperic, DE-spherical amplatute Pressurisation (preservationaries - naturalism design-designatories) equation/equator/equationals cohersion-cohersives;

    Milk-redundancy - effective instrumentality spans; milk-reorientated; milk-interpenetrates; (re-trial-ency orientation-instrimentatives)

    A dream state of self-infliction, to not be witnessed or seen to be telling truth, as under-lying pain, as if there is more to thinks but can not express it -disaffected for actual - the ability of differentiating or for parent understand and treatment by public spanning and communication in public engagement, the extent of showing can communicate with others communicants besides what as common to, to express as a need. 

    Adult attract to preformation -
    Pre-formation's * preformatory -  - stretching of body physics - weakness infliction on self physicality - accuracy of mind caused - preformed physique; preformatory in-exzibitionals-attraction/ attract to the birthing - (originates - point of designatories/design - creation) [multiplicity occurrences - detraction's/retractions] ) (attraction instrumentation) before hormonal productiveness span (electro-nullificationaries) apart/aparted from self; the differentiating to self-physique; opposing - nullified-incitory, nullified-initiatory; in-exact-ministration; in-exacting pre-fleclusionaires;per-incitemenstralisationary-nullicity- [hormonal-dis-insurgence-disaffection; hormonal-dis-submergence-disaffects ; hormonal-dis-censurer-disaffect]

    Perceptual dis-engaging - dis-senescence of contact; parted from self-physique, allusiveness seen in adulthood - psychotropic-engaging and aggravation;

    Predestination [summed] : Psychic Naturism

    [WARNING: please be of recognitions and heart towards children if read this post - it may cause issues- IS/ISIS is wrong simply - crucifixion of children for gain - in-attract towards vulnerability -oppressive trauma of unimaginable for in-furtherance's - counter-infliction directional- unimaginable fear and aggravation of* devil propitiatory use for gain- sanctimonious inflictoratories-]


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