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A Mother and Two Children Killed in Hillier: Speculation; what 'really' happened ? - | Australian News and Analysis A Mother and Two Children Killed in Hillier: Speculation; what 'really' happened ? - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Tuesday 31 May 2016

    A Mother and Two Children Killed in Hillier: Speculation; what 'really' happened ?

    Updated: It is said the mother was suspected to have deprived her kids of food and beat them.

    SPECULATION ONLY. 'The What If's

    Surrounding environment - inter-personal communicates. Aspectual-viewpoint (in-persceptive-outer)

    Social-leviant' (acceptable of crude or under-classing) a reliance on social poverty norms - to acceptable of in-decent behavioural adapted to normal social life - 'the mate that is helped by taking ice' [and it really does help him; perceived]

    A reliant formed associate - they help, but do they really among their flaws/grievances]- leviant' (to hold up socially or financial dependability ;'he owes me 50')

    A plot for revenge ? - to kill the women's child, what would be of most of effecting her -when drug debts do not get paid ? -drug users with little sensibility of humanes - de-sensatised from humane, empathic towards another during normalisation of daily routine into the worst aspects of the seeb or the mentioning (platem of effecting);  A relationship of being of lesser; forced upon obediance; 'you are wrong' instead of love of another or love for life. Drug Depiene.

    When normalisation - part rural propietry (to scale of living) freedish'; to outer-view on environments -of crude tooling to behavioural - outreached sceptive to perceptional dismays of cost/finance or seen of ability to 'touch another'; an attitude of bullying or getting over another and be it claim of;

    Attitude - 'will get your revenge' - a thoughtless extenuis' - to normalisation of day by day hardships or delusional grandier to combatal, a seen need to teach a lesson for perhgaps minimal event/occurance - the eventing being of repetative or the victim is always of faulting prior, an underlying hate of the individual or their behaviour; example: 'why do you keep doing that'; where the offender has issues in themselves with treating of another, over time de-sensatiation to beauty of the person and their empathy/humanes [intricate humanity; appeal seen/miscalculated with narrow perspectual] be it skin colour perhaps.

    Focused upon of a singular event to dismay in offender most likely to normalisation of surroundings (reality, inter-reality, distance to; sensitivity) an effective of social - and probably weighed life eventing onto social plateau (communication between friends/groups - dispises.)

    The alleviance of drug use - withdrawal or simply not at the effecting height of feeling good, of grander thought even though may be under control - fantropic extremis. (of greater calculated)
    A long term dependent spanning days before paid to the communicable of more than ones relief.

    The offender perhaps thinking in part to justification of the murdering - a house block level narrow emotional felt - an unawareness of more - justifyable at the time - the offender calculating the outcome and how police respond, to a calculation of jail [a persceptial of seen of worthwhile; to calculus of acceptable risk, a needed to murder - a narrow thought aspectual field layered upon in long term eventing normalisation - a sillyness in media fame, to often think i will be hated and my story will be known, the danger thrill] 'Noone else will push me, a calculation off point of more than the farmhouse at Hillier and events prior.

    A sensitivity plane (effecting learnable) the effecting disturbances or negative eventing forms as a medium to the actual effecting of the person - reciptive-formantal-platform (effective of to perceived of greater effecting than may be actual) the effecting span of dramatisatives.

    Where the children are the mothers all - of greatest to mother and the calculative of them being the subject of effecting -

    'I got my children' - a social standing - an perceived of elaboration in poverty circles as being of decency by having kids, a society norms of being of sensitivity to perceptional or those feeling out-done by not having children; or at standing being not of seen in caring for childrens regards  - Was this murder to erase this social standing ? - as of better' by having children;  a jelac' associatable - to take away the loved for.

    The reported media conversations show police are not willing to mention how these children actually died - so please note that this is only speculating as the point- was it revenge ? a disheartened of not processioning/possessing children themselves ? or something else ?

    This story will be updated as more information on the ordeal comes forth.

    How will this pan out ? What Happened at this Hillier farmhouse ? Stay tuned.


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