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Why Females are Smarter Than Males - | Australian News and Analysis Why Females are Smarter Than Males - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Friday 26 June 2015

    Why Females are Smarter Than Males

    Female Behaviour/Body

    Nervous reactions - awareness of  own nerves- [actual thoughts of other] subjectiveness to actuality; heightened nerves - seen as 'further scared' - subject to being of further scared (perceptions by males against) -plateau of accepting 'of lesser' - 'psycho-connectithesis'

    Scared awareness - awareness of ones own nerves ;confrontation/exacerbation of being scared- selfness -levels formed - Plateau of subjection against;

    Sensitivities reached - hormonal [sexual subjection -] sexual oppression's - vulnerabilities - hormonal vulnerabilities, infliction of against; subject to standard/majority of attraction;  the vulnerable; (standards of perception in psycho-connecthesis) inner-selflessness's 

    -forceful subjection to self- self appetition, restrictions 'amployed' against, amplifications of statics - neurological thought actualities - to exist/existence - existential electric revolutions - earths revolutions - 'the electroid' [extensibility] resistance, natural resistances of mind/body;

    Point of acceptance of inferiority - complex creation - level of subjectivity- sensativities in communications with males -against- feeling of lesser - 

    Rebelling faced and rebeling seen/perceived -
    [subject to perceptive span] - rebelling level over-comes [acceptance points - rotations of faced]

    Awareness of perceived 'the scared', self behavioural manipulatives formed from this; 'beauty complexes' - formed need to act, to aspire to be of greater, 'the baby doll' - eventing/communicative plateau of religious inspirational/aspirations;

    A standard perception of weakness or lack of height - formed oppressiveness;  

    The restricted- spans of 'the subject of attraction against' - to be the target (reflections of this in thought - to cover in thought) to attract the opposite sex - subjective the target and learning to emulate/portray/aspire to this in conscious existence [acceptance points of interest in opposite sex]

    Distance to hormonal sensitivity -formed length of orgasms - multiples/multiplicity -male ejaculations (duo./Duo-connetics [positive and negative 'reversals/reversion'] - the birth reflection, creation of conscious awareness) 

    Repressiveness; hormonal sensitivity height; reflective sense-connectism (reflective sensitivity) withdrawals into self-formatries (self-oppression - inner-reclusions, inner-seclusion/inner-seclusive  ) hormonal retractions to form over a span of psycho-connethis [deprivations of -thought acuity, actuality] trans-subjections, dream-luscency, dream-luminescence, trans-physical-transperance, dream affliction/dream-afflictives 

    - psychtro-central-transphasing, [spatially/spatial-riftive] as opposed to the male- psychtro-lumininity [the creator] psychtro-inflictive/aflictive - the opposing, the resulting sensory awareness oppressives 'sensability/sensatation' - self-affliction [height of sensory dilectabilties [focus - understanding of language/dialect] greater eye sight- cognitive registry perspectives of increased nasturtiums [the nature - connections to nature] 
    sensory perceptive ; fright instictiveness [sensory space understanding] a form of restriction [spatial restrictiveness; subject to withholder -spatial limitations [subjectory of spacial uni-sensor-ability/uni-separability/uni-sensibility/uni-sematism/uni-transferability ] elect-sensability;spatial-inner-reflectivity-receptivities, spatial-reflectivity-receptiveness , spatial-reflexivity, [spatial-reflection]  receptive-transposition, reflective-transperancies, reflective-insensativities [inaccuracy forwarding pretensifications] 
    mid-alignment/misalignment misinterpretations]  -in-sensory deprivates - to deprave [spatial comprehensions/comprehensiveness/comprehensibility] spatial enhancement/leviation/levitations [abilities of] trajectory understandenscences [furthered understanding of science/sense itself] [a knowledge of tranjectory/trajectory/ -]-subject to historical reflectiveness against;historical-spanning-sensitivity height of [an elect-static network pretensifications over time spans]; subjective of electro-static world technologies [reversions] extensibilities/extensiveness - 'subject by defaulting' - closer to understanding of DE-inferiority complexities [sexual repressiveness]; aparting distancing; spatially outlaying [to be apart from physical body] extractive-mediate/mediation-defensiveness [subjection caused from mediate retractive]
    Of distinct/distinction -the destinating, destinaliates [recursion/recursive] species other than male prestibilities/pretensifications/pretensations; opposing design elementics;

    -Inferiority complexes, to be of lesser; inferiority awareness levels achieved as thought height and plateau of sensory perceptions - suppressive-reflective-awareness, oppressive-reflective-awareness, restrictive-awareness-subjection, etc. 
    Man/men as well : -submissive-refractive-learning-sensibilities - in-affect-fracture of learning capabilities [thought gaps] [cognitive-nervous-infliction] in-affective-cognitive-memory-fracture - [-to be cautious about recollection inability span in this;]


    Females VS Males - the opposing design, world-wide infliction upon itself -  Countries of subjection - anti-western VS western - a revolving infliction upon itself - worldwide subjectivity upon itself 'two species' - opposing - Western VS Anti-Western. [hormonal transmutation/transformational world impacting] dream state forwarding - reflectivity spans [psychtro-inflictive (psychic)] - psychotropic-inflictive-hormonal-malevolent, psychotropic-inflictive-hormonal-malevolent, psychotropic-inflictive-hormonal-revolement

    -Reflective conscious span - female and male to attributing inter-sectioning of thought - electro-cohesion ; growth standing reflection and progression [population] -

    Interconfliction of man and women progressional furthering of the two species -

    Reverberative time fracturing produced by solar rotational - inter-conflictive species of individual - opposing design - genetically engineered life, the furthering, self human confliction, day and night span of inter-conflictive spacial elementics - psychological rotational - descriptive furtherance - alienating - communication of target reading of body physic, nerve receptivity inter-insightment between communicatants of understanding of abnorm level of interpretational - psychic race - phasic elevational spacing - positive and negative (posible day and night) - electroficusion and height of counscious exist - progressional furtherance of humans, the technical of animal instinctual (human elementics being of forward structural) the element of maximum furthering - gravitational sub-movementation of spacial exist - moon and sun - devil in way of god design - moon being of darkness by psychological factoring of growth (not sure on this) Thought Actuality-

    [Author is moody and this post is currently in editing resulting]


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