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Q&A - Who has the better infliction and description ? - | Australian News and Analysis Q&A - Who has the better infliction and description ? - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Tuesday 23 June 2015

    Q&A - Who has the better infliction and description ?

    Zaky Mallah

    'What would have of happened if the minister had decided case himself' ....
    -use of 'case' over-expression - effected him and amplifies this verbal

    'and not the courts' - eye-blink after - alleviation of feeling guilty- Impacts caused by policing typicals-

    -attitude and 'over-coming' personality in movements - a need to show relaxed - formations from hardship - 'rap/heavy type' typicalities - use of marijuana leaf to make himself 'stand out' - instead of under-impressionism.  - no care point - 'just gets by' - relaxes himself when mentions 'courts' - blink after is fear caused from policing typicalities -oppression - a need to act/feel 'hard body image' - self-alleviations - to be thought and seen as having a stance'

    'pleaded guilty to threatening to kill ASIO officials - ' - a slight nod to impression 'this is what happened, take as you wish, there was more to it' - use of nod for re-assurance 'I think still'

    -1st response 'I am not familiar with the circumstances of your case..' I remember certainly seeing videos' - pointing out own lack of awareness about the matter to help with own perceived lack of knowledges - own faulting in responses - - looks to side companions for personal relief - gain support - feeling intimidated - fearful

    Response : 'I was charged with planning a terrorist attack in 2003'....continuation' - this part of sentence he feels he 'over-came' - Zaky Mallah feels he picked up on traits of the Q and A speaker - so feels more relaxed in this part on speaking - 'as a plea bargain I pleaded guilty' - describes court for own self defensives or for' how perceived or interpreted -

    Q and A speaker - Picks up on his traits back and decides to attack 'out of the country'...continued'

    Zaky Mallah feel offended and responds with 'rubbish' - realises a need to speak faster - so answers immediately with second 'rubbish' - the table turns and Zaky Mallah feels anxieties about how can respond - forming not being on an adapt' point - in-accuracy to defend oneself-

    'Im telling you I would ...with that point of view' - the Q and A speaker realises has 'hosting' advantage and uses it in directional tone -

    Response: 'as and Australian I would be happy to see you out of this country' - uses re-enforcement on politcal/media standings to -convey to audience - to point out 'your the picky' 'I am still Australian' -looks around without making it known - prior intent to gain audience applause values -

    Zaky Mallah - 'I would like to say...'  - response : 'if you are quick about it' - response : 'yeh yeh sure' ignorance hence as feel appraised by audience previous - the notices his own ignorance and re-affirms against ignorance with descriptive 'uh' - hand signals for -re-affirming at this point-

    Zaky Mallah reponse summed up : 'you cause these issues'

    -response : 'rule totally out of order' - in minds of Q and A about the court issues (exacting - memory recollection elementals)

    Rest is pretty much 'I know a lot of muslims...' - uses subjection to disregard at point basis;

    ----A war of descriptives and ability to fore-focus the other - nerves, aggravations, feeling oppressed - etc.

    [this post supports no side - author thinks the whole think was simply silly nerve reactions that are quite off 'actual' point basis - this post was made to further human thought understandings - 'humane cause']

    [further note: if there was evidence he was a terrorist, he would not of appeared on Q&A]


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