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Not Unlike A Many' - Teen Arrested Over Social Media Posts - | Australian News and Analysis Not Unlike A Many' - Teen Arrested Over Social Media Posts - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Wednesday 7 October 2015

    Not Unlike A Many' - Teen Arrested Over Social Media Posts

    Not Unlike A Many' - Teen Arrested Over Social Media Posts

    One arrested, a million teens to go -

    Normal behavioral of rebelling/attention gathering - intent to attention cry -arrested in a disobedience /rebellion for police -seen unfairness on himself, portrayal due to past experiences with policing or held information of law (music, gangster, portrayal of attitude, tough) 'piggy' - a thought about attention drawn through impacting - the factor is would be arrested in a state of rebellion, thought typically this would be beaten out of him in incarcerative realisations and submissive acceptance of ways would be considered - furthered into held police cars and fear of jailing - of life itself - rebellion - a point of acceptances would be reached, forced oppression through restrainment /surrounding spatial of incarcerative holding cells - an adaptive of thought, face paced considering of actions that number, though this weakness is not typically, seen through policing as the rebellion focuses in the incarcerative - oppression felt against - and a cry for seclusion/traumatic of treatment in cells is typically presented forward as the individual being of the very police perceived attitude heights.

    - Typical behavioral of teens, oppressive states from schooling typicalities - a need for recognition, the considering of furthering of post would not of been thought about in detail, the factual is simply if could do it again, would choose not to - very common rebellion of teens and the oppressives they face /attitudes against in schooling, sexual amphidence of instability frictives (hormonal insightment of behavioral) - the focus being is oppressed into cells so rebels against this as is perceived as exact common traits for the crime (an inability of defense in policing psychologies itself) this cops are pigs attitude is nothing new, or revenge (child form traiting) against a police officer for subjective spans faced and be it interrogation prior on the individual and unfairness of the individual perceives

    - is this Teenager dangerous ? I guess we are yet to find out but simply blown out of proportion, as the evidentiary was someone was going to try to advantage the media fame by attention seeking furthering of - the individual may not even have recognised in momentary of writing post it would span as far as did - realistically its text, with a common inability to differentiate between after resolve and thought about in detail even of being of wrong or fear about writing the post, but often the trauma /surroundings of schooling portrayals can cloud the sensitivity to these particular focused awareness of how may further and how may evolve, often an instinctual state being of under 18 - the teenager most likely will either fight defensively saying its nothing (which is perceived by policing as being wrong, that it is something) or the teenager will be oppressed into acceptance of at least a minimal complex/thought fade of being of wrong, but may believe in own innocence without ability to mention thoughts in detail to an extent to be able to defend oneself - an aparted from self-analysis Itself and ability to differentiate the actual.

    A terrorist ? Most likely not, the eventuate was that someone in a country of 20,000,000+ was bound to advantage the cause but probably not strong in actuality of belief of terrorism - a lack of awareness of calculative - educational directional instructional, a common inability in recognition of own behavioral in youth as opposed to an eighteen year old or over - I do not agree with the action, but recognise that  things can be proportioned into more than actually were - with literally half of all teenagers in Australia being exposed to this attitude of oppression from policing, be it for various reasons and influences -

    A frictive defensive state often without instructional alleviation, to bring back to point of normality, a focused against the individual of in-justice without any positive input to reflect on actions and the event (of this height and why) that was caused by actions.

    Cops are pigs, is certainly quite a common reflected attitude, even myself the author has been called a term of 'dog' (someone who reports to police) and these perceptive among those of hardship of faced subjective, or simply drug based living - often revolve in the attitude of rebellion.

    Often the attributing factoring are not visible, for example : oppression against perceived height of with latest middle eastern or Russian based war conflict (which is spanning media) how the exacting of thought impacts un-weaves unto the individual and the attributing alleviates or resolves the indiividual further actions as often self-resolve.

    The individual can go to lengths during incarceration of even portrayal of the exacting seen offensive attitude/action in defensive's itself -

    I will state this, if you think text can not be misinterpreted as being over-excessive of the actual mention/stating, you do not know what you are talking about, the individual probably would of wrote the post in reflective memorabilia to prior eventing impacting on them and simply 5 minutes later attention span would have been on a different mission - a focused offense of textual, without ability to recognise that the individual was most likely not sitting around plotting with Osama's long lost brothers ...


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