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    Sunday 14 June 2015

    Egyptians And The Design Of Our Lives

    Egyptians And The Design Of Our Lives
    [disclaimer: please be aware this post may cause you harm]

    [image about shows 'to learn' to 'progress our advancements itself']

    The Egyptians knew about mental conquerance - the struggle and pain of building the pyramids reflect back to the ruling and level achieved. Gain upon a Pharoah. 

    The world rotates information; what we create furthers itself with progression.

    An electro-statics revolving; thought transparent; hardships on individual that create friction like states in mind that expand connectivity between two individuals and further with mass and furthered into technological elements; advancements of technology further advancements itself - we have seen a spike from 1960's onwards; technological furthering itself;  'your neurological transmitters' existence;

    Your thoughts are not singular; the individuals thoughts can further into time itself; can change the world itself; every individual contributes to the structure of our world;

    The Egyptians used similar ethics to this ; pyramids with electrical design; to build through slavery and hardship furthers electric thought itself;  main pyramids build with smaller pyramids surround; anti-structural design itself; they wore metallic type head wear to enhance their own knowledge; chain of people from bottom to top, furthering with design into our very Governmental structures we have today; Example below :

    Egyptian head wear

    Note the anti-structural electric design above - chain links to bottom with 'solid' on top - to span from bottom to top; knowledge of electrical power; that may have formed our Government to the point it is today - chain links from higher department prime ministerial office, to the bottom; those who work for the top;

    Egyptian Pyramids

    [image above showing Pyramids and the anti-structural surrounds ; positive and negative]

    Jesus himself may have been 'a height subject' of this very knowledge; defensively attributing at points; to heighten the awareness itself; 'trans-connectics/psycho-connectics'-

    Reflectives of oppression - to heighten to most oppressed; non-egnetstics - non-electives-non-electionisms - non-eccentrics- non-extremists - non- extremeness -the art of protectionists-[protectionism] 

    -psychtro-ecstatics - a recurrence - currency [current] elect (elected/election) 'elec-statics flow' - resistance - concurrent - non-current- nonconcurrent - non-concurrent thought transpectrics/transperancy - reflective - [negative and positive - reflective of itself - 'electrical resistance'] - subsidiaries: formation, formula, forthcoming, forefront, forwarding, etc. 

    The Egyptians drawings showing this very non-englistics - to be read as half' - oppressionism; to design imagery to avoid recognitions; to avoid trouble itself - half-masking imagery itself; non-englistinism; half-attributions/attribute; it is highly likely with this sort of knowledge of electrical power; the Pharaohs simply let these drawings, be drawn. 

    Egyptians And The Design Of Our Lives

    Jesus was joked with - knowledge of electrical power [exacting' psychologies] - so was simply given a crown of thorns as joke- something that does not conduct electricity - destroying own beliefs - embarrassed to public - defamation use while crucified on cross-

    Egyptians And The Design Of Our Lives
    Further examples above and below of electrical power -

    Egyptians And The Design Of Our Lives

    Egyptians And The Design Of Our Lives

    [Image descriptive below] 
    [reflectives; TV, Screens etc. [perspectiual distance; viewing from a far;psychtro-excentricities] Fishponds, Animal in cage] reflective of (innner-outer -to exist- to be central of existance; reflection a reflection to itself -psychtro-existancing -spacial elec-statics flow; rotations)

    Further 'notations' :
    -subjective pain of jesus - formed plateau of trying to reach above* exacting sciences reach _a ttempts above- those subject the most - most persecuted - reflectiveness - pain caused - span extractory - the most subject to - the most height achieved - reach span on human race - forwarding use sciences - scientific exactory influences - children in school of religious naturaisms (to find the devil) religious extents in schooling - in god we trust in court governmental processing aquitances (standings) effective span - reach extensts of religious/religions - electro-design * pyramids - level height plateau of jesus - a need to reach above* - alienation in past ? extensibility - inabilities of human race (incremental learning) extrensiments - esscence * [the esscense of existing] ('esscene' of life) a mirror unto itself/themselves - electric - positive negative (prefensible) children of god * presnsifaction/pretensifatory

    level of past - electric design - a need to struggle - a need in itself - the most persecuted - at same time - the most - the greater - regardless of other religious - extensibilities to other religions - *all - the all - extensibilies of past in system design - level of pain in jesus - a knowing - subject to himself - inabilities * forced egyptain oppresion - control of egptians - allowing the span at bottom to draw - to ***end all pointifcations-learning infracturement pretensifications of race - * subject furthermore to innacuracy of design of current standards * electro-tech uses* dreamland entrapment *Reflective Jesus pain- end design principalities (those of subject to - court) punishment for sins (reflective design furtherance of Jesus's ultimate pain) the actuality that there is punishment for sins - over-laying span of Governmental processing - to subject; use of governmental to observe in anguish; 'reflective to truth at height' in front of Judge - exacting awareness of subjects; inability of; a suppo'sed truth; infliction to gain awareness of truth; pretensibility use to 'find Jesus'; [pretensible of extracting race to find subject; ?] -more analysis needed on this by Author.[hopefully someone else can solve - shrugs]

     denistrictricitials - race experimentations on itself-*dentenstricting -denstist-restrictivities-densticitry-dentisims-fanatistics [revolving] [[span of denistrics/dentistriction]] those of subjectiveness/subjection - span of governmental processing overlay pretensibilities of end principal - overlaying governmental process [span of infliction; span of further infliction from this - pain of Jesus]



    [this post is progressional - please check back for updates ;please excuse poor quality descriptive use images]


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