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The shooting of Tamir Rice - | Australian News and Analysis The shooting of Tamir Rice - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Sunday 14 June 2015

    The shooting of Tamir Rice

    The shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy, occurred on November 22, 2014.

    The shooting of Tamir Rice

    The shooting of Tamir Rice

    As an over-lay of the norm of lives; feeling oppression; closeness to harder forms of music [rap, pop culture influences; aspire to be great as so] 

    Had to comment on this; 'a friend warned him to be careful' - typical bullshitting public; this is not a case of 'was warned first' so he was at fault, no.

    Being warned into being careful is actually a negative; focus over-time on this; playing with the gun;thoughts on being careful; a driven need to rebel against this. Acceptance point, thoughts focus on till over-ride/over-come; a need to adapt; (schooling typicalities) oppression over-time (thoughts of 'be careful..' gone over - being fearful about; cautiousness, employing restrictive movements in caution, over-comes; to act out large, to combat own fear) ; in thought against 'be careful..' 

    As you can see in video by his movements; which indicate a power ; closeness to feeling powerful with weapon; perhaps due to the very problems seeing in media - frightful movements [small steps] as officers turn up; 'what do I do now' - uncertainty - fear reclusion; hence to the small steps; fear aggravated by an 'extreme' of police pulling into park itself in such a manner; oppression against; reactives, 'reflections of memory eventing be it this very 'be careful with it' - seemingly may have even playing with the pellet gun at this stage 'against' being told to be careful with the pellet gun; indicative movements indicting some of these factors; as pulled up the small steps and need to over-come; fright aggravation;

    Simply he was not given enough time to calculate; fright can not be that accurate in the time given; calculation itself - any chance to so called 'put' the weapon down with this rebelling against 'be careful with it' - was not given.

    [police perspective ; black kid gone AWOL with justice/revenge; (thinking of another) - the childish emulating/emulation norm; 'a childish risk' -lack of being aware of entirety; subject to risk]

    You shot a 12 year old boy that was rebelling, simple.


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