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Murder in Norway - The Blind at Account - | Australian News and Analysis Murder in Norway - The Blind at Account - | Australian News and Analysis

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    Monday 10 August 2015

    Murder in Norway - The Blind at Account

    Psychtro-tracement-instinctualites, in-vision-psychotropic-translucsenses-incalculative, a battle of life for fairness.

    Persceptory awareness calculations - inability of - to be seen as recognising even, when simply lack the ability to even calculate the actuality properly.

    Held accountable for in-fashionalisation and in-fascination of the illness itself.

    Uncertainty inflictory of self-formatories - non-recognition became the murder of soul.

    A constant of uncertainty inflictive and upon oneself - traumatisation of self. A non-recognition factor of the highest, 'to be blind itself'. To walk around not knowing simply and a sickening battle of all factors in this, blackness itself.

    'Will i be bashed by someone with attitude against and is it their lack of educating and not my own' - 'how will the next step I take be mistreated or perceived from lack of knowledge in the other' - and 'is it my fault'.

    Blind steps of life itself.

    This is disgusting abuse of humanes going to example.

    To think 'what do they actually think' - 'what did they think I understood because I am blind and how are they going to realistically treat from from my past experiencing of' ; there is a sickening level of angulars covered in an almost hopelessness existing - acceptance of hopelessness existing, to not be able to change the persceptive itself as primary and knowing this.

    A constant of war like scenarios - to face impossibility itself - to not be able to adapt to this, sickening mistreatment.

    I understand it was just lack of knowledge of disabled law and how much faith have in or knowledge of disabled law in reference to having an animal near food - perhaps even the thought about ethics behind scaring away the customers, though regardless this is not on.

    The comments in relation I noticed to this mistreatment, are of disgusting treatment against this individual furthermore to point I snapped - hence writing an article with factoring.

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