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Siege Ethical - Man Shot Dead By Police in South Australia - | Australian News and Analysis Siege Ethical - Man Shot Dead By Police in South Australia - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Thursday 17 September 2015

    Siege Ethical - Man Shot Dead By Police in South Australia

    It seems to me a bit of a failure to deal with these offentriates at root level, to close in mentality in policing movementations towards with seemingly little resolve or use of negotiating tactism - caught with a gun the person of offentri-ite you might say, they may be in some resolvement of a illness of inability of mentality of events leading prior, seemingly fitting no calculation of resolving the issue or addressing in a negotiation.

    I personally feel all other avenues need to be sort to first before resolute becomes almost defensive of the assailants seen need to defend themselves when police move in with little psychological review as to why the assailant is at this height of committing the siege and to underlying reasoning or reason.

    Where is the point of deciding to end the siege and how much information and how can the factor of relevancy of thoughts of subject, the accuracy of be it priors on the subject and how accurate they can be in life presiding be it hardships faced or eventing prior and impact of.

    The gun leaving the subject having to assert defending state in a country not legal to hold weapons, often reflected in their prior to the incident behavioural's, often a self-state of infliction in a country like Australia, need to emulate hold the status becomes a primary when make others known to holding the weapon, often with direct police inter-section on this leaving the assailant threaten into self-destruction in defensive to the intimidation/force/power/authoritarianism, a direct intervention in subject's standing of holding the weapon becomes often the defensive resolute of survival- and of unquestionable's of law.

    Often at root thought level defensive mechanism to thought portrayal of living aspirations and often drug resolves/alleviates to grander of eventing traumatic's and memory impacting reverberations of. Often being mentally unwell if on medications there is a frustrative /impacting of transluscent of ; and of own persecution against incarceratives and subject to in hospitalised confinment's and abusive resolve of medications /a forceful sedative agent which causes states of further at minimal inabilities of functionality of human physique, an underlying thought inability after as patient resolute and effective of suffering after treatments as opposed to flow of priors, at no-consequence of submussion of mind - mental health case in often the un-resolve of acts against and inability to descript in mental health standings of being an actual for treatment, revolve to persecutes.

    Yeh - thought better add, what was the justified intervient level - to think when was subject to intervention, you wouldn't want to know did not seem to state. [probably ate your chickens alive, it was either monopoly, batman, what else...Dora the explorer is where the mentality gets a bit off I suppose, who knows.] Who knows what he did - you wouldn't want to know most of time you resolve with.

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