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Dangerous Language Form : Inter--Thought-Parallel Formantic (disclasic-parallelum-furthering) - | Australian News and Analysis Dangerous Language Form : Inter--Thought-Parallel Formantic (disclasic-parallelum-furthering) - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Monday 23 May 2016

    Dangerous Language Form : Inter--Thought-Parallel Formantic (disclasic-parallelum-furthering)

    Inter--Thought-Parallel Formantic (disclasic-parallelum-furthering)

    At first I did not want to report on this, but I think is better if cancel the issue by confronting the problem if anyone notices the issue [it appears to be somewhat in public already] (knowledge of effecting of issue, un-recognises problematic of thought on subject reflective point of thought, disruptive to psychotropic-reflective ability, a medium to overlaying aware of spacing (diminish))

    An example of descriptive furthering of learning spacing advance to psychtro-furtherance.
    Nemesism: To language of shortening descriptive:

    -For the reader/listener to read and struggle of understand and causes a re-focal of concentrate, abrupting' [parallel] a mental gap; furthering of learning space concentrate to re-extract of point re-currant (formancing sytro) psychotropic-pointification amplification on learning parallel [conscious, concise of thought current/currant] re-focal to amplificant' of elector-stimuli/electron-stimuli/electrolyte-stimuli/electrode-stimuli etc- the physical/neural-transmittal confliction of furthered sparsing' to focal concentrate reverberate [stimulate of re-focal to re-maintain of concentrate] (stimuli-electron-furthering, connectivity of flow furthering to conscious exist) [belief, believably]

    -programmable mental differentiating to speech/textual spacing/abbreviate/descriptor/descriptive/description/nondescript etc, and furthering of intellectual interpretative recognition and of variables [spanning length form variation, syllabus/shortening/adaptive/adaptive-plasticity reflective/receptivity/reactivity and to ability of learn and capacity/retaining of;] lowering of textual/verbal structure, a lessening of and reflective to opposite of amplification elaborate (combination and differentiating between)

    A brain-washable inflict to perceptive of reader, mental barricading' of struggle (pain of in-conscious/sub resolution)  to psycho- resolute of communicate, furthering the readers descriptive capable - though is issued through an intensity of mental barricade of communicate.

    Language descript' furthering - concentrate spacing of learning, be warned - will cause anxious/concentrate state 'reflectives' furthering - a pain of concentrate issued to further accurateness of resolute.

    This DE-parts the learning itself through sub-incites - creating an for example sub thought instrument/instructing of learn itself.

    A brain-washable of design to wording, to cancellation' of perceived in-accurateness of wording the user makes up [psychology] by shortening and matriculating/emasculate/[emaculant'] (for example: 'phen-amaculatitenasis' [phen-amaculati (alien interpret) tenasis (sis: disease interpret) : to interpret of 'amaculant' to understood through sectioning of syllabus: immaculate.

    You can also shorten the abbreviate of recognition for higher placement in the syllabus for interpret of instructing or influential. [example: menasist, emolfentci]

    A persecute of crucifixion of individual.
    Manipulative of furthering (psychtro-plastinate/plastinative) depressant/alleviate, elevate/decrements [objective/subjective lowering of interpretative platform - elevative/de-elevate] 

    (combinative between and altering inter/outer to aspectual's of formatory' to textual or verbal lengthening of /distancing-) 

    Trust: (formatory of) span of trust timing to distrust and alleviancy of trust (variables)

    (mental health technological crime to state-)

    This is a very dangerous language form: to furthering of descript' of other readers or be it listeners of communicate, a psychotropic-reflective furtherance of communicating capability [descriptive furthering/furtherances]

    I am not sure what they are going to do about this problem and if it is going to be policed or if it is even possible to police a dangerous language impacting form.

    Do not assume this is cool, do not assume it is helpful - it yes may instruct others to think smarter, though will simply cause a highly alienating or be it anxious person of reasoning at minimal - you will simply live quite on edge.

    [agitation, anxiety will be caused] (lowering of mental plateau through aggravate, a depressant inflictory') [antagonist aggravate psychotropic-reverberative]  tranquilisative-neral-stincto-break

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