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Escaping the Dark Army - The Refugee Foreseen Public Religious Infliction - | Australian News and Analysis Escaping the Dark Army - The Refugee Foreseen Public Religious Infliction - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Wednesday 23 September 2015

    Escaping the Dark Army - The Refugee Foreseen Public Religious Infliction

    Escaping The Dark Army

    De-sensationalism of humane (with media seen perceptive of the needy or inept, media furthered in-equality/inabilities- a portrayal of the weakness; in-visioning) a journey of extreme hardship, lacks of food and water and extent of not caring caused, a forwarding of self. (traumatised thought inflictory during extreme hardships faced)

    Extent of hardship faced shown in acceptance of illness/death - to de-personalise humane ethical's, a fight for life survival, escapism of war brutality.

    A general public thought process of not wanting the needy or those under extremes of hardship to being worthy of a better life and in their 'space'/country as a standardisation of ethnic culture oppression of, judgement. - those of trauma/survival ethics to be seen as not capable of work long term wrongfully, or not capable of humaneness's due to survival naturalism caused by war oppression's.

    A state of acceptance and fighting for life; though public view this need to relocate as greed or taking advantage of another country, when simply they want to survive (fear of death or family harm, wanting the best for family or self) the fact they are being serviced into arms or simply killed off slowly with spans of reach into their homes, an impacting need to relocate for safety though with attributes of these refugee's see a need for fairness/justices for their experiences/trauma faced, an almost disconnection from point of caring and wishing for survival - to use any means to defend their right to the norm' of life.

    -the needy/greed, take your money and jobs and infect/direct the countries escape to and with religious influence of an uncommon/undesirable to public seen belief's or span/influence association with middle eastern war or religious rebellion, extremism close to and capable of extremism in function of own religious ethnicity (extent of belief and following their belief) a closeness to the enemy (ISIS) an untrustworthy perceptive of relationship  -

    'the unstoppable escapism flow' - religious height of following their belief, seen evil or belief to dangerous emulation/following, the effected by belief/contextual's to incapable of controlling behavioural's and conversating with acceptance of others /standings /beliefs of other cultures. (limit of acceptances of another's belief)

    -the cursed, the damned. (damnation) -the walking needy, walking death (how were living in a war state perceptive) Infection and religiously of our ways -

    Regardless of refugee intent of taking advantage of system's of for instance 'Germany' or how is viewed - does life itself and wanting to live instead of being shot to death or enlisted into the ISIS dark army - mean so little we DE-recognise the factoring or extent of war like traumatisations and perceive guilt of economic/financial exploitation ?

    -I thought we had advanced further than this current disregard of humanes, obviously not when we are starting to issue combative resolve (military intervention and weaponry uses) to prevent escapism to a better life.


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