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Paying Off A Boat - To Stop Further Boats Coming - | Australian News and Analysis Paying Off A Boat - To Stop Further Boats Coming - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Monday 15 June 2015

    Paying Off A Boat - To Stop Further Boats Coming

    Paying off a boat

    -No one see's the reasoning behind paying off one boat ? 

    'if they can pay off a boat to return' 'I better not get on the boat' it 'could happen' instead of 'it might happen' - making a point;

    Your talking about it on news, you are relaying to public; cohesion in public reactions - cohesion in stopping- simply military like directions - to fit in the slot -best option suited to stop advancement. 

    Preventative use of further inclines/declines arising - they noticed a peak in boats coming - they then subject/retract the peak - simple - thought targets of reactions in media/public - direct line of sight - cohesion in stopping the boats- a medium use.

    Knowledge of public reactions - use of public reactions.

    Noticed a spike - and repel against it - media representatives; 'we still need to stop the boats' - 'they stopped the boats regardless' - furthering military informed use - thoughts to media/public - 'sending a message to those getting on boats and those arranging the trips;'

    Further notations: Government has neither confirmed nor denied, the equivelancy is simply > yes we did, no we did not, possible use of clouding what told - it may simply be; we are not telling you any ways; and use of 'no confirm or deny' as a standard use to void 'yes or no' over-time; possible neither confirm or deny used to 'deny' as a medium ; 'we are obeying refugee convention' - 'trust us' even though we will do what we must; media/public being blinded - 'its business as usual' 'can not deny, can not confirm' -possible use to avoid any backlash if found out - in this most likely they did pay off the boat; 'war tactism' ; neither confirm nor deny is simply an  avoidance of repercussions use;


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