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Johnny Depp - 'Threat to Barnacle Joy' - Depp Attempts Digging a Defensive Hole - | Australian News and Analysis Johnny Depp - 'Threat to Barnacle Joy' - Depp Attempts Digging a Defensive Hole - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Sunday 13 September 2015

    Johnny Depp - 'Threat to Barnacle Joy' - Depp Attempts Digging a Defensive Hole

    Johnny Depp -

    Depp has calculated the entirety well - I actually said perhaps wrongfully on twitter, hide your pets in a cave. (a wrongful joke on they pushed Osama too far to combat law 'classified rationality /not revealing truthful facts to public' and holding people to account wrongfully for with many variations of disregard of truth-)

    This situation has elevated to a level of hysterical defending by Johnny Depp, an under-lying defensive seriousness, where playing the character of no-regrets, an over-confident character with humour, has formed his attributes with-out himself being aware of all factoring - a portrayal/resolute in the emulation of the character itself enhanced by helping children and charity work -a formed plateau of emulation of the attributes of -non-caring comedic, a humorless humor for events faced and how to attribute or deal with them. (focus over time)

    You can disregard the acting effected you, or that you just rationalise the effects and with an accuracy so it does not effect you, regardless you are left still playing the role in many following events; charity, TV shows, even slight humourousness jokes in real life relationships - regardless of understanding, thoughts are faced in the character roles and in time spans, acceptance of time itself - to for example, want to get out of a function quickly because are getting tired or frustrated with having to emulate the character for the fan-base, which furthers focus on the issue itself.

    -similar seemed to happen to Charlie Sheen, formational of character into life attributing behavioural's.

    Depp has become defensive over his partner, an underlying protectionism among the comedic seamless in law ethics as he perceives a furthered un-resolve of wanting to take the matter further, when knowingly Depp has asserted that he made the mistake and now it is just getting a bit silly. (rightfully so, he is larger than life and creates waves of perception with each move makes, its certainly no standard of media standing, literally departing respectfulness in children/teens he has gone to 'length' to help that idolize him - it effects the mental-)

    Barnaby Joyce 'literally' defaming his stance/standing - or at least altering the elevation of the situational aspects to how Depp is perceived by public and by the youth that follow his film passionately, so Depp relieves this with self-protective in humour, and in protection of the child's dream state /belief of movie and love for it.
    [self-restraining of self seen in last interview of 'threat to assault', 'encroachment' and Depp having to deal with it calculated by, a self-ignorance through how treated and how is going to effect even his career, or more so to him, how the movie child views him]

    -This is a serious situation - the fact is Depp has an elevated public height and among the teens/children - they aspire to him, even emulate - fantasia dreaming of the movies itself. Media will react and retract  - if this charge goes ahead even extradition, it is going to be reflected around media and public, the resulting on this path - is a serious case of defamation to realistically life altering extents even perhaps ability or positive reach to bring in increasing sales, it could very well effect how much Depp earns or alter the financial situational elements. [mass respectfulness for, how perceived in thought or calculated to be]

    Depp will be sitting by while the media height law changes play out, literally in hopelessness for his partner, revolves of how will effect life or how perceived and how to attribute or react to quite sickening levels on mentality, this will create inability and can in many situations lead to further charges (thought' confliction spans) to be out of his hands, when is used to having a certain control to life, a vulnerability that can further and form negative resolves effecting span of thought, leading to a slight depression, which we may even be seeing a slight trace of already in the talk show threat to Barnaby. (Barnacles..)

    Standings :
    If charged by Authorities, declining an aspectual of respect or an entirety of how perceived or viewed to a public mass. (attributing in thoughts of public)
    Defames or effects how children perceive him as a standing of his character; declining how seriously children/youth perceive him or think about him and effecting the movies itself and further effect on sales through media height of court case and events of and witnesses by public.

    Thoughts covering by authorities : Rationalisation this punishment of a mega star will show public no-one is not accountable for their actions - (comparative between charging him/her to make a point of obedience's to law and to not charge effecting public rationalisation or ethics on committing crime, or so seemingly perceived by Governing/Law - 'so seemingly'

    -for someone of Depp's height and influentials a lot to face if proceeds, no small event-

    [Note: author does not like the Pirates of Caribbean movies, bit silly if ask me and have only seen the first in series, only commenting on it because it is a bit unfair how this may proceed, and yes - specifically because of his public height.]


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